Lime Crime: How to Brighten Your Days with Creative Morning Habits

Doe Deere is the name behind the widely successful personal care brand, Lime Crime. She recently shared her morning habits that ensure she has successful days. She ensures she gets enough sleep. This is essential for rest and rejuvenation. It refreshes your systems and gives you clear skin. She has an established wake-up time. She likes breakfast and scheduling the day’s activities early in the morning.



First, she hydrates with a glass of water. Then she does some stretching workouts. After, she enjoys a healthy breakfast. Doe Deere then organizes her day through the mobile phone calendar. She also uses it to communicate with her office through chat and email. She asserts you should find time for self in the morning away from gadgets. Doing makeup in the morning is a guaranteed confidence booster.



It starts with a good face wash with a delicious flavor such as Glossier. She then goes on to moisturizer and foundation. She then powders her face. Consequently, she puts on her signature lipstick. She likes bold and vibrant colors that add life to her face. The hair comes last. She curls her hair into stunning shiny waves.



She then spends a brief moment with her closest companions, two Persian cats. She takes the better half of the morning to herself and then proceeds to the office for her business and social activities. Doe Deere is passionate about Lime Crime. She is a strong ambassador for her brand. She not only uses products from Lime Crime but also aggressively markets them. Her favorites include Rustic lipstick from the Matte Velvetine line.



One of the hair tricks she uses is to have a late shower the previous evening. This ensures the hair is ready to be styled in the morning. She recommends spending appropriate time on makeup. A quick job may be sufficient when you have to be somewhere quick. Devote more time to it to leave spectacular impressions on the people you interact with during the day. Starting your day on the right note helps you to achieve success.