How EOS Transformed The Lip Balm Market

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm comes in fun, colorful spheres and are made of all-natural ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. They are different from many other lip balms because these lip soothers are paraben and petroleum free. Users find the experience of using EOS pleasant due to the amazing scents and tastes of the spheres and its healing properties. The formula is hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists.

EOS ( has been successful due to the ability of co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathon Teller, and Craig Dubitsky to find a market that was in need of a makeover. They discovered that the lip balm market was very outdated with boring, unisex, medicinal sticks. After conducting research, the creative team found that the primary users of lip balm were women. As a result of their findings, they decided to come up with a new product that would be marketed towards women and attempted to give them a pleasant experience.

The creators of EOS lip balm made an investment on equipment to come up with a streamlined production facility that was almost entirely automated. Using their resources this way allowed the team to keep up with product demands of every new account that they opened. At first EOS developers had trouble finding a store that would agree to open an account with them because many male buyers did not understand the product. However, when they finally spoke to a female buyer at Walgreens, she loved the spheres and agreed to open an account with them. Soon, Amazon Walmart, Target and many other stores began to sell the product on their beauty aisle shelves.

The lip balm has been seen in music videos for Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. In addition, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift have been EOS sponsors. Their Facebook and Instagram selfies are also a big part of the EOS marketing. The marketing was planned as a way to target young women.

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Information About Makari, A Leader In Natural Skin Whitening Cream Products

What Is Makari?

Makari also known as Makari De Suisse is a beauty care company that was created in 2000. It caters to men and women of color. The company was formed to serve the niche market of colored men and women who have been routinely ignored by major cosmetic and beauty companies.

The word Makari means beautiful in the African Swahili language. Makari’s aim is to help ethnic men and women of color achieve a beautiful appearance through natural skin whitening creams, hair care products and lotions. The Makari company does not use hydroquinone. This ingredient has been found to lead to numerous negative health side effects. Hydroquinone is often used in skin care products for people with dark skin. Instead Makari uses natural and safe alternatives for bleaching and moisturinzing such as carrot oil and argan oil.

Makari De Suisse manufactures its products in the nation of Switzerland. This country is known for its strict health and safety standards for food and health products. The Makari brand is considered to be a luxury brand. Its skincare and hair care products are contained inside unique bottles.

Makari Products can be shipped to consumers all over the world if purchased online. You can also find Makari products now in some local beauty stores. Specialty stores that cater to men and woman of color can also carry some of Makari’s products. You can contact the Makari company if you wish to become a distributor of the company’s products.

Products That The Makari Company Sells And Makes

The Makari beauty company now sells over 60 different products. Here is just a short sample of some of their best selling products right now.

The clarifying whitening exfoliating antiseptic soap is an excellent all around facial cleaner. It is designed to to exfoliate, brighten and gently clean the skin without drying it out. Ingredients include apricot fruit extract and mulberry extract.

Another popular product is the extreme carrot and argan oil glycerin. This cream helps to naturally reduce the production of melanin which creates dark pigments in the skin.

These are A Few of My Favorite Things: Lip Balm Eddition

As an avid make-up”a-holic” one of my favorite products to purchase whenever I shop at Walmart are lip products. Lip products come in a wide range of different types. There are lipsticks, lip balms, lip stains and even things to enhance and plump your lips for a sultry, sexy appearance.
My collection spans from the deepest dark color of lip stain, all the way to the shimmery sheer lip balm collection I have; which is my go-to item on any occasion. It is just the perfect top coat for any shade you may use.

Lip balm is something you can wear at any time, with little or full make-up. It can enhance the lips just enough to be noticed, but also provide moisture enriching products. The best lip balm I have found would definitely have to be my EOS lip balm. With “Evolution of Smooth” lip balm you can assure you lip stay soft and moisturized and avoid the cracking that some people may experience in the winter.

And this isn’t just your normal lip balm. With “EOS” you are offered a wide variety of lip balms, in hopes of meeting everyone’s needs. My absolute favorite lip balm collection from them would have to be their “Organic Smooth Spears”. They offer so many different “flavor” options and all of them are just as wonderful as the one before. My personal favorite is the Strawberry Sorbet, which is often seen on Walmart. It’s like tasting an ice cream shop on your lips!

I’m betting you become a lip balm “a-holic” with just one use! Visit their website: Follow EOS on Twitter.