Jose Auriemo Neto is Walking the Talk at JHSF

In slightly more than four decades, JHSF has risen to the top of Brazil’s real estate sector. The developer specifically operates in the hospitality, shopping center and retail, and high-end property segments of the industry. Recently, the real estate company has also undertaken an ambitious project to develop and manage an international executive airport in Sao Paulo. With current CEO and Chairman, Jose Auriemo Neto, at its helm the company is looking to make inroads into certain international markets, particularly the United States and Uruguay.

JHSF is known for its innovative and daring nature. Over the last two decades, the company divested its interest to cover four key business units: an executive airport, retail and shopping malls, Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, and commercial and residential incorporations. While this shift in focus seemed shortsighted and wrong to many industry players at first, they have proved to be effective over time. Other developers within the industry are also beginning to follow JHSF’s lead thus making the company a trendsetter.

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto first joined JHSF in 1993. By his fourth he year he was launching Parkbem, the company’s first business in its services department. Again, in his fifth year, he oversaw the development of Shopping Santa Cruz, thus launching JHSF’s shopping center department. His hard work was rewarded with a promotion to the company chief executive officer seat in 2003. He was again promoted to the position of company Executive Chairman and Director in 2011 and JHSF’s lacrosse camp.

Neto’s leadership talents have been recognized by more than JHSF. He has on two separate occasions served as an Executive Officer to the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) between the periods 2003 to 2004 and 2004 to 2005. He remains a continuing member of the organization till this day and more information click here.

Away from his hectic professional life, Neto is a simple and humble man. He enjoys a round of golf from time to time, and his friends commonly refer to him as Zeco. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Mariana, and their three children in his spare time. Neto has also traveled a great deal, having spent some time in Belgium, Japan and Norway and learn more about JHSF.

Anthony Petrello CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd

Anthony Petrello who is also known as Tony is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd which is a holding organization of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) since 28th October 2011. Nabors Industries is also the president of Nabors Exchangeco since the year 1991. Before Tony appointed as the CEO of Nabors Industries, he was the Chief Operating Officer since 1991 to October 2011. Before joining the company, he worked as Managing Partner for Baker & McKenzie’s New York Office. Baker & McKenzie is a law firm, and he worked there for five years from 1986 to 1991. Tony has also represented Nabors Industries Ltd as its chairman since June 2012. He also served as a deputy chairman of the company from 203 to 2012.

Apart from Nabors Industries Ltd where he is the current CEO, he has worked for Stewart and Stevenson as a director since February 2011. Currently, he also serves as a director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. Tony also had a position as a director of Apart from that, he has a degree of J.D from Harvard School of Law as well as B.S and M.S Mathematics degrees from Yale University. Information about Mr. Anthony Petrello gives a clear impression that he is well experienced and he fits his position as the CEO of the company. He not only draws the skills he uses to run the company from experience but from school as well. The knowledge he gathered in school and the experience he has received from the various institutions he has worked with make him a great Chief Executive Officer.

Amazing Musical Learning

Music is enjoyable to listen to in the car or to relax at the end of a long day, but that is not all that it is good for. As a matter of fact, music is a great teacher for a lot of people. There are certainly some children who as musically inclined, and they have a way of learning better when something is put to music. What this means is that schools should adapt to that and bring more music into the classrooms.


Unfortunately, the budgets for music programs for a lot of public schools are currently being cut in favor of other things. That is not the case at Success Academy though. What Success Academy knows is that if children can use music in their education, then they are more likely to retain some of that information.


Joel Klein is a pianist, singer, and now a music instructor at Success Academy. He possesses a Master’s Degree in Music Education and puts it to good use teaching the children of Success Academy about the joys of music.


Naturally, music class is a favorite among the students. They like that they are able to learn something that appeals more directly to them. That is a lot more fun to them than some other subjects may be. At the same time, a little bit of music in the day helps them focus in more on the subjects that they might not want to deal with quite as much.


The music classes are creative and encourage the students to collaborate with one another to come up with new pieces. It is not so focus-driven as to not allow for fun. Rather, the music classes are all about exploring the possibilities of music in all of its beautiful forms. That is just how Joel Klein and Success Academy believe it should be done.

JHSF is Developing Fast Under the Leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto

The real estate scene in Brazil has been growing at a massive pace in the past few years, and one of the companies that have contributed significantly to its growth is JHSF. The company does not only build infrastructure, but also has a separate property management unit that takes care of the property management aspect of all its developments, whether it is shopping mall, hotels, or airport. It is a family run company and is well-known in the Brazil’s real estate sector as since its inception in the year 1972 till now, the company has developed hundreds of properties, some of which are well-known across the country. JHSF is primarily known for developing high-end and luxury residential complexes these days.

Many of the properties the company develops are not sold but rented out. It is a part of the company’s strategy to keep its investment in the real estate sector safe while ensuring that it can generate substantial revenue from its property over a period. Thanks to Jose Auriemo Neto, who currently serves as the President of the company, JHSF has expanded its operations to many other countries, including in Uruguay and the United States. The company has made some very productive investments in the real estate sector of Uruguay in Punta Del Este, Miami, and New York. Jose AuriemoNeto believes that as the housing market continues to become more and more competitive, it is the step in the right direction to look for investment opportunities in booming real estate sector globally.

Jose AuriemoNeto recently shifted to New York along with his family, and his children have also taken admission in the New York Schools. It clearly marks that Jose AuriemoNeto is going to be staying in the United States for a long period. JHSF is developing a high-rise residential apartment on the Fifth Avenue in New York, which is one of the reasons why Jose AuriemoNeto has relocated to the United States. JHSF plans to give the apartment on rent rather than selling it as it is one of the most high-profile areas of the New York City and guarantees to rope in high rent, which would add to the company’s revenue.




USHEALTH Group Inc is a major US based insurance holding organization. Its subsidiaries include National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company offers innovative health covers and additional products for both business owners and the self-employed. The company headquarters is at Fort Worth Texas.


The company aspires to offer affordable, secure and flexible plans for its customers. The company has had unprecedented growth and success in the last few years in a highly competitive market of health insurance. This has mainly been due to its marketing strategy that has seen the company make profits from the sale of its insurance products. The company sells its products through agents.


The company’s success has further been recognized around the globe as it was crowned as one of the winners of One Planets Award in the Financial, accounting, banking and insurance category. This global award seeks to honor companies that have professionally excelled in their line of business globally.


Additionally, in 2016 the company won the company of the year award in the insurance category at the Stevies awards. The company was formerly known as Assent Assurance before changing its name in 2005.


USHEALTH Group insurance


The company insurance products include fixed indemnity insurance, individual health insurance, insurance providing coverage in times of critical illness, dental insurance and a life term policy which is renewable and convertible covering accident, life and specific illnesses. The company’s plans are affordable, competitive and dependable. Its strategy in developing long term customer relationship with its clients has seen the sales of its insurance products increase. The biggest increase was recorded in 2015.


The use of agents who can provide the insurance products in new geographies has grown the insurance brand recognition in the market. The USHEALTH insurance sales are conducted by friendly USHEALTH advisors agents who can comprehensively advise and offer excellent advice on the company’s insurance products. The licensed advisors are contacted every day by families, individuals and business owners who are in need of advice or insurance products.


The use of the consultants has helped insurance customers cultivate a long term relationship with the company.In conclusion, if you are by any chance looking for a company that offers innovative and reliable health coverage at an affordable price then, USHEALTH Group is the company to look out for.

Cassio Audi’s Early Musical Career Exposed

Formation of the Viper Rock Band
Cassio Audi’s brush with music emanating from the mid 80’s, when he together with three other colleagues namely: Yves and Pit Passarell (brothers), Andres and Machado. Cassio Audi was a skilled drummer and whose immense knowledge about composing songs could prove vital. Together with the other four, Cassio set the stage for his musical career with a lot of zeal and ambitions that at the end of it all, he could more famous within and outside Brazil.
His Musical Early Ambitions
Having got his drumming inspiration from the British heavy metals, Cassio perfected the art of drumming that was close to the British type. In fact, he managed to blend their classical form of music to the heavy metal type which the result came along so well. The more his persistent ambition to travel the whole grew, the more he dedicated his time to composing and songs.
A Showcase of Determination
Having worked tirelessly releasing songs and even staging various shows, they finally released their first album in 1987. The album referred to as the Soldiers at Sunrise got a lot of fame and it formed the yardstick towards their prosperity as the band. Soon than later, their band was the much sought after for any rock performance across Brazil. Through their ever growing influence in the country and beyond, they managed to silence their critics who always asserted that their musical style was old-fashioned. They further disapproved their critics with a landmark album entitled the Theater of Fate in 1989 which did superbly well and was felt across the international airwaves. It was after the release of this album that Cassio finally quit music to pursue a career in financial management leaving the other member of the band to sustain the band’s glory.

Check out more Cassio Audi on YouTube.

Lime Crime: How to Brighten Your Days with Creative Morning Habits

Doe Deere is the name behind the widely successful personal care brand, Lime Crime. She recently shared her morning habits that ensure she has successful days. She ensures she gets enough sleep. This is essential for rest and rejuvenation. It refreshes your systems and gives you clear skin. She has an established wake-up time. She likes breakfast and scheduling the day’s activities early in the morning.



First, she hydrates with a glass of water. Then she does some stretching workouts. After, she enjoys a healthy breakfast. Doe Deere then organizes her day through the mobile phone calendar. She also uses it to communicate with her office through chat and email. She asserts you should find time for self in the morning away from gadgets. Doing makeup in the morning is a guaranteed confidence booster.



It starts with a good face wash with a delicious flavor such as Glossier. She then goes on to moisturizer and foundation. She then powders her face. Consequently, she puts on her signature lipstick. She likes bold and vibrant colors that add life to her face. The hair comes last. She curls her hair into stunning shiny waves.



She then spends a brief moment with her closest companions, two Persian cats. She takes the better half of the morning to herself and then proceeds to the office for her business and social activities. Doe Deere is passionate about Lime Crime. She is a strong ambassador for her brand. She not only uses products from Lime Crime but also aggressively markets them. Her favorites include Rustic lipstick from the Matte Velvetine line.



One of the hair tricks she uses is to have a late shower the previous evening. This ensures the hair is ready to be styled in the morning. She recommends spending appropriate time on makeup. A quick job may be sufficient when you have to be somewhere quick. Devote more time to it to leave spectacular impressions on the people you interact with during the day. Starting your day on the right note helps you to achieve success.

Business Priorities When it Comes to Selling Products According to Adam Goldenberg

People that interview Adam Goldenberg see that he has a unique idea when it comes to the products. One thing that he has noticed is that tons of brands are focused on just selling the products. Often times, companies are focused on the marketing and the discount of the items so that they could sell it. However, they do not pay as much attention to what they are selling. Often times, an item is not selling because not that many customers want the product. As a result, retailers have to resort to some of the most extreme discounts so that they will actually make the sales.


Adam Goldenberg takes a different approach. He pays attention to the product to make sure that it is an item that people actually want to buy. This is very important when it comes to fashion. While a lot of companies may not believe that people pay that much attention to fashion, there is a point when people offer too much of the same thing that it quits selling. The important thing for people to do is make sure that they are offering something that is unique and aesthetically pleasing. One of the best experience that a customer has is when they see an item that they want.


Adam Goldenberg does not stand against setting up a good campaign throughout social media and television. There can be tons of catchy advertising. However, there is one factor that trumps all of the others. The customer has to like the product that is being offered to them. This is one of the reasons that Adam Goldenberg is focused on the product. He wants to make sure that the product is made at a very high quality so that people will want to buy it.


Adam Goldenberg understands that the goal for companies is to make sure that the customers actually like the products so that they will come back to the company. At the same time, they have to make sure that they are ethical about the products they offer. After all, customers want to feel good about the products they are offering.

Eric Pulier Continues to Excel

Eric Pulier is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and philanthropists of all time. He has excelled for years in building companies at the enterprise level for government entities and private ones. He regularly receives funding from the largest venture capital firms in the world. He uses his time and energies to grow innovative solutions to tough problems that face children and sick individuals every day.

Eric Pulier is also an accomplished author, getting his start when he attended Harvard University and wrote for the Harvard Crimson. He graduated magna cum laude and moved to Los Angeles where he founded his first company called Digital Evolution. This company helped the health care sector in a big way and he was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to come to Washington and use his technology to help people. He is now one of the members of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pulier has started a number of companies that serve these education, children, and healthcare sectors, such as Desktone, Enterprise Professionals, and MediaPlatform. One such company he started with Steven Spielberg helped children who were ill with MS. It allowed them to communicate with each other via the world’s first private social media networking site. The secure site was hosting blog posts and chat rooms so the children could connect with others and feel their similarities.

Also, he launched an innovative and philanthropic platform to teach children about diabetes and how it affects the body. Using a unique combination of technology and education, it took them on a virtual reality tour. Pulier also serves on the board of the Xprize Foundation, which gives out prizes to teams who compete for millions of dollars to solve huge problems in the world. He also helps The Painted Turtle, which hosts summer camps for ill children in California. When it comes to innovation, Eric Pulier is unmatched. He has proven that he has the dedication to help education, health care, and children in every way possible. With his impressive track record, it is interesting to see where he will go next. But one thing is sure, the world is a better place thanks to his leadership.

Sweetgreen Is Your Healthy Option

Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet are the brains behind the Sweetgreen Foundation. The Three came up with the idea shortly after graduation from the School of Business at Georgetown University. However, the idea of doing business together was birthed earlier when the three were the only remnants in college after everyone else left for winter vacations. As they bonded and talked, they realized that they were all interested in running a business and recognized that they were compatible. Learn more:

After leaving campus, Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Nicolas came up with a business plan for Sweetgreen Company. However, they realized that they lacked the necessary capital to run the business. Consequently, they appealed for funds from investors, and they were lucky enough to be funded adequately by Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Bouloiund. Ever since the funding, money has never been a problem in the firm as Sweetgreen is profitable enough. Learn more:

The mission of the venture is to feed people with healthy options. The above is done to reduce the level of sicknesses and diseases reported among the citizens as most are related to poor feeding. The three friends conducted research that showed that most times cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity that causes heart problems, are all caused by poor eating habits. Consequently, they desired to protect people by giving them options that would guard their health and hopefully prolong their lives.

One of the primary considerations is the recipes in the foods produced in Sweetgreen; these are always healthy, organic, fresh and local. Moreover, the preparations of the foods also consider every aspect of people’s health, making the output always safe for consumption. Learn more:

Sweetgreen has no headquarters as the three CEOs love being highly mobile in the different company branches. Moreover, they enjoy interacting with their customers so they most times spend time in the restaurants than in their offices. The desire to interact with their clients causes the management to close all branch offices five times each year so that all workers can work in the restaurants. The sessions are used to collect customer feedback so that their recommendations can be incorporated in the company output.

Moreover, the Sweetgreen management loves delegating duties to their workers, albeit initially, they found it hard. With the expansion of the firm, they realized that they cannot run everything and so they coached and mentored junior workers for the managerial roles. By 2016, the company had 64 branches and 1700 employees in the United States.