OSI Group/Industries Continues to Showcase the Importance of Food

The OSI group is continually moving forward in the business world. They’re doing so with an item that might well be among the most valuable in the world. It’s an item that few really dwell on when they’re thinking about which commodities offer the most value. But the OSI group is well aware that food items are of immense importance. This is one of the reasons why they’ve been making news by acquiring other food related companies.

The exact benefits of expansion vary on a group by group basis. For example, the benefits of a consumer looking for a meal they like will differ from that of employees hoping for a raise. Looking at the many ways that the OSI group helps people can demonstrate just what makes the company special.

One of the most important parts of the OSI Group’s expansion has to do with subjective preferences. Food can often seem like a very simple subject from the outside. But talk to anyone in the foodservice industry and the complexity of the subject will quickly become clear. People usually have very specific preferences when it comes to their meals. Sometimes this comes down to how a meal is cooked. Other times it can even relate to the nature of the ingredients. But the OSI group has been able to greatly expand food offerings to people with very specific tastes. For example, some of their recent acquisisions have allowed them to increase the amount of organic food choices.

But on the other side of things it’s also important to keep in mind how the people making those meals relate to the product. A Chicago based Tyson food plant is one of the OSI Group’s most recent acquisitions. The purchase ensures that the workforce will remain employed and that people in the area will continue to reap the benefits of a local business. Though many locals might not even know that the OSI Group grew up there as well.

The OSI Group’s humble beginnings stretch back to a family meat market. The store was opened in 1909 and quickly grew to be a staple of Chicago resident’s diets. The OSI moniker wouldn’t make an appearance until the 1970s. But their dedication to the local economy has been a constant. At the moment they’re considered one of the world’s largest private companies, valued at $6.1 billion. And much of those funds are being put to continued expansion.

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Ricardo Tosto a Famous Business Manager

Besides medicine, education, and engineering, many children cite the law as their dream career. Apart from being among the highest earners, they greatly contribute to the county’s economy. Currently, Brazil gloats of more than six hundred attorneys. Thirty-three percent of this legal counselors are based in Sao Paulo with one-sixth work in Rio de Janeiro.

Among the most prominent legal practitioners in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto, this is due to his remarkable performance in high price and complicated cases. Ricardo holds various honors as one of the pioneers and strategists who helped to shape the modern Brazil legal practice. Having been in the legal industry for fifteen years and more, Ricardo Tosto has been or rather stands out to be the most competent lawyer in Brazil. In his career, Ricardo is known to have excelled in areas such as administrative law, copyright, consumer law, Environment law and corporate law among others. He is also known to have good experience and understanding of the international electoral legislation.

In his legal career, Mr. Ricardo has achieved a lot. Among his greatest achievement, Mr. Ricardo is the founder and the owner of the most famous law firms (Leite, Tosto e Barros) in Brazil and beyond. His law firm has represented organizations and individuals in some cases that have gained international attention because of their intensity. Mr. Ricardo has for long and when required offered legal advice to the government of Brazil, personalities and top politicians in the country.

Besides activities in his law firm, Ricardo Tosto has been in other activities. To start with, He has been the president of Judicial Reform Committee, Judicial Modernization Committee at the Brazilian Bar Association-Sao Paulo section. Secondly, Ricardo Tosto is a long time member of IBA (International Bar Association) and Study Centre for Attorney Partnerships (CESA)

Mr. Ricardo is also a scholar and a write whereby he has written many legal articles that have for long been published in notable national and international newspapers. Apart from writing for newspapers, he is an author of a law book known as “O Processo de Tiradentes” and a founder of IBEDEP-Institute in Brazil


Clay Siegall is the godfather of antibody drug conjugates

Since the inception of chemotherapy in the 1940s, one of the key problems facing the usage of this treatment modality has been the inability of doctors to safely administer large amounts of the drug to the general patient population. This has severely limited the effectiveness of the drug, which otherwise would have virtually limitless potential to eliminate cancer from the human body.

The key limiting factor that has prevented chemotherapy from being the wonder drug that could all but cure cancer has been its horrific side effects. Chemotherapeutic agents have long suffered from one of the narrowest therapeutic windows of any drug. This means that the amount of drug necessary to start seeing clinically significant effects is hardly any less than the amount that causes severe overdose. For this reason, the drug has always been required to be administered by trained medical professionals and the amount given at any one time has been strictly limited.

Among the horrible side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss, constant nausea, lack of energy and, in severe cases, even death. Because of the severity and frequency of these side effects, it has long been the goal of medical researchers to create a means of delivering chemotherapy that would not induce such a heavy toll on the bodies of patients. If such a method could be found, at least in theory, it may become possible to be able to administer sufficient amounts of cytotoxic agent to completely eliminate malignant tissues from the body.

One solution that has been found to this problem has come from Seattle Genetics, the firm founded by star researcher Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall’s main contribution to medicine has been the development of a class of targeted cancer therapy drugs known as antibody drug conjugates. These innovative drugs use synthetic human antibodies as a vehicle to deliver highly lethal cytotoxins directly to the site of malignant tissues, thereby reducing or even eliminating the systemic release of poisons into the bloodstream.

This novel approach has allowed for the dramatic increase in the therapeutic window, by orders of magnitude.

Securus Technology and JayPay’s Product That Reduces Recidivism

According to the article on Securus Technologie’s website, Securus Technologies announced that it had signed a definitive SPA (Stock Purchase Agreement) of JPay Inc. acquisition. J pay is the market-leading technology company that introduced email, electronic payments, as well as a host of entertainment plus apps that are educational-related, to the corrections space. It currently operates in more than 33 state prison systems.

The CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, said that the transaction pushes Securus Technologies into the fastest growing sections in corrections; email, payments, and inmate tablets. They had announced the transaction in 2015; since that time, they secured the debt as well as equity funding plus necessary approvals from Federal regulatory bodies and the state and closed their transaction. They now offer virtually anything that’s high-tech/software based that correctional agencies require in operating a modern jail or prison effectively and read full article.

They have liked JPay as a force that is innovative in their industry for many years, and have been watching their steady success. Smith added that it was a convenient time to combine their products plus teams. If someone wants the best products, purchased at the best price, and you need a product set providing excellent security while ultimately decreasing recidivism; there’s now a clear option that’s including Securus and JPay and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

According to research, reporters have been capable of allocating emails and producing blogs. The e-mails relate to hope as well as making imprisonment a safer and better option to leaving people free to commit to creating horrifying situations. Smith claims Securus as a strong investment, proposals of service and product development are released at least every week to help corrections agencies as well as law enforcement to solve crimes and also prevent further social problems in the current society and what Rick Smith knows.

In fact, Rick Smith comments Securus are receiving thousands of letters as well as e-mails concerning customer appreciation about how Securus has continued providing services that are adequate – help keep society, including the inmates together with their families safer than before. Moreover, Smith added that creating safety into the DNA of a company has always been a part of Securus‘ honor of protecting and serving the community (being responsible socially).

Smith has an educational background that is solid:

  • He holds an associate’s degree from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • He has a bachelor of engineering degree from SUNY
  • Holds a Buffalo as well as a master’s engineering from SUNY
  • Also, he attended U of R, where he received a Master of Business Administration degree from their Simon School.

From the years 1972 up to 1998, Smith held a series of roles with a company called Global Crossing North America. His roles included CIO and controller. Also, he was Frontier Information Technologies president, Network Plant Operations Director, and vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations and resume him.

Dr. Walden: In Pursuit of Greatness

Being able to alter a person’s image has improved greatly throughout the years. Plastic surgery just so happens to be one of the best routes to take when partaking in this action. There are numerous ways to go about doing this whether it’s for a face-lift, a tummy tuck or cheek implants. One of the leading plastic surgeons in the country is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has a successful resume that’s very extensive, and she has a long list of satisfied clients to back up all claims. In 2014, she was listed as one of the “24 Best Beauty Surgeons” by Harper’s Bazaar. Walden has also been a commentator for plastic surgery television shows on networks such as VH1, Dr.90210, E!, Fox News and ABC News.

She attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she was the salutatorian of her class. After college, Walden left her hometown of Austin, Texas, and moved to New York City. She completed her aesthetic surgery fellowship here at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. New York was home for a while, but she would end up moving back to Austin in 2011. Her practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, provides high quality services such as Botox, breast augmentation, liposuction, body contouring, Otoplasty, chin implants, injection wrinkle reduction, forehead lift, collagen injection and many more.

This loving mother of twin boys has made a name for herself thanks to her professionalism. Her medical practice develops and uses some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. In 2015, she would be recognized by American Way as one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America.” Being able to visualize what a patient will look like after surgery is an advantage as she progressively uses the innovative Vectra 3-D Imaging Technology. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what this woman has done, but who knows what big surprises are in store for Dr. Jennifer Walden in the future.

Dr. Mark Mckenna: The MD Who is also a Great Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark Mckenna has built a solid and respectable reputation as a professional in the medical field. Dr. Mckenna is a MD licensed in surgery and medicine. He acquired his license to practice from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He started his career practicing medicine alongside his father. While he enjoyed working with his father he longed to make a name for himself and remove himself from under his father’s shadow. This ambition lead to him launching his first company, McKenna Venture Investments. After having success with his boutique real estate development firm he became a full fledged serial entrepreneur, going on to launch Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.

Everything in Dr. Mckenna’s life was relatively great until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina decimated the city of New Orleans. Therefore, destroying many of Dr. Mckenna’s business interests. Having a personal interest in the catastrophe he aided in the rebuilding of New Orleans through the redevelopment of low-moderate income housing.

Two years after the devastation Dr. Mckenna relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and once again launched a new company called ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a medical practice that primarily focuses on wellness and aesthetics. He would later sell the practice to Life Time Fitness Inc. and take a position within the company as National Medical Director.

Dr. Mckenna is the current Founder & CEO of OVME, an elective healthcare company that is revolutionizing the way healthcare companies deal with consumer facing, technology, and medical aesthetic. His prowess as an entrepreneur is why he is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization. Before he moved from New Orleans he was an active participant in the community. he is a former board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

Dr. Mckenna attended Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, LA. Today, Dr. Mckenna is a proud family man enjoying free time with his wife and two daughters.


Achievements of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is a highly successful medical expert and has a vast experience in the field. The doctor currently serves as a health care recruiter and has established a significant number of offices in Philapedia, Delaware, and Florida.

According to Glassdoor, due to his vast experience as a staffing specialist, Brian Torchin has successfully acquired a full registration as a chiropractic professional and has an excellent team of highly skilled chiropractic doctors and medical practitioners.

Brian has also launched a vast number of investments, and the launch of the Healthcare Recruitment Counsellor is one of his biggest achievements in his career of health.

Brian Torchin started on a little note with a small firm which later came to rise as a profoundly successful business in the country.

The renowned medical practitioner has always had a great determination towards helping other physicians to better understand their career as well as the various challenges in their daily operations.

Through the guidance he offers to doctors and physical therapists, Brian has played a significant role in ensuring that the health facilities and services to the general public improve.

Due to his excellent leadership skills, Brian’s firm has risen tremendously into a huge business with many establishments both in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

The fame that his company has gained has positively impacted his career and business through a significant number of clients that he has attracted.

Through his highly established company, Brian Torchin has made the work of most hospitals accessible as well as that of doctors in need of health practitioners, to successfully acquire recruits to speed up their operations in their firms. Besides, Brian has also helped people obtain their dream jobs by linking them up with their future employers.

Brian has also been featured in many media platforms including BBC, Digital Journal and many others for his great work. By seeking Brian’s services, one gets to successfully choose the right person to employ them and employers also get to hire workers that have amendable skills to develop their firms.

The renowned medical practitioner has also helped a vast number of individuals to develop their skills in medicine through his various social platforms.


Madison Partners, LCC an investment firm focusing on real estate and Tech ventures has Arthur Becker as the managing member. He was the CEO and chairman at Zinio LCC the world’s biggest digital space which he served from the year 2012 to 2015. Arthur also took a similar role as CEO at NaviSite; an internet technology firm with offices in the UK, US, and India. This position, he took from the year 2002 to 2010. For seven years, Mr. Becker has been a private investor in real estate and technology immediately NaviSite was sold to Time Warner. Out of the sale, Arthur got involved in aapartments constructions in Miami, New York City and Florida. He also has a fascination for Biotech especially in the field of Cancer despite having no training. Arthur’s vision is to make a substantial impact on people’s lives. His schedule is more relaxed and can devote time to complete some projects in New York and preparing to build a luxury residential in Tribeca.

According to Geeks News, through constant networking with other people in the field, his primary expertise is on mobilizing, coordinating and ascribe to rights, design, financing of the actual construction and marketing. He inculcates the habit of thinking critically and the drive for entrepreneurship and is the reason that has made his venture more productive. He recalls his worst job at the Parks Department of a small town at the age of 16 earning $ 1.60 per hour, and he was motivated to work harder. He felt he would have enjoyed a career in investment banking only if he completed his second year of graduate school. Arthur’s advice to everyone is always to be flexible, listen to colleagues and the market. His strategy is to nature talents that share a common vision in the business.

Todd Lubar attended Sidwell Friends School and later Peddie School in New Jersey. He studied speech communication at University of Syracuse. For four years Todd worked in the mortgage industry and now serves as the president of TDL Ventures.

He also worked at Crester Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial group. Until 2007 he was the senior vice president at Charter Funding. He always engages with stakeholders and seeks to learn more about emerging issues in his business taking the initiative to mentoring others. His ventures aided the rapid advancement of acquisition, renovation, selling and making money on 200 plus business deals ranging from single family residence to twenty unit multi-family houses.


Highland Capital Is A Reputable Investment Firm

Are planning to start saving or investing in profitable opportunities? Do you want to find a reliable team of professionals to help you start an investment portfolio? If you are serious about growing your portfolio of investments, or if you are searching for a reliable way to manage your money, it is imperative to enlist the services of a reputable investment firm.

Highland Capital helps individuals, businesses and organizations handle their finances and investments wisely. The company has been in business for many years and has top notch resources to render excellent services to clients.

Getting investment service or financial planning is not something to be handled lightly. There are many companies out there offering many different services in the financial industry but you need to do your research and go with one that has a proven track record. That’s where Highland Capital comes in – to guide you properly and ensure that you reap huge rewards.

Professionals at Highland Capital are well trained and are passionate about advising and guiding their clients. They have access to the right tools and systems, which enable them to render outstanding investment and money management solutions to their clients.

Making investment decisions and getting involved in financial planning, is a crucial aspect of your wealth building or financial management strategy. Unless you have access to resources, and you have time to study the many different investment products and financial services, you will definitely need to get professional service.

When an investment advisor or financial planning professional reviews your financial and investment requirements or needs, they can let you know about your options and guide you in making the right choice. A reliable financial or money management professional will take the time to go over your documents and discuss with you. A knowledgeable professional will research the available opportunities and explain to you why a particular investment opportunity is right for you.

Highland Capital is your clear choice for all your investment, financial planning and wealth building needs. The company is a leader in financial services and will help you reach your goals.

Get Ready For Your Lifeline Screening Appointment

It is sad that many people don’t go to the doctor very often as they feel that if they are having no symptoms it is not necessary for them to go have a check up. If they are feeling good why pay the money as they must be OK.

That is a very unstable and flawed outlook on their state of health because most of the more serious health conditions show little to no symptoms while they are just taking hold. It is a scientific fact that if a condition or disease can be found, diagnosed and dealt with in the early stages, then there is a much better chance of curing it.

That is the philosophy of Lifeline Screening as they offer high-level medical screenings and tests that are designed to catch these “unknown” conditions before they become a problem. The tests are the very same procedures that are given in hospitals or medical testing centers, and they are available at a much lower cost.

It is easy to schedule an appointment with Lifeline Screening in a day or two which is so much better than having to go see your personal doctor, and then be referred to a testing facility. That process can take weeks and you can get your screenings done in a day or so.

When you set your appointment, the receptionist will give you some instructions so that you can make most out of your tests. For example if you have a blood test, you will be advised to fast for 6 to 12 hours prior to your testing time.

Wear clothing that is comfortable and loose fitting. Women should wear slacks and a loose fitting blouse or top. Men should wear trousers and a sports shirt. Certain tests will require you to lift your top up so the test can be done. Ultrasound screening and the electrocardiograph will require this.

The testing and screening procedures usually don’t take longer than an hour or two, depending on the extent of screening you wish to have done. Once you are finished, you will receive a summary report that can be taken to your doctor.

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