Christanna Bevin Knows How to Manage People

One of the most important aspects of being a successful project manager is managing people. A tremendous amount of the responsibility that falls on project managers involves the management of people regarding various tasks and aspects related to the assigned project. It is extremely difficult to complete a project successfully without managing the people involved in the project successfully.

If there are issues with the people involved in a project, these issues will eventually cause problems with the project. In essence, projects are about people. Successful project managers are able to manage people in a manner that allows a project to move along in a productive manner. If there are problems concerning a project, the project manager has to be able to manage the people involved in the problem in a manner that will solve the problem.

The ability to manage people concerning a project is not easy. There are usually many people involved in a project. Many of people are in-house people that work for the business, but there are usually a variety of people that work on a project from outside vendors. The combination of in-house people and vendors can make managing difficult. In addition, the variety of people that project managers have to deal with regarding a project can be challenging. From the top of an organization down, project managers have to manage people high in authority along with people without any authority.

Christanna Bevin has demonstrated through the management of numerous projects that she can manage people successfully. With great communication skills and a large supply of people skills, Christanna Bevin is able to convey all informational aspects regarding projects to everyone involved in the projects.

In addition, Christanna Bevin understands project management. She is able to analyze all aspects of a project and determine what needs to be done, how it should be done, and who should do it. Managing people is a core ingredient concerning successful projects, and Christanna Bevin is an excellent manager of people.



Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director Gives Statement Regarding Water Issues


Squaw Valley is resort open year round and a part of Alpine Meadows. It has nonstop year-round events and holds almost 60 bars, restaurants, and boutiques. It is known as the spring skiing capital because it gives one of the longest ski and snowboard seasons in the Lake Tahoe area. It features 14 easy-to-navigate mountain zones and is internationally renowned. Squaw Valley was voted 2016’s “Best Ski Resort” on the continent, by USA Today and 10 Best Reader’s Choice.


Squaw Valley has been put under speculation in recent news due to water issues. On November 8th, a report was made to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health based on a potential health issue at the resort.

E. coli and coliform bacteria were detected in the resort’s drinking water on the upper mountain. Low levels of coliform and no E. coli have been found in three out of the four wells that serve the upper mountain.


The resort is still open to skiers and snowboarders but the restaurants and bars have been closed. No one is allowed to drink the water until the issue has been totally resolved and no health issues related to the water have been reported.



On November 30th, a statement was made by Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney. Squaw Valley wanted to clear the air and inform both their customers, patrons, and the public that they were doing everything they could.



Kenney stated that an unusually heavy storm in October had affected many water systems in the county. At the resort in particular, the weather had led to an inundation of a water system they had recently upgraded and installed over the past summer. This inundation of the updated system led to its contamination. The contamination was strictly limited to that particular water system and Squaw Valley is positive that no other systems were affected. Kenney claims that at no point was the contaminated water ever available to the public.


During a routine testing, Squaw Valley detected the issue in the water and immediately contacted the proper authorities, the Placer County Environmental Health department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. They also took extra precautions and immediately began consultations with other water safety experts. With everyone’s help, they began taking the proper steps to address the issue and Squaw Valley vows to continue taking these steps until the issue is resolved.


Squaw Valley will not return to their regular water usage in that area until them and the proper authorities are assured that the water is safe from health officials. The safety of their customers and patrons is Squaw’s Valley most important concern right now and Kenney assured the public that Squaw Valley is taking this matter very seriously.


While the water issue is being taken care of, Squaw Valley is offering their guests full access to the resort’s facilities and giving free bottled water for drinking.



Source: Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

It wasn’t always a clean sweep for Handy Inc.

You may have heard of one of the nation’s well-known cleaning services, Handy. Handy connects everyday people with household services, but makes sure they’re matched with trusted professionals. Handy also makes things easy for the customer. Professionals are pre-screened, and can be booked within 60 seconds. But Handy wasn’t always the success story we know it as.

As 2016 began, the company re-hauled the way they partnered with cleaners and professionals – having them complete an online application without human help. At first it didn’t work. Their “onboarding” dropped by 40 percent.

According to the Chicago Sun, 47-year-old man was charged in June of 2016 for stealing thousands of dollars worth of expensive jewelry items. The ABC affiliate in San Antonio, KSAT reports a similar theft took place early December. Keeping this from happening was the idea that sparked Handy and their creators Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua.

In 2012, when the pair launched their company, then called “Handybook,” there were three other large companies trying to do the same thing – Homejoy, Mopp, and Exec. Homejoy went out of business in 2015 and Handy acquired their two other rivals. made some changes with the times to stay on point with their customers. Outsourcing customer service and hiring engineers to work out glitches in the online “onboarding” allowed them to save money and start succeeding. The company did have to layoff workers to go digital, and acknowledge its difficulty.

“It’s important, as you go through these scaling moments, that you figure out the places where you can do something in an automated way and where the human touch is more valuable,” said Hanrahan to Inc. Magazine.

It now costs them a third less to gain a customer, and in the last year the company saw their gross margins turn positive, the companies margins as a whole jumping nearly 15 percent.



Mike Baur Helps New Swiss Entrepreneurs Through Swiss Start-Up Factory

At a time when many people are hoarding their resources, entrepreneur, businessman and financial specialist Mike Baur and his team at Swiss Start-Up Factory are using their skills and resources to help new entrepreneurs to succeed. Baur attended the University of Rochester New and earned MBA. He also has attended University of Berne and graduated with an Executive MBA. He then spent 20 years working his way up in the Swiss private banking industry from a UBS commercial apprentice to becoming an executive board member for one of Switzerland’s largest private bank. In 2014 Baur and his two partners started the Swiss Start-Up Factory.


SSF is currently Switzerland’s number one privately funded, independent early stage startup accelerator. Baur spends a great deal of time sharing his valuable insight and expertise on entrepreneurship with youths committed to starting their own businesses. Baur is also the Swiss Startup Association director and co-founder. This gives him the opportunity to help other new business incubators.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory program is comprehensive and very effective. Entrepreneurs selected to participate go through a 3 month training and preparation program. They are taught all the essentials necessary for starting, developing and growing a business. They are trained in accounting, sales, marketing, budgeting, product management, legal services and much more. The participating companies are given all the tools they need including information on financing options, access to trainers, coaches and mentors and an office in the heart of Zurich. They are also introduced to an international network of entrepreneurs offering potential business opportunities.


Mike Baur understands the importance of new technology based businesses to the Swiss economy. He also knows it is essential young people become involved in creating and running companies to provide the products and services their countrymen and others need. Baur knows how much of a difference getting the right support at the earliest stage of business building can help lead to success. That kind of support enabled Baur to have a successful banking career and retire at 39.


Each year Mike Baur and his team works with two groups of new entrepreneurs to help them complete the three performance milestones necessary to graduate. Attaining those milestones increases their chances of developing and running profitable businesses that can endure.


Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides And InnovaCare Health’s New Executive Team

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans. The entity is committed to offering high standard of healthcare. These high-level services are enhanced through cost effective and sustainable models, which are fully integrated with the most advanced technologies. InnovaCare Health provides physician practice services. In Puerto Rico, the company runs two Medicare Advantage plans. They are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The membership of the two plans is nearly 200,000 people who are served by over 7,500 providers. At InnovaCare Health, patients are given the top priority.

Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO and president of InnovaCare Inc. In 2012, Shinto was awarded the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award. It seeks to recognize entrepreneurs that demonstrate extraordinary success.

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For over 20 years, Rick Shinto has gained immense experience in managed care by working in clinical and operational healthcare. Prior to his appointment at Aveta Inc, Shinto worked for NAMM California as the chief medical officer. Previously, he joined NAMM from Medical Pathways Management Company where he served as the chief medical officer. In addition, Shinto served as the chief operating officer of the company. Between 1996 and 1997, he rendered his services as the president of medical management for MedPartners. Rick Shinto has authored a number of articles on clinical medicine. He holds a B.S., which he received from the University of California. Shinto graduated from the University of New York with a medical degree. Additionally, he is an alumnus of the University of Redlands where he earned his M.B.A.

In July 2016, Richard Shinto announced the addition of three leaders to the company’s leadership team. The three new members of InnovaCare Health are Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. Jonathan Meyers serves as the chief actuary officer. He joins the company from Horizon BCBS. Penelope Kokkinides works as InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer. She joins the firm from Centerlight Healthcare. Mike Sortino serves the company as the chief accounting officer. Previously, he worked for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

Penelope Kokkinides rejoined InnovaCare in 2015. Previously, Kokkinides was the chief operating officer of the firm. She also worked for Aveta Inc as the chief operating officer and the clinical operation’s vice president. Penelope has over 20 years of experience in healthcare. She has specialized on government programs. She has extensive knowledge on managed care industry.

Read more about Rick Shinto on the InnovaCare site.

David Osio And His Company Are Actively Participating In Philanthropic Efforts

David Osio has been in the industry of investing and real estate for a long time now, and he has built up a rather large reputation for himself, not only for being wealthy and successful, but for being a remarkable philanthropist. He has long been using his success as a way of taking part in humanitarian projects and giving back to the global community when he can. He is also quick to help others and share his knowledge for the business and success. Through his own words and his company, Davos Financial, David advocates to others to follow in his footsteps, not only to be successful, but to share their success and help others with it as well. In this manner, the world will become a better place for everyone and people will be able to find success at a faster rate. David’s knack for helping out and giving back to the community has gone a long way in making him a leader in the industry, not to mention his impeccable work ethic and ability to steadily follow his goals.


This includes real estate, investments, and financial management. His company also recently released a new mobile application for their clients to take use of while they are working. This app gives an individual a bunch of different information they need on a specific property to gauge whether or not they should be interested. It can give projected gains or losses on a property as well as the long term costs for maintenance, including mortgage payments. This tool will go a long way in helping David’s clients make informed decisions.


David Osio has always stuck to the conservative and safe approach when it comes to investing, to minimize the amount of risks he took and could lose from. This payed off obviously, as he has amassed a huge empire for himself and many people come to him seeking his advice. Luckily, David is big on sharing and giving back to others to improve the community for everyone as well as the success people can find. Along with his many contributions to philanthropic projects and charities, he inspires others to follow in his footsteps to make their own contributions to good causes.

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