An Evaluation of Civil, Migrant, and Human Rights Advocacy

Human beings are entitled to basic human rights. Unfortunately, these rights are sometimes violated by others for selfish gain. The fight to get rid of oppression and injustice against the vulnerable and minority has been raging for decades. There are several organizations that are on the forefront advocating for immigrant, civil, and human rights.

The aim of these organizations is to ensure that these rights are upheld, and that all human beings are treated with dignity irrespective of their age, race, ethnicity, and economic status. The organizations highlight the human, immigrant, and civil rights through the media, courts, and other available avenues. The following are some of these groups.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees

Popularly known as UNHCR, this is one of the most notable arms of the United Nations. Just like its name suggests, the UNHCR is involved in solving the global refugee crisis.

It not only provides food, clothing, and shelter to refugees, but also endeavors to ensure that their rights and dignity are respected and upheld. UNHCR similarly works with other organizations to mitigate conditions that typically lead to the refugee crisis, including political instability. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Unitarian Universalist Organizations

This organization provides affordable counselling and legal representation to immigrants. It also seeks to provide advocacy and educational programs, and refugee resettlement services. These programs not only target refugees but also victims of torture, domestic violence, persecution, and human trafficking among other crimes.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

ACLU works with is affiliate, Immigrant Rights Project to bring strategic impact litigation on matters pertaining to civil rights and immigration. It also provides legal analysis and leadership on issues pertaining to constitutional reform, civil liberties, and civil rights. ACLU also engaged in public education and advocacy in partnership with other like-minded organizations.

The Human Rights Coalition

This is a grassroots organization whose mandate is to promote human and civil rights while fighting discrimination, human rights abuses, and militarization in the Southern Border region. The Human Rights Coalition benefits both US and non-US citizens.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

This is a fund established by renowned media gurus Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey in support of organizations that stand for human, migrant, and civil rights. The fund similarly targets organizations that advocate for civic response and freedom of speech in Arizona and the entire region bordering Mexico.

Michael and Jim are the founders of Village Voice Media, a conglomerate that encompasses a number of notable news outlets. They started the fund after realizing that the basic human rights of immigrants in Arizona were grossly being violated.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund mainly targets civil, human, and immigrant rights organizations operating in Arizona. Its establishment was as a result of a settlement bestowed upon the Larkin and Lacey after they were wrongfully arrested on trumped-up charges. It is alleged that they published a defamatory article in one of their papers.

After suing the state, they were awarded $3.5 million, which they used to establish the fund. American Immigration Council, Fundación México, Arizona Justice Project, The Young Center, and Cultural Coalition – Day of the Dead Phoenix are some of the fund’s beneficiaries.

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