The Exceptional Cosmetic Procedures Offered By Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich has received recognition as the best cosmetic surgeon in Dallas. One of his most popular services is called Rhinoplasty. This procedure is more commonly known as a nose job. This surgical procedure can change the appearance shape and function of the nose. Dr. Rod Rohrich has established an international reputation as a specialist in rhinoplasty. He has written textbooks and numerous medical articles regarding this procedure. He also chairs one of the most significant rhinoplasty conferences called the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium.

Another popular procedure performed by Dr. Rod Rohrich is a modern face lift. This is a personalized lift and fill procedure to correct the signs of aging. The deeper facial layers are lifted and the central cheek area is filled. This area is commonly deflated due to age. The modern face life can be effectively used along with other techniques to achieve a complete rejuvenation of the face. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s contributions, advances and teaching regarding his techniques for face lifts have received international recognition.

The shape, symmetry and size of the breasts can be augmented by Dr. Rod Rohrich to balance the proportions of the body. Dr. Rod Rohrich offers his patients the widest possible selection of implant materials and shapes, locations for the incision and options for implant placement. There is an option for the unique situation of each patient. This includes breast implants of saline and silicone as well as subglandular or subpectoral placement. These options help minimize the size of the incision. Dr. Rod Rohrich additionally helps women who have had mastectomy’s obtain breast reconstruction through his founding organization the AiRS Foundation.

When a revision is required for a rhinoplasty it is referred to as a secondary rhinoplasty. This is necessary for individuals who have received poor results. The delicacy of the nasal structures make this one of the most challenging and difficult procedures a plastic surgeon performs. This procedure is classified as a separate surgery from the original rhinoplasty. Dr. Rod Rohrich documents a lot of his academic work, international presentations, lectures and journal papers to ensure the rhinoplasty revision is performed in the proper manner to ensure the best possible results.