The Trippy Story That Is “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

There are some times when you just have to scratch your head, but you sill want to buy the book, and wonder “what just happened?” Times when your world is spun around on its axis and you’re trying to search for meaning where there likely may not even be any. You sit and ponder your life a bit and then, shaking your head, smile when you realize that you may not have all of the answers that you thought you did.

Expect this to happen when you read “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. The debut novel of Sean Penn is trippy in an almost existential way. The story first came to light in 2016 when Penn created an audiobook. He narrated it but insisted that he hadn’t written it and that, instead, it was written by Pappy Pariah, a man he’s just happened to meet and befriend in Florida. Now that the novel has been released, of course, we know the truth of the matter.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” follows Bob, a man from California who is a 56 year old entrepreneur. Or is he a contract killer? Or, wait, a delusional homebody? It’s a bit confusing, to be honest, but that was exactly the direction that Penn seemed to be trying to take this novel. Readers follow along as Bob has different experiences, including dealing with his ex-wife, longing for a woman named Annie (does Annie even exist?), and talking about killing senior citizens. All in all “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a trip of a book that has you shaking your head and wondering what, exactly, happened in the hours it took to read it. If you like authors such as Hunter S. Thompson, however, you’ll definitely find “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” an intriguing and enjoyable read. We’re hoping for the movie to be made, and, of course, Bob just has to be played by Penn!

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The Importance of Intellectual Property Law

As the field of intellectual property law has grown, so has it’s importance in the sphere of influence. From the impact of the internet to advance in science and technology, protection of intellectual property is essential to securing created works. AS the internet has made is easier to view and share information, it has also made it easier to do so illegally. Never before has the amount of accessible information changed hands; terabytes of data from textbooks to feature films may be shared in an instant, and all without the proper protection or credit. Buy the book on Amazon if this begins to interest you.

This not only puts the work into hand illegally but places pressure on the industries that relied on IP – forcing now margins as work that was once paid for becomes exploited. There has been increasing attention from economic circles about the trillions of dollars changing hands using electronic commerce transactions – most based in some way upon intellectual property. This is because intellectual property is used in online transactions to store and transfer data. There in power on a local, national, and international level of intellectual property – it is protection of work that is not just automatic but sustained in the modern world. As Nations become more aware of the importance of intellectual property not just as a private good but also as vital to the growth on online enterprise, intellectual property will become better protected. This is notable in the examination of intellectual property in the work of Kamil Idris. Mr Kamil Idris served on World Intellectual Property Organization (15 specialized agencies of the United Nations), and coupled with his book Intellectual Property – A Power Tool For Economic Growth, showcases his strong commitment to intellectual property law on an international scale. Due to this intellectual property is enjoying protections in the 21st century that have been absent in the past. As Nations work harder to protect intellectual property they will improve economic growth, improve policy, and foster platforms of creative development and social media.

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