Is Milan Kordestani Taking Over The Poultry Game?

In case you haven’t heard of Milan Kordestani, you should know that he posses a drive that not many are born with and even few ever get the chance to cultivate in a lifetime. At the tender age of ten, this boy fell off of a runaway horse. Instead of balling up and crying, this brave and driven child decided to not only get back on the horse, but ride it back to camp. It was since then that witnesses of this even saw his potential. Not only as a horse rider, but as a successful human being with the mindset of a winner. A winner in any field that he chose to participate in.

Even though Milan Kordestani posses the traits that can propel him to unknown heights, he chooses to remain humble and provide a valuable service to his fellow brothers and sisters of humanity. If you take a look at the Milan Famrs website, you will see that he and his company are dedicated not only to provided a valuable product, but they are also dedicated to the people themselves. The community. This is a man that has encountered success time and time again throughout his life and is more than willing to give back with gratitude and appreciation.

One of the ways in which he gives back is by providing a healthy and humane alternative to the mainstream avenues of acquiring poultry and poultry products. Not only is he a snappy dresser, but also a successful equestrian. His brief yet dangerous encounter with a possibly aggressive runaway stallion at an early age led him to pursue his passion in horse riding. As an equestrian, he has went on to receive many awards and accolades. However, his skills don’t end there. He is also a successful writer for the Huffington Post and a prime example of this generation’s poise and potential that is currently being fulfilled through acts of selfless service.

It is often said that whatever you do, do not do it for the money. Milan Kordestani is a fantastic, bright and shining example as to what happens if you put your purpose before your wallet. Another well known, yet misunderstood example of this is Donald J. Trump.