Robert Ivy: Architect of Life

American Institute of Architects (AIA) CEO, Robert Ivy, has received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious award is earned by those who have roots in Mississippi and have illustrated a lifetime of superior art through their creations. History has indeed been made as he is the first architect to ever receive this honor. An ambassador of the architect culture, Robert Ivy started his journey with American Institute of Architects in 2011. Since his arrival, he has helped influence the presence of the organization to its highest membership count in the company’s 160 year history.

Prior to his tenure with AIA, Robert Ivy was the editor in chief of Architectural Record; published by McGraw-Hill. Ivy has helped establish AIA as a global imprint, with the most recent additions being China and Canada. Past winners of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award include Morgan Freeman, Shelby Foote, and the late Walter Anderson to name a few. Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) President Nancy Laforge stated: “When it comes to making architecture more accessible to the general public, there’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy”. Since graduating with a Bachelor of arts from The University of the South and a Masters in Architect from Tulane University, Ivy has been on a mission to improve the quality and education of the architect world.

Robert Ivy’s attested biography, Fay Jones: Architect was released in 2001. Since its release, the book has been praised for its high standards of design and architectural production. The success and recognition of Fay Jones has helped garner the book to its most current third edition. The national architect fraternity Alpha Rho Chi also recognized Robert for his ability to translate the worth of architect design to the world. He is just one of seven honorees to receive this award in the fraternity’s 100- year history. His accolades are a reflection of his passion for the world and culture of architecture. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award illustrates both his longevity and perseverance. Congratulations Robert Ivy, an architect of life.

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William Saito: The Man, The Myth & The Legend

Information technology is basically running society now days. This is the 21st century and technological innovations are at the forefront of this particular movement. Have you ever heard of a guy named William Saito? If you haven’t heard about this guy, then you’re not along. William Saito is a man of many talents. Many of his peers refer to him as being a businessman, a futurist, a pioneer and an entrepreneur. In other words, Saito is a venture capitalist, and he has invested his hard-earned money into over 20 startup businesses. Saito is a Japanese-American, and he has attended the University of California. Though he left school early, he was able to retain plenty of information from the school’s Biomedical Science Program.

Being so intellectually gifted has its advantages. Saito was able to start his very own software firm while in college. While in elementary school, he began to learn the art of software programming. That’s right! Fast-forward to today and Saito is a well-established businessman and investor. He has been the founder of numerous tech-related companies such as I/O Software and Tecur. The man has literally been a guiding light for up-and-coming software enthusiasts. He was able to build a solid reputation from his skills of working with encryptions and for working with cyber security. Siato has held prominent positions, which required him to provide reports to the Prime Minister of Japan. This man has simply done it all to some degree. In addition to that, he has become a Foundation Board Member at the World Economic Forum.

Between 2013 – 2017, Saito established himself as a bonified cyber-expert. During this time, he advised the Japanese Cabinet Office with cybersecurity. To round out some of his final accomplishments, William Saito has been awarded the Medal of Honor for his benefactions and services for the people of Japan, and he has been the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” winner.



Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Talks About Touchy Topics

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is not your average read. It is a thought-provoking novel that has many people talking about it. The tale was first released as an audiobook and was narrated by Sean Penn. It was also penned under the name of Pappy Pariah rather than his real name. He is a holy man from Kentucky and part of the storyline. He narrates the story as it unfolds and is a holy man from Kentucky.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff takes the reader to an entirely different place and explores very foreign and not so foreign ideas. It is all about a man, whose name is Bob, who is s septic salesman with many jobs and lust and is just as human as you and me. Many who have read the book have read between the lines and have found similarities between the story and what is happening in reality.

Even the presidential election is just not safe and it is present throughout the theme of the story. The “Mr. Landlord” character has many similarities to the president and there is a poem at the end of the book that touches on the subject of the Vegas shooting, the crisis in Puerto Rico, and even the heated situation with North Korea. No topic is safe in this book it seems but if Penn doesn’t talk about it, who will? Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is unapologetic and eye-opening without being too overbearing. It speaks softly about the issues of the world yet boldly enough that they are being heard.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff parallels reality in many ways and roots for the underdog. Penn even works in details about his life and there is never a dull moment. Penn has a lot of life experience to draw on and he has finally had eth chance to write the book that he has always planned to write but never had the time to do it. He is slowing down in the acting arena but he is just starting a new path in his life. Penn wants to write and he has so much to write about. He isn’t afraid to take teh reader on a wild adventure and to talk about controversial subjects. His new book has gotten s lot of attention because of this but it is promotion and promotion is always good.

All Investment Managers Should Borrow a Leaf From Fortress Investment Group

Leadership has been a considerable challenge facing many investment management firms globally. However, Fortress Investment Group has beaten the odds and proved that it ’s possible to have effective leadership in an organization and also demonstrated the impact of having the same in organizations, especially investment management firms. The leadership of the company has been very stable over the years, led by the company’s able co-Principals Randal Nardone and Wes Edens (who are located in New York) and Peter Briger (based in San Francisco). Fortress Investment group has its main headquarter located in New York, but due to the rapid growth that the company has experienced over the last two decades, it has expanded its geographical territories by opening an additional headquarter in San Francisco, and two others in Shanghai and Singapore.

The leadership of Fortress Investment Group also translates to the effective management of the firm’s operations. This is evident from the robust tools that Fortress Group uses to evaluate and monitor its investment strategies which are in no doubt very sophisticated. The company also effectively evaluates the structural, operational and strategic facts on the ground while it does its portfolio management. All this is done with one intention; enabling the firm to generate good investment returns for their clients. Fortress Investment Group’s leadership has also contributed very much to the company’s recognition in the industry and the investment market, both in the US and internationally. It is due to the effectiveness of the firm’s leaders that Fortress has managed to grab a lot of industry performance-based awards and accolades.

For example, the Institutional magazine in 2014 named Fortress their “Best Hedge Fund Management Firm of the Year.” In the same year, a very prominent publication in the investment management sector named Fortress Group the “Investment Management Company of that Year.” Two years earlier, the Institution magazine had listed the firm as their “Most Macro-Focused and Flexible Hedge Fund.” Fortress Group had also been named the “Fund that was the most Credit-Focused during the Year” by the same magazine in 2010 and 2011 consecutively.In 2017, SoftBank Group Co. declared that it had fully acquired Fortress Investment Group, a transaction that had to cost them $3.3 billion in cash. This transaction was effected after the shareholders of Fortress had a deep analysis of the impact of the acquisition on the performance of the firm. This saw the outstanding Fortress shares transferred to SoftBank and its subsidiaries. However, Fortress continues to run its operations independently under the leadership of its three co-Principals, despite operating under SoftBank.

OSI Group Business Expansion under CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Food Solutions is a company based in Toledo, Span and is known for offering high-quality food solutions. It is led by CEO Sheldon Lavin Recently, it has expanded doubling its ability to process chicken. Today, they can produce 24,000 chicken tons in a year after adding a new line of production. Before adding this new line, they could only produce 12,000 tons per year, which is half of what they can produce now. The company is loved by many for being able to offer high-quality pork, chicken and beef products. Now that they have expanded, they can produce 45,000 tons of all these products. The company previously had 140 staffs, but on adding the new line of production, they need to add at least 20 people for the business to run efficiently. The production line requires a product development manager who is responsible for ensuring the business is running, and new products are working. It requires someone who has the right leadership skills and dedication.

Speaking recently, Jose Maria del Rio who is the managing director of the company said there had been high demand for chicken in Portugal and Spain. The growing rate at which people like chicken products is the reason behind the success of the company. Although the demand has been high in the past ten years, it increased in the past three years from six percent to eight percent. The managing director said he is expecting the trend to continue.

They have added a new building whereby the new production line will be operating. The house measures 22,600 square feet and various activities will be taking place there. With a kitchen, the production line will continuously address any issues with their customers. OSI group led Sheldon Lavin is always looking for ways of ensuring customers are satisfied. They know the needs of customers are always changing, and that is why they are careful about this.

David McDonald who serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the company said in a statement that the expansion would enable the company to enhance its portfolio. The company will be able to increase its growth regarding its retail services. CEO Sheldon Lavin is happy that the company can hire more people and create jobs. Jobs have been created by increasing the number of services they are offering.

OSI Group is a company with dedicated workers, starting from CEO Sheldon Lavin who are careful when it comes to caring for the environment. They are told to continue ensuring the enterprise is sustainable, and productivity keeps on increasing. That is why the company purchased new equipment that reduces energy consumption in the company.