Thor Halvorssen Fights for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a profound filmmaker and a human rights promoter. The New York Times has described him as a champion of the powerless. He is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorssen is a descendant of a long line of successful aristocrats and politicians. His family is well known with a history of doing what is right for the people around the globe. Halvorssen grounds in activism is parallel to that of his Norwegian grandfather who was part of a fist fight with Nazi officials during World War II after being personally ordered by the Norwegian fleet to flee the country for the disinterest of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen fought for the majority of the 21st century to contribute to the freedom of those who are trapped in the closed societies. He has entered the world of politics as his ancestors did. He, however, has little interests in politics after the human rights expert witnessed his father being imprisoned and tortured after his uncovering of the wide spread corruption in the Venezuelan law enforcement. In addition to the problems faced by his father, his mother was shot and injured by the government officials at a rally against President Chavez.

As per the Crunchbase, Thor has received first class education from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, which led him to a career as a human rights activist and a film producer. He has been participating in many campaigns and demonstrations against the human rights abuses that began in 1999 when he led an activity against the Lucent Technologies shareholders, which was accused of using slave labor to create its products in China. Thor Halvorssen has been in talks with some of the most respected democratic groups around the globe for more.

Jeffry Schneider: Respected Businessman and Tireless Philanthropist

The founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC., Jeffry Schneider, is one of the most respected businessmen in the country, and his tireless philanthropy is a model for people to emulate, world-wide. Jeffry Schneider started out by going to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in science. After that he went to work for top firms including Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown, and while there he learned valuable information about the alternative investments industry. He then spent time as part of the management teams for both Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management where he built relations with hedge fund managers to make sure they were the right match for the firm’s various clientele.

Jeffry Schneider is an advocate for children, and in this way he donates his time and money to charitable causes that provide relief for kids who suffer from abuse, neglect, or have parents that are going through an illness. To be sure that kids don’t fall through the cracks of society, he supports the Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and Worries. Both of these organizations are based in his home state of Texas, and his tireless support helps children receive a proper education, get support through troubled times, and receive much needed counseling.

Jeffry Schneider also helps people who suffer in other parts of the world by supporting charitable organizations there. The Gazelle Foundation is one of these, and it is in place to ensure that the people of Burundi, East Africa have clean water. The foundation has received over $1.3 million in donations, which Jeffry is proud to be a part of, and constructs clean water systems. These systems help the people there to avoid sickness, disease, and death, and on top of serving the general population, they build up the infrastructure of the country by piping in clean water to churches, medical facilities and educational institutions.

Jeffry Schneider has made over $1 billion while heading up Ascendant, and the company plans to earn $50 million a month over the next year. He continues, to this day, to do his part to help humanity and aspires to continue to build his business so he can always support charitable causes and Jeffry on Facebook.

The Law Practice of Helane Morrison at Various Institutions

Helane Morrison is the Hall Capital Partners’ MD and general counsel. She acquired sufficient experience in her law profession since she kicked off her practice about thirty years ago. The Hall Capital Partners is an organization that strives to ensure that businesses in the financial sector comply with the law. The main offices of the firm are located in San Francisco, and its services are highly trusted in the region. Helane has been working for Hall Capital Partners since 2007 when she left the Securities and Exchange Commission. The first role that she was offered was to be the chief compliance officer.


The law professional also works for different bodies in the sector. She is currently one of the Regional Parks Foundation’s committee members. Helane also serves the American Bar Association as an expert in its Hedge Fund section. She is also a top speaker who has been invited by various organizations to address issued of compliance, investment advisors, and private funds.


Morrison was at the SEC as from 1996 to 2007. She had served different offices of the organization before she left for the private sector. Helane joined the regulatory body to act as the director of enforcement programs at the San Francisco District. She assisted the SEC in conducting investigations in companies that were within the authority of the office. The institution also appointed her to speak for it in legal matters, the media, government agencies, as well as business and financial societies.


The SEC promoted Morrison to be head the San Francisco District as from 1999. Her term in office lasted until 2007. Very few women had managed to be offered such a high rank by the SEC at that time. She performed well and enabled the commission to handle more cases. As a district chief, Helane was in charge of overseeing investigations and enforcement activities that dealt with financial fraud, business regulatory issues, and securities. The jurisdictions of the San Francisco District covered areas such as Alaska, Idaho, Washington, California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, and Montana.


Morrison is an alumnus of the Northwestern University where she pursued her degree in journalism. She was also awarded a Juris Doctor from the University of California. In 1996, she started practicing as a lawyer at the Rice, Canady, Howard, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin and stayed at the firm until 1996. The law company made her partner in 1991. Helane Morrison was appointed as a Bar Association of San Francisco director, and she served from 2001 to 2004.


Amazing and creative ways to make holiday decorations.


I enjoyed seeing the holiday mason jar decorations. It’s so simple and refreshing to see with simple Christmas ornaments and fake smoke, you can make authentic gifts or decorations for the upcoming holiday season. When you need to make fake snow in order to decorate a Christmas seen, you can cut out the inside of a diaper and pour water and it and watch it grow.


A cute idea to maintain the holiday spirits during a holiday party is designing the Red cups to resemble Santa Claus. You take red party cups and buy black ribbons and buy gold buttons or paint your buttons with gold paint. Once you have all the materials you cut the ribbons to size and glue it on the cup as well glue on the golden button and there you have cute party cups.



Hot chocolate with marshmallows usually sounds yummy for the holidays to keep us nice and warm. But I have an extra special idea to decorate your hot chocolate for this year. Take a craft stick and place 3 large marshmallows to form a snowman. Then add hands and legs. Use some icing to make eyes, mouth and buttons on the body. You can use a small piece of carrot or candy corn. So this a cute way to design your hot chocolate exhibiting your snowman taking a hot chocolate bath.


A fun and healthy way to have Christmas snacks are by making strawberry Santas. All you need are strawberries, thicken cream and sesame or poppy seeds. First, you whisk the cream until it gets stiff, then place cream in a pipe or a bag, cut off stem to form a base and cut off the tip in triangle shape. You then add buttons with the cream and fill the inside of strawberry with cream. You place the tip on top as a hat and place two seeds to form Santas’ eyes.


Wengie creates awesome holiday hacks, I would recommend her to all my friends and family for fun and creative ways to make holiday hacks.


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Bruce Levenson’s Timeline From UCG To AIG Settlement Case

Bruce Levenson is bringing an insurance company to court for their failure to cover a settlement that they filed in a claim. In this particular settlement, former General Manager Danny Ferry faced an employment termination situation that he filed an insurance claim to cover, and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) group decided to buyout his contract. But AIG, the team’s insurance company refused to pay the claim, and Bruce Levenson and AHBE has decided to take them to court to sue for damages. Levenson and AHBE sold their shares of the Atlanta Hawks in June of 2015 to Tony Ressler and company after owning the team for about 12 years.

Bruce Levenson was a journalist and entrepreneur before he became a sports franchise owner. He studied journalism at Washington University and even went to law school at American University, but decided becoming a lawyer wasn’t for him. He founded a business news organization, Unified Communications Group (UCG) in 1977, and it began building a portfolio of newsletters covering the oil, banking, healthcare and technology industries. UCG is the parent company to a technology product research and consulting company, TechTarget of which Levenson helped launch. Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, and according to ESPN, has also served on the NBA’s Board of Governors.

Levenson has a passion for helping inner city young people achieve higher education, and as part of that endeavor he helped sponsor Hoop Dreams foundation back in the early 2000’s. According to PR News, he and his wife Karen also helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland to encourage up and coming entrepreneurs to become philanthropists while running a business. Levenson is also a major donor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., and is also active in several Jewish organizations such as Seeds of Peace and Birthright Israel.

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Creating Positive Returns: ClassDojo Ed-Tech Start-Up

Investing in future generations, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don began their company in 2011 to create an educational tool that would be responsive to the needs of the scholastic community. They wanted to offer a communications platform to connect parents, teachers and students throughout the school day. The San Francisco firm is now one of the fastest growing educational technology apps available — not bad for a venture start-up in this economy.

More helpful info here

ClassDojo offers a free iOS or Android app that is currently used in 90% of elementary and middle schools (K-8) in the United States. Translated into multiple international languages ClassDojo content offers flexibility to reach across ethnic barriers and connect communities in the common goal of providing positive educational experiences for our children.  Source:


Easy to use, ClassDojo fosters community and builds strong connections between students, parents and teachers. Students are empowered through individual portfolios which they can share with parents. Teachers can message parents privately to updating them regarding classroom activities. ClassDojo offers parents a support system purpose-built to engage families outside the classroom. This all works towards a positive environment within the community-supported classroom.


Based on, as the company grows, they expect to be able to show profit soon. Growth mindset content, additional videos, at-home lesson plans for parents, and customized products are among possible salable products. Another suggestion is to add a transactions feature so parents can pay for field trips, classroom supplies and cafeteria lunches over their phones using the ClassDojo app. Sounds like a great idea!

Follow ClassDojo on Cleanse Puts The D in Delicious


We all want to be healthy. And every new year we make promises and start diets that never end up taking us where we want to go. Not to mention all those gym subscriptions that end up being nothing more than a waste of money. For those of us who are looking for internal health we look to cleanses and flushes. But there are so many cleanses nowadays it’s enough to make your head spin. Trying to find the right cleanse is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.


That’s why I was so elated to find Dherbs offer a full body cleanse that tackles all the different toxins that ail us in a modern day lives. Dherbs full body cleanse is a natural cleansing system that focuses on raw foods, such as fruits and vegetables, without the tasteless austerity of most raw foods diets.


Most raw foods diets focus on what you can’t eat but showed me a different way of looking at it. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do dherbs offers you a variety of diets and flavoring options that lets you create delicious meals that allow you to eat raw and healthy, without giving up on taste. Who would have thought eating Kale would be as delicious as an ice cream smoothie but has recipes that offer just that.


Whatever type of food you’re into dherbs offers you a raw food alternative that will stimulate your taste buds and leave you begging for more.

Sheryl Underwood’s Story

There are many people who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle but they need help to do so. Losing weight is not the ultimate goal for some. However, staying healthy and feeling healthy is important. Sheryl Underwood started on her weight loss journey and thanks to the Dherbs body cleanse, she managed to shed off some of it.



The trick, according to the celebrity, is following the diet and supplementing it with exercise. She discovered when she was looking for easy and healthy ways to lose weight and it worked.



Why You Should Get On The Cleansing Program



There are people who have a problem sticking to a routine. The full body cleanse ensures that you do not feel the pinch. With creative yet healthy recipes of raw foods, you can still have fun while you do your detox.  There are tons of options available from and Amazon like the Yoni cleanse.  Or you can research for yourself from those who have tried the cleanse, like the Rickey Smiley Morning Show:

Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein Discusses Ways Jewish Philanthropists Can Contribute to Connecting the Younger Jewish Generation to Their True Heritage. Adam Milstein, a Jewish real estate investor and philanthropist published an interesting article in the Algemeiner, on February 13th, 2017. He is founder of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and has dedicated years to the mission of connecting young Jewish people to Israel and their Jewish heritage. Mr. Milstein continues to work diligently with other Jewish philanthropists and leaders in the United States to come up with solutions to tackle the issues causing the disconnection. In a recent Pew Study, data showed an estimated two-thirds of the next generation of Jews have no connection to Israel. A study published by Brandeis University revealed less than half of Jewish college students comprehended questions about Israel.

Mr. Milstein said Jewish leaders and philanthropists must determine how to invest their funds more efficiently and strengthen the United States and Israel alliance. They must also create strategies to ensure future generations stay in touch with Israel. To do this, Adam Milstein said they must respond to the challenges involving the trends by implementing two significant principles, understanding their target audience and to look for young disconnected Jewish people.

To understand the target audience, there is one important fact Adam Milstein mentioned, the non-existence of American Jewish communities. He says over the past 40 years he has seen communities change because of assimilation, immigration, and intermarriage trends. Some of the criteria they should consider when allocating resources are the age of the next generation, affiliation, and American Jewish immigration communities. Milstein said the work of the Israeli-American Council shows how investing funds can release resources to strengthen Israel relationship. They must invest smarter to overcome obstacles blocking their path to come to realization of their complete potential as a people in America.




Adam Milstein is Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties and helps to manage more than $2 billion in properties. He heads the San Fernando Valley Office and is responsible for property management, disposition, and financing. Hager is a private commercial real estate investment firm.



                           Rona Borre is a learned individual

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance; she has became the talk of the day in Chicago land when it comes to matters dealing with women in business. It’s also equally important to note that she has been recognized nationally as a woman owned enterprise participating actively in improving the economy of the country through taxes.

Have a peek on this

Rona is eager and enthusiastic to get busy this has lead to her being elected by the Chicago community organization in leadership roles the organizations include the Economic Club Chicago,Chicago Network and the young president Organization and she has been an active member of the three.  See


Some of the media stream have hosted Rona and here are the media houses; CBS 2 ,CNBC ,Crain’s Chicago ,USA today,CNBC and CNN. Recently Rona Borre has been awarded the award of the Enterprising woman of the year by Enterprising woman magazine adding to the many accolades awarded to her agency.


Rona Borre is a learned individual she received her BS from the University of Arizona in business. Through his career there have been ups and downs but that didn’t halt her dream of success in life she persevered and now she’s walking her path of success.

Check her on

Retirement Planning with Richard Blair

Retirement planning can be a real headache for many individuals. A lot of people tend to agonize over where they will put their funds when they make a decision to build a retirement nest egg. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is a financial planner that is certified in helping clients with this.

He knows about the various markets that people can put their money into, and he has the ability to give investors a new perspective on what they can do to maximize their rates of returns.

The people that have had problems with their returns are often the ones that have failed to actually give their portfolios any real attention.

There are a lot of people that have opened an account for their retirement, but many of them will abandon these accounts. This is considered a retirement account that’s not reaching full potential in the way that it should.

Richard Blair has the ability to help people revive their accounts for their financial life after work, and he has the ability to show them what it will take for clients to be able to retire and live comfortably.

There are a lot of people there are going to look at what is happening with their finances and realize that they may not be able to do it on their own.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an expert in the field, and he has years of experience with helping a bountiful number of clients reach their full potential with retirement planning.

Wealth Solutions is a company that gives people of different backgrounds the ability to manage their money wisely. There is a wealth management division that helps those people that have wealth, but they may not know how to preserve the wealth that they already have.

Consultants for these clients are able to give people the ability to gain insight about high rates of returns for some of the high dollar investment opportunities that exist.

There is also consulting in place for financial planning. There are many people that simply may not know how to manage their finances and maintain the type of budget that allows them to set aside money for retirement. Consulting in this area gives them the ability to make the most of what they make.

Lastly, there is information on retirement planning. This may be what the majority of the client and Austin look forward to acquiring.