Why You Should Sneak Into Richard Mishaan’s Breathtaking World

When compiling a list of the most prominent architects and designers in the world, you certainly will have Richard Mishaan’s name top in your list. It is unarguable that Richard has maintained a level ahead of the curve in matters of interior design and architecture. His artworks are known to get many people’s jaw dropping in awe. As such, Mr. Mishaan has managed to grow his name to a global level where he has also made a milestone in inspiring upcoming designers from across the world. Richard is a go-getter who lives to pursue a mission deeply ingrained in his roots. His charming and unique designs will never disappoint; always setting the pace and learn more about Richard.

Understand Richard’s Growth of His Career

Richard was born and bred in Columbia. Even during his early days, Richard Mishaan had a special attachment to architecture and design. He found such endeavors enthralling, and that is why he continued cultivating his inherent desire. It was Richard’s passion that triggered his enrolling at the Columbia University School of Architecture where he pursued his dream course. After that, Mishaan got an opportunity to attend the New York University for a BA. On completing his studies, Richard Mishaan started his career as an apprentice at Philip Johnson’s offices, where he had a golden opportunity to showcase his capabilities. Considering that he has a rich background in the traditional designs, he does his best to create exceptionality by integrating traditional and contemporary designs and his Facebook.

Factors Portraying Richard as an Accomplished Designer

Richard is unarguably a world leader who stands out for his world-class services. He serves his international causes through Richard Mishaan Design, something he has been doing for the last over 25 years. The company has severally featured in AD 100 and Elle Décor A lists. Their taste of residential, hotel and retail projects has continued to get celebrated by their loyal customers and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

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Clay Siegall is the godfather of antibody drug conjugates

Since the inception of chemotherapy in the 1940s, one of the key problems facing the usage of this treatment modality has been the inability of doctors to safely administer large amounts of the drug to the general patient population. This has severely limited the effectiveness of the drug, which otherwise would have virtually limitless potential to eliminate cancer from the human body.

The key limiting factor that has prevented chemotherapy from being the wonder drug that could all but cure cancer has been its horrific side effects. Chemotherapeutic agents have long suffered from one of the narrowest therapeutic windows of any drug. This means that the amount of drug necessary to start seeing clinically significant effects is hardly any less than the amount that causes severe overdose. For this reason, the drug has always been required to be administered by trained medical professionals and the amount given at any one time has been strictly limited.

Among the horrible side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss, constant nausea, lack of energy and, in severe cases, even death. Because of the severity and frequency of these side effects, it has long been the goal of medical researchers to create a means of delivering chemotherapy that would not induce such a heavy toll on the bodies of patients. If such a method could be found, at least in theory, it may become possible to be able to administer sufficient amounts of cytotoxic agent to completely eliminate malignant tissues from the body.

One solution that has been found to this problem has come from Seattle Genetics, the firm founded by star researcher Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall’s main contribution to medicine has been the development of a class of targeted cancer therapy drugs known as antibody drug conjugates. These innovative drugs use synthetic human antibodies as a vehicle to deliver highly lethal cytotoxins directly to the site of malignant tissues, thereby reducing or even eliminating the systemic release of poisons into the bloodstream.

This novel approach has allowed for the dramatic increase in the therapeutic window, by orders of magnitude.


Madison Partners, LCC an investment firm focusing on real estate and Tech ventures has Arthur Becker as the managing member. He was the CEO and chairman at Zinio LCC the world’s biggest digital space which he served from the year 2012 to 2015. Arthur also took a similar role as CEO at NaviSite; an internet technology firm with offices in the UK, US, and India. This position, he took from the year 2002 to 2010. For seven years, Mr. Becker has been a private investor in real estate and technology immediately NaviSite was sold to Time Warner. Out of the sale, Arthur got involved in aapartments constructions in Miami, New York City and Florida. He also has a fascination for Biotech especially in the field of Cancer despite having no training. Arthur’s vision is to make a substantial impact on people’s lives. His schedule is more relaxed and can devote time to complete some projects in New York and preparing to build a luxury residential in Tribeca.

According to Geeks News, through constant networking with other people in the field, his primary expertise is on mobilizing, coordinating and ascribe to rights, design, financing of the actual construction and marketing. He inculcates the habit of thinking critically and the drive for entrepreneurship and is the reason that has made his venture more productive. He recalls his worst job at the Parks Department of a small town at the age of 16 earning $ 1.60 per hour, and he was motivated to work harder. He felt he would have enjoyed a career in investment banking only if he completed his second year of graduate school. Arthur’s advice to everyone is always to be flexible, listen to colleagues and the market. His strategy is to nature talents that share a common vision in the business.

Todd Lubar attended Sidwell Friends School and later Peddie School in New Jersey. He studied speech communication at University of Syracuse. For four years Todd worked in the mortgage industry and now serves as the president of TDL Ventures.

He also worked at Crester Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial group. Until 2007 he was the senior vice president at Charter Funding. He always engages with stakeholders and seeks to learn more about emerging issues in his business taking the initiative to mentoring others. His ventures aided the rapid advancement of acquisition, renovation, selling and making money on 200 plus business deals ranging from single family residence to twenty unit multi-family houses.


The inside of Vijay Esweran and the QI group

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran was born on the 7th October 1960 in Penang. He went to the London school of economics where he graduated with a degree in socio economic in 1984. While in Europe, he got introduced to marketing that prompted his decision to acquire a professional course from CIMA in the UK and later an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

At that time, Vijay was involved in multi-level marketing in the US as a part time venture. He later worked for reputable brands like the IBM in top ranked positions across Europe, USA and Canada before he traced his route back to Malaysia in the early 90s when he turned to entrepreneurship.

In 1998 Vijay Eswaran and a team of like-minded partners founded the QI Group, a multilevel marketing company, with interests in direct selling and training. The company appreciates the whole idea of e-commerce and runs businesses across the telecommunication, wellness, media, travel just to name a few.

They have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand and as well enjoys a presence in more than 20 countries thanks to the subsidiary companies under the brand’s umbrella.

More to business, Vijay is also a highly sought motivational speaker. He lectures across the globe on matters business and spirituality. This has made him speak to students in leading universities, as well as major business and corporate forums like the common wealth business forum at CHOGM.

Vijay Eswaran is also a renowned philanthropist with a soft heart for children, youth, and special groups. This made him launch the RYTHM Foundation a corporate social arm of the QI group that engages in several philanthropic activities around the universe. In honor of his late father, Vijay has also established Vijayaratnam foundation in his home country Malaysia.

The movement works with local charitable organizations and NGOs on several projects to mentor youths, women empowerment, and assists in educating the special groups.

Through his philanthropic activities, Vijay has received recognitions globally. Key among them is one from tank Asian that awarded him with a lifetime achievement accolade during the third world Chinese economic forum. GOPIO also conferred him with the international leader award in global businesses.

Vijay is among the best-selling authors with his book `in the sphere of silence` getting a big audience in most parts of the world. You can as well get his contributions in some newspaper columns both in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

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