All You Need to Know About Dr. Scott M. Rocklage

Based in the MA office in Boston, Scott Rocklage has served as a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures since 2004. Due to his vast experience in the healthcare department and great leadership roles, he led to the approval of New Drug applications in the USA. These are Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin. He has also entered some drug contestants into trials in various clinics. He has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Nycomed Salutar, CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and also served in various positions at Salutar & Catalytica. His activities in Linkedin professional network.

Previously, he was the Chairman of two boards, namely Relypsa and Novira. Later, he served in the same position in other boards including Kinestral, Rennovia, Espirus, Cidara, and Pulmatrix. He has been the Executive Chairman of Miikana, Ilypsa, and also Semprus. He studied at the University of California where he acquired a B.S. in Chemistry. He later enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He has invented or co-invented more than 30 U.S.A patents and over 100 publications.

During an interview with ideasmensch, he stated that he does not have a typical day as different days demand different activities. He could be attending board meetings on some days, while on others, he could be working with his management team, or studying new parts of science among other activities. He then claimed that he brings his ideas to reality by working with different entrepreneurs, could be physicians, scientists, or even executives in the business sector. This is because their collaboration allows them to shape the stated ideas so as to come up with cures for medical needs that have not yet been met.

Dr. Scott Rocklage mentioned that the growth in targeting various genotypes or mutations so as to treat cancer excites him. This is because they have been able to extend patients’ lives and to save others. They are also proceeding to discover other ways to improve on their strategies so as to achieve their goal in this sector. So as to be more productive, Dr. Rocklage says that he is well organized regarding calendaring, time management, and also prioritization.

A Look At Sheldon Lavin’s Career And Vision For OSI Group

After spending 40 years in the meat processing industry, Sheldon Lavin is still nostalgic of his financial consulting career. As a young boy, the executive leader had always envisioned himself working for a financial institution. This dream saw him join college to learn about the industry and prepare himself to conquer the field. However, he worked in the industry for a few years before OSI Industries recruited him owing to his exemplary consultancy services and business strategies.

Lavin’s association with the meat processing industries started when Otto & Sons approached his company to arrange financing for the firm. The company was the first meat processing facility to be opened in West Chicago. It was owned by Otto Kolschowsky. After a few years, he was invited to become a partner in the businesses. To this end, the company changed its name to OSI Industries. Lavin is now the owner of the global meat processing corporation.

The executive leader’s vision for the company has not changed in many years. In his first day, he envisioned himself growing the company to become a world-class food processing corporation. Although Sheldon Lavin has achieved a lot, he is still pushing the company towards the domination of various local markets such as the Chinese meat-processing industry. Presently, the business has over 80 facilities spread across 17 countries. In addition, the company has increased the variety of its products to include protein products, sauces, vegetable items, and baked goods.

According to Sheldon Lavin, OSI’s success in the global market is credited to the company’s unique management approach. He notes that although there are rules and strategies that the business must implement, each of the company’s subsidiaries are run locally. This model enables them to be run efficiently.

Sheldon Lavin is OSI Group’s chairman and chief executive officer. He is also the president of OSI International Foods LTD. Lavin joined the industry in 1970. Before joining the company, he was a financial consultant. Many organizations have recognized Lavin’s visionary leadership. For instance, in 2016, India’s Vision World Academy awarded him with a Global Visionary Award. He is also the recipient of a 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from the RSM US LLP.

Flavio Maluf Debunks Some Myths And Truths About Being An Entrepreneur

Flavio Maluf the President of Eucatex has some home truth to relate to all those youngsters who have been bitten by an entrepreneur’s bug and would like to quit their jobs and say goodbye to their obnoxious bosses and set out on their own. The very misconception that he would like to clear is that being an entrepreneur is that it requires a lot of money.


According to Maluf that is not true at all and most certainly not in the digital era with a lot of investors on the prowl for good businesses to invest in. He does concede however that starting a new business in Brazil is far more difficult than it is in many advanced countries of the world. It takes only 5 days to open a new company in the US, while in Brazil it takes as much as 107 years.


The fact that entrepreneurship is inherently a risky affair is also debunked by Maluf. Good entrepreneurs in his opinion are aware of the risks but work toward minimizing them. In so far as the tax troubles go, Maluf feels that the big players get by quite easily in Brazil, as do the small players. It is the average sized companies who often get the rough end of the stick.


Maluf’s growth as a corporate person of great repute that saw him become President of Eucatex is a testament to his immense skills as a strategist. Perhaps his background has something to do with this. He graduated in mechanical engineering from Alvares Panteadu Foundation (FAAP) in Sao Paolo and has dedicated his professional life toward working for the enhancement of Eucatex which he joined in 1987.


In about ten years he had risen to the position of President, which speaks volumes about the kind of dedication that he brings to his work. If he gives some advice to budding entrepreneurs, they had better believe that it is very useful indeed. This will stand them in very good stead at a time when becoming an entrepreneur is really in favor around the world.



Grand Career Life of Todd Lubar

In the interview with Inspirery, Todd Lubar suggested that many entrepreneurs lack the skill of finding the will in people to accomplish their goals, a reason why they fail in the ‘money making’ part of the business. In most the occasions, many entrepreneurs give up fast, an undertaking that the passionate investor, Todd stated to be behind most entrepreneurs not achieving the valuable part of their ventures. To work on that, Todd Lubar told Inspirery that every entrepreneur should rise each day with a motivation to improve his/her yesterday no matter the ups and downs.

In every business venture, customers are the most significant part of the bargain, a tip that Todd Lubar had in mind since his first job as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage. Over his career, his excellent business skills have generated him jaw-dropping referral business reputation. Besides, in the recent interview with Inspirery, Todd went ahead to add that his profession presentation on online platforms helps him win the hearts of customers seeking serious professionals.

In most occasions, business and family goes in hand and Todd Lubar’s career life has proven no odd. The hardworking entrepreneur told Inspirery that one of the toughest decisions that he often encounters has to choose a business trip over being with his lovely family.

About Todd Lubar

Today, Todd Lubar serves as the President at Global Ventures, LLC, as well as a Sr. VP of Legendary Investments. His praised business skills date back to 1995. The renowned entrepreneur schooled at Syracuse University where he earned his BA in Speech Communication.

First, Todd Lubar worked with Crestar Mortgage as a loan originator a role that attributes to his vast mortgage banking model skills. As a loan originator, Todd Lubar was in a position to create a ground relation with various individuals in the industry who boast his venture to date through customer referrals.

In 1999, Todd Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Group and was tasked with the brokerage of loans as well as lending as a right mortgage bank. In this organization, Todd boosted his lending capabilities. In 2002, Todd established Legendary Properties LLC, a firm that facilitated the attainment, renewal, and marketing of not less than 200 transactions. In 2003, Lubar created Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. With 12 years’ experience in the real estate sector, Todd integrated Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties, a firm that has seen play a significant role in Baltimore’s housing industry. Besides, Todd invests in the metal recycling industry as well as commercial demolition.

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Success Academy Charter Schools Live Up to Name As Extraordinary Success Story

Since the launch of their first location in Harlem, New York City’s Success Academy has set itself apart from the public school system. Since it’s founding as a charter school it has functioned outside of that system, and the results from day one have been a dramatic success.

Growing from the first school in Harlem, founded by former city council member Eva Moskowitz in 2006, to include over 30 locations scattered throughout most of New York City’s boroughs, the academic achievements of Success Academy students have made it a school that parents want to send their kids to.

The beginning of 2017 finds Success Academy receiving more than 17,000 applications which is more than four times the number of available seats. This growth shows no signs of slowing down, and as a result Success Academy has needed to expand along with it. New locations continue to open as space becomes available.


Behind this incredible success and a waiting list of more than 10,000 applicants is a teaching approach that pushes beyond accepted standards of the public institutions. The students of Success Academy tend to test high above their public school counterparts in part due to courses being highly challenging. At Success Academy, the tough academic curriculum is helping to produce students who actually want to learn, and eventually leave the institution as educated members of society who are ready to contribute to society.


An in-depth discussion with Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz, found at the school’s website: and originally published at:, reveals some of the classroom tools that Success Academy teachers and administrators are using in greater detail. While some of the curriculum and methods may seem unconventional in comparison to the accepted ways things have always been done they are producing extraordinary results that speak for themselves.



Tim’s Views On Hedge Fund Managers and Investments

Wager of One Million

Buffett decided to donate 1 million dollars to a charity as a wager stating that he could have create a better investment return than a specific group of managers in a hedge fund. A donation of one million would hold the attention of any individual or charity. He promised that he would make that donation of funds only if he was wrong in his beliefs of passive Index Fund investing.

Tim Armour agrees with Warren Buffett and states that there are far too many mediocre and expensive funds. These funds have the potential to short-change investors and he supports Warren Buffett’s commitment to low cost and simple Investments. Mutual funds are accustomed to offering mediocre or poor long-term returns, mainly because of high management fees and trading that can be considered excessive.

Tim Armour’s Straight Forward Views

Tim Armour a very experienced investor and manager of funds disagrees with some of Buffett’s views. He has commented that he feels they are short sighted and should be focusing more on whether or not the funds are being managed correctly. Hedge fund managers have a tendency not to buy in on the Investments and this can be considered a downfall for investment funds. Armour states that investors should be actively moving their investments so that they have low expenses. By doing this they are able to make sure that the fun is not being wasted and the managers have an active interest in what happens to the fund itself and learn more about Timothy.

Tim’s Experience

Tim Armour went to school at Middlebury College where he received a bachelor’s degree and he’s currently working at Capital Group which is located in Los Angeles California. According to Armour low-cost investments is the perfect investment for a long term strategy to yield stocks that are low and guarantee a return and more information click here.

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Metrik Holdings CEO, Samuel Strauch Reveals Top Suburban Neighborhoods

Real estate investor Samuel Strauch says that lots of younger people think that they must have access to a vibrant nightlife, boutique shops and a plethora of dining options in order to be happy with their residential area. As millennial grow and look to settle down their values begin to change and they start to look at different things. One of the things that many millennial looking to start families of their own look for is an area with top schools, cheap housing and safe neighborhoods. While it is difficult to find areas that have both nightlife and family friendly neighborhoods, they are out there. Metrik Holdings CEO, Samuel Strauch describes some of the places that can offer millennials both.

One of the ideal suburban neighborhoods to settle down in, while still having access to all of the thrills of the city is Northeast Denver. This is a primarily suburban section of the city that has very affordable housing rates. Average housing prices for this part of Denver cost around $270,000 when compared to other parts of the city where the average price can tip over half a million dollars easily. Low housing prices and new developments such as the Stanley Marketplace make this is a highly attractive place for young people to settle down. Click here to know more.

Another top destination for young professionals is Tampa, Florida according to Samuel Strauch. Mr. Strauch is an expert in the Florida real estate market as his company is based in South Florida. He also lived and worked there for a family business before starting his real estate company. Average home prices are fairly low in this city and they are even cheaper in the suburbs that ring Tampa Bay. Samuel Strauch says you can find the same quality housing for up to 60% less in the suburbs of Tampa. Suburban communities such as Palm River and Claire Mel offer excellent public schools and are very safe communities.