Academy of Art and University Supporting Artist Since 1929.

The Academy of Art in San Fransisco California offers a variety of degree programs. They offer degrees at every level. Some of the degrees they offer include advertising, fashion, game design, art education, and photography. They offer classes on campus and online, but they encourage students to come to their campus

Living on campus offers the benefit of going to events such as open houses, art shows, and hospitality programs. Athletic programs including track and field and NCAA are available. There are several clubs that students can join. The clubs give students the opportunity to come together with like-minded people to collaborate and have fun. There is a shuttle available for transportation around the urban campus.

The school also has four art galleries around the San Fransisco area that displays the artwork of their students, teachers, and alumni. All money collected through the gallery goes back to the school for their scholarship fund. The school also houses an auto museum. This museum is the perfect place for industrial design students to get inspiration. The Auto Museum is open to all. The proceeds from the museum go to local rotary and boys and girls clubs.

The Academy of Art started in 1929 by Richard S Stephenson. He was a magazine editor and painter. He wanted a place where professionals artist could inspire and instruct others in their field. Since its beginnings, The art institute has grown to include 283 full-time teachers and around 12,000 students. It claims it is the largest privately owned art school in the United States.

Both The Western Association of School and Colleges and the National Association for Schools of Art give their accreditation to the Academy of Art. Some of the graduates from the Academy of Art has gone on to get jobs at Apple, Zynga, and Pixar.

Students interested in applying for the Academy of Art should get an application at their website. Students must have completed high school, have a GED, or completed at least six college credit hours. There is financial aid available for those who need it including veterans benefits, FAFSA, and work-study programs.

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