Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn

Sean Penn is an actor, who won two academy awards for his movie roles. Recently he has written a novel named “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. The novel is about the role of leading actor in movies named Bob Honey, who is a political activist. He is so passionate and determined for a change that campaigns are not enough for him, and he gets so angry in pursuing those changes that he becomes violent. Penn himself is a political activist so, through his character in the novel, he conveys his ideas for political beliefs.

Penn has also spoken directly about his disagreement with Trump administration policies. Penn criticizes the political movement, such as “MeToo” movement in a unique way. In his novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, he is referring to the president as “Mr. Landlord”, hinting him as a billionaire and hotel investor.

There are also total of six pages dedicated towards “MeToo” movement. Due to this his novel has received a lot of criticism from media. Not only they were not expecting Penn to write a novel but, also they were not expecting him to discuss issues about women. He thinks that “MeToo” movement should work on empowerment of women, rather than to think of them as being immature. He thinks that it should educate women on how to reduce rape, child suffering and slut-shaming.

He describes “MeToo” movement in his novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” that, it does not incorporate public interest and it cannot start an important conversation as it claims to do so. All these important conversations are necessary to enhance women rights in workplaces so that it defend them from sexual harassment. Penn also says that “MeToo” movement and Trump administration emphasizes on individualism rather than support to stand united. He also states that everyone is being told of what to say and to talk about instead of telling their own thoughts.

He later said that he is going to focus on his writing career more because he does not feel any interest in acting right now. The critics were not expecting him to turn his attention towards writing, since he is a well known actor and director in Hollywood. Despite all the criticism he has received from mainstream critics, he also has received acknowledgement from other writers.