Education Becomes The Career Of Betsy DeVos

As a parent and educator, I have always been looking to remain up to date on the latest developments in the public school system that could have an impact on my career and family. I have grown to admire the work of education reformer Betsy DeVos over recent years as she has shown a great commitment to the reforms being undertaken within the U.S. public school system in her home state of Michigan and across the entire U.S; after looking at the career and life of Betsy DeVos, I believe the commitment shown by Secretary DeVos to her almost three-decade long fight to reform the U.S. education system is one we should all admire as the one size fits all option of education is no longer the best option open to U.S.-based school districts.

I agree with Betsy DeVos in her opinion that technology is making major changes to the way students across the world are being educated, particularly in areas where high-speed Internet access is available and offers different courses and teaching opportunities for every student to enjoy. Reading the biography of Secretary DeVos published on the U.S. Education Department Website highlights the long career the Calvin College graduate has enjoyed as a student advocate and education reformer. As an educator I am interested in developing the options open to my students for learning as much as possible in the best ways available; remaining stranded in the current school system that has been operating for over half a century seems to me to be a way of letting down the majority of students in my care. One area I believe needs to be explored and has been influenced by Betsy DeVos is the development of the charter schools system the majority of politicians and educational experts are being turned on to the idea of.

There have been few areas of interest exciting me as much as the development of charter schools that have created a new way of educating individuals, as shown in the Detroit, Michigan chart schools program established in collaboration with Mrs. DeVos. Not only has Betsy DeVos looked to create a new way of furthering her ambitions as an education reformer with the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy under the leadership of her own investment company, The windquest Group, but she has made a major impact on the lives of children across the U.S. with her backing of new educational programs in various states. In my own view, I believe the U.S. Education Department has gained a popular and committed member to its team in the shape of Betsy DeVos as she has shown her abilities to put aside party politics and work with state level leaders across the nation to reform the education system in the U.S. for the better.

Amazing Musical Learning

Music is enjoyable to listen to in the car or to relax at the end of a long day, but that is not all that it is good for. As a matter of fact, music is a great teacher for a lot of people. There are certainly some children who as musically inclined, and they have a way of learning better when something is put to music. What this means is that schools should adapt to that and bring more music into the classrooms.


Unfortunately, the budgets for music programs for a lot of public schools are currently being cut in favor of other things. That is not the case at Success Academy though. What Success Academy knows is that if children can use music in their education, then they are more likely to retain some of that information.


Joel Klein is a pianist, singer, and now a music instructor at Success Academy. He possesses a Master’s Degree in Music Education and puts it to good use teaching the children of Success Academy about the joys of music.


Naturally, music class is a favorite among the students. They like that they are able to learn something that appeals more directly to them. That is a lot more fun to them than some other subjects may be. At the same time, a little bit of music in the day helps them focus in more on the subjects that they might not want to deal with quite as much.


The music classes are creative and encourage the students to collaborate with one another to come up with new pieces. It is not so focus-driven as to not allow for fun. Rather, the music classes are all about exploring the possibilities of music in all of its beautiful forms. That is just how Joel Klein and Success Academy believe it should be done.