Thor Halvorssen Fights for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a profound filmmaker and a human rights promoter. The New York Times has described him as a champion of the powerless. He is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorssen is a descendant of a long line of successful aristocrats and politicians. His family is well known with a history of doing what is right for the people around the globe. Halvorssen grounds in activism is parallel to that of his Norwegian grandfather who was part of a fist fight with Nazi officials during World War II after being personally ordered by the Norwegian fleet to flee the country for the disinterest of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen fought for the majority of the 21st century to contribute to the freedom of those who are trapped in the closed societies. He has entered the world of politics as his ancestors did. He, however, has little interests in politics after the human rights expert witnessed his father being imprisoned and tortured after his uncovering of the wide spread corruption in the Venezuelan law enforcement. In addition to the problems faced by his father, his mother was shot and injured by the government officials at a rally against President Chavez.

As per the Crunchbase, Thor has received first class education from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, which led him to a career as a human rights activist and a film producer. He has been participating in many campaigns and demonstrations against the human rights abuses that began in 1999 when he led an activity against the Lucent Technologies shareholders, which was accused of using slave labor to create its products in China. Thor Halvorssen has been in talks with some of the most respected democratic groups around the globe for more.