Jim Toner, MD, PhD The Man Behind the Doctor

Jim Toner, MD, PhD is a compassionate human being who has continued to help people with fertility concerns. He has dedicated his career to doing research and has been successful throughout his career in helping two people create life. Jim Toner, MD, PhD is a St. Joseph’s College graduate with a B.S. in psychology. He then enrolled in the Medical Scientist Training program at the University of Pennsylvania and received his M. D. and Ph. D. degrees in 1985. Jim Toner, MD, PhD pursued his Residency and Fellowship training at the Jones Institute. While at the Jones Institute, Jim Toner, MD, PhD received both the Resident of the Year Award in 1989 for teaching. He joined the Alpha Omega Alpha, the premier medical honor society. Jim Toner, MD, PhD was welcomed to join the teacher faculty at the Jones Institute, where he became Associate Professor during his 15 years.

Jim Toner, MD, PhD has an extensive and reputable career. He is most known for the evaluation of ovarian reserve and the impingement on fertility. Jim Toner, MD, PhD has countless awards for his benefaction. He continues to do research and helps his patients every day. He is currently practicing in the Atlanta area. Atlanta Center Reproductive Medicine is the name of the medical center also known as ACRM. Jim Toner, MD, PhD has a high success rate. Jim Toner, MD, PhD patients really build a bond with him.

The patients review express so much gratitude and gratefulness to Jim Toner, MD, PhD for assisting them in discovering different alternatives they could try to conceive a child. One trend with all the reviews is how great the experience was but how they felt comfortable and was treated with such priority and kindness. Patients express how the MD was easy to get a hold of and if they had a concern he would sit down to speak with them. Jim Toner, MD, PhD has set the tone and manner in helping people wanting to expand their families.

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Heal N Soothe Supplements

Heal and Soothe supplements were currated by Livingwell Nutraceuticals, a wellness company, to minimize joint pains and inflammation. It uses systemic enzyme therapy partnered with the power of 12 all-natural pain fighters in order to relieve joint pain, inflammation, and swelling.

The ingredients in Heal N Soothe include Proteolytic Enzymes, Bromelian, Tumeric, Papain, Vitamin E, Ginger Extract, Mojove Yucca Root, and Citrus Bioflavonoids. Proteolytic emzumes are important in dissolving scar tissue and cleansing the blood. It also helps to reduce inflammation, which helps the joints. It boosts the immune system and improves cardiovascular health, as well. Bromelian is a natural compound from pineapple and is used to reduce pain. After extensive scientific study, Bromelaian was found to reduce inflammation and swelling as well. Turmeric Extract is unique in its ability to work as an antioxidant. After numerous studies, it was found to be safer to use than over the counter drugs like Aspirin. Papain is another ingredient in Heal N Soothe that uses proteolytic enzymes to boost the body’s immune system. All ingredients were specially chosen for the perfect combination in fighting pain and to maximize the effect of Heal N Soothe. These ingredients together help reduce inflammation and pain while maximizing health. They all work through the body to cleanse the body by detoxifying the blood, dissolve scar tissue and heal damaged tissues, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and fight off infections, improve cardiovascular health, short-circuit multiple pain pathways in the body, reduce swelling, fight pain, and maximize overall health.

If you’re interested in Heal N Soothe, it can be purchased from the company website at healnsoothe.com. Sign up for the monthly subscription and get your first 30 days free or buy a single bottle for as little as $59. It is a limited time offer, so act now. The benefits are extensive and reviews are positive. Act fast to see results. The best part is if after two weeks, you aren’t satisfied with the results, then you can return it for your money back. This wonderful product was designed with your comfort in mind.

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Inside the Mind of Dr.David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a Urologist at the head of his field, always searching for the newest frontiers in medicine. He began his search at the early age of 15 in Iran. With the Iranian Revolution of 1979, he had to leave his home country for Belgium and London, where he continued Dr. David Samadi’s education. He completed high school in the United States, however, and attended Stony Brook University to attain a degree in Biochemistry — without paying a single cent of tuition thanks to a full scholarship. Dr.David Samadi would stay at Stony Brook University to acquire his M.D. then go to MonteFiore Medical School for postgraduate training. The urologist went on to refine his talents at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. David Samadi’s biggest accomplishments are in the realm of telesurgery. He created the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, abbreviated as SMART, which is a precise method of robotic surgery used to cure people who have prostate cancer. His method has a success rate of 90% if the cancer is detected early. And unlike other forms of prostate surgery, which require large incisions that can potentially damage the prostate nerves that control sexual function as well as bladder control, Dr.David Samadi’s technique barely leaves a trace. It’s because of this that the prestigious Urologist believes robotics are the future of the medical field. He talks about this and more in an interview at Lenox Hill Hospital.

The interview begins with a casual tone as Dr.David Samadi talks about his origins. He says he always wanted to be a doctor growing up in order to help others, but wasn’t really invested in the idea until robotic surgery was invented. Robotic surgery appears to have propelled his career later on in life as well. Dr.Samadi says that training with French Urologists using laparoscopic technology helped him make important career advances when he returned to America. He also talks about some of his daily habits in the interview. Waking up early, being compassionate to his peers, and maintaining a positive outlook are some of the habits he maintains throughout his day-to-day life. They’re all traits that appear to have brought Dr.David Samadi to where he is today, as a Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital.

For details: health.usnews.com/doctors/david-samadi-3908

Dr. David Samadi, a Medical and Urology Expert

Dr. David Samadi is a thriving medical expert; he developed a strong desire for the medical field when he was a young boy. He has gone through a long path to be where he is as a world renowned medical expert. His journey and professional manners are summarized in an interview which is highlighted below.

When asked why he decided to do business in medicine, Dr. Samadi said that his greatest desire was to help people. He said that he makes money by treating people and ensuring that they are cancer free by using a less expensive robotic method. The use of the laparoscopic approach to treat prostate cancer gave Dr. Samadi an upper hand in treating cancer. He was the first to introduce laparoscopic prostate cancer treatment method to the United States.

Starting off was not easy, Dr. Samadi worked in a medical facility that he thought was taking too long to finish the required procedures. When he introduced his SMART surgical method, he got an impressive response because many men considered it safe compared to the standard method that exposed patients to side effects like incontinence and impotence.

Dr. Samadi’s primary focus is urology, he believes in giving his clients the best services so that they may refer others who are suffering. Even though the majors in urology he is also working on other alternative medicines in the healthcare industry. According to Dr. David Samadi success is all about making good people be around you, treat your employees as members of your family. He says that SMART technology is his most significant achievement and he credits it to his team.

Dr. Samadi sees his business stand the taste of time. He says that advancing with technology is imperative to keeping any business alive for many years. He is also planning to start offering services that deal with men’s general health.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. Samadi is the current Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He graduated from Roslyn High School in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in Science and then joined Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where he obtained master’s degree in URO-Oncology in 2002.

Dr. David Samadi has held prestigious positions in his career. He is currently working at Hofstra North Shore –LIJ School of Medicine as a professor of Urology. He contributes to Fox News health segment and again hosts a radio show focusing on health matters. Dr. Samadi’s journey to greatness started when he fled from Iran when a teenager during the Iranian revolution, he has achieved academic excellence that has enabled him to be a medical expert.

Dr. David Samadi info: www.huffingtonpost.com/author/dr-david-samadi

Neurocore Provides One of the Most Effective Treatments for Depression

Depression has become one of the most debilitating issues in the nation. While it is only recent that many people seem to be suffering from this disorder, it does raise so many questions why it is apparent that so many more people have fallen into this disorder. There are a few factors to look at. One main factor is the possibility that depression has not been so recognized until recently. With all of the recent attention being paid to the disorder, there have been a lot of efforts put forth to bring forth some effective treatments. Many of them do not work for more than a handful of depression sufferers. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

Fortunately, there is a new wave of treatments that are turning out to be a little more effective than the last wave. These forms of treatments are being brought forth with the recognition that everyone is different and that each case of depression needs to be seen as its own individual case. This makes it easier for people to find out what the root cause of depression is. One of the treatments takes care of the issue by putting a scan on the brain activity in order to pinpoint where the thought processes are going wrong. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

One of the examples of such treatment is Neurocore. This type of treatment makes sure that the patient not only gets a scan of brain activity, but also gets the type of correction that is needed to his brain so that he will be able to have better brain function. This is done by having the person watch a video which will play as long as his brain operates in a proper manner. Once the brain steps outside of the zone, then the video will stop until it gets back so that the training is effective.

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Dr. Walden: In Pursuit of Greatness

Being able to alter a person’s image has improved greatly throughout the years. Plastic surgery just so happens to be one of the best routes to take when partaking in this action. There are numerous ways to go about doing this whether it’s for a face-lift, a tummy tuck or cheek implants. One of the leading plastic surgeons in the country is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has a successful resume that’s very extensive, and she has a long list of satisfied clients to back up all claims. In 2014, she was listed as one of the “24 Best Beauty Surgeons” by Harper’s Bazaar. Walden has also been a commentator for plastic surgery television shows on networks such as VH1, Dr.90210, E!, Fox News and ABC News.

She attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she was the salutatorian of her class. After college, Walden left her hometown of Austin, Texas, and moved to New York City. She completed her aesthetic surgery fellowship here at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. New York was home for a while, but she would end up moving back to Austin in 2011. Her practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, provides high quality services such as Botox, breast augmentation, liposuction, body contouring, Otoplasty, chin implants, injection wrinkle reduction, forehead lift, collagen injection and many more.

This loving mother of twin boys has made a name for herself thanks to her professionalism. Her medical practice develops and uses some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. In 2015, she would be recognized by American Way as one of “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America.” Being able to visualize what a patient will look like after surgery is an advantage as she progressively uses the innovative Vectra 3-D Imaging Technology. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what this woman has done, but who knows what big surprises are in store for Dr. Jennifer Walden in the future.

Get Ready For Your Lifeline Screening Appointment

It is sad that many people don’t go to the doctor very often as they feel that if they are having no symptoms it is not necessary for them to go have a check up. If they are feeling good why pay the money as they must be OK.

That is a very unstable and flawed outlook on their state of health because most of the more serious health conditions show little to no symptoms while they are just taking hold. It is a scientific fact that if a condition or disease can be found, diagnosed and dealt with in the early stages, then there is a much better chance of curing it.

That is the philosophy of Lifeline Screening as they offer high-level medical screenings and tests that are designed to catch these “unknown” conditions before they become a problem. The tests are the very same procedures that are given in hospitals or medical testing centers, and they are available at a much lower cost.

It is easy to schedule an appointment with Lifeline Screening in a day or two which is so much better than having to go see your personal doctor, and then be referred to a testing facility. That process can take weeks and you can get your screenings done in a day or so.

When you set your appointment, the receptionist will give you some instructions so that you can make most out of your tests. For example if you have a blood test, you will be advised to fast for 6 to 12 hours prior to your testing time.

Wear clothing that is comfortable and loose fitting. Women should wear slacks and a loose fitting blouse or top. Men should wear trousers and a sports shirt. Certain tests will require you to lift your top up so the test can be done. Ultrasound screening and the electrocardiograph will require this.

The testing and screening procedures usually don’t take longer than an hour or two, depending on the extent of screening you wish to have done. Once you are finished, you will receive a summary report that can be taken to your doctor.

Learn More: www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Life-Line-Screening-Reviews-E647033.htm




USHEALTH Group Inc is a major US based insurance holding organization. Its subsidiaries include National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company offers innovative health covers and additional products for both business owners and the self-employed. The company headquarters is at Fort Worth Texas.


The company aspires to offer affordable, secure and flexible plans for its customers. The company has had unprecedented growth and success in the last few years in a highly competitive market of health insurance. This has mainly been due to its marketing strategy that has seen the company make profits from the sale of its insurance products. The company sells its products through agents.


The company’s success has further been recognized around the globe as it was crowned as one of the winners of One Planets Award in the Financial, accounting, banking and insurance category. This global award seeks to honor companies that have professionally excelled in their line of business globally.


Additionally, in 2016 the company won the company of the year award in the insurance category at the Stevies awards. The company was formerly known as Assent Assurance before changing its name in 2005.


USHEALTH Group insurance


The company insurance products include fixed indemnity insurance, individual health insurance, insurance providing coverage in times of critical illness, dental insurance and a life term policy which is renewable and convertible covering accident, life and specific illnesses. The company’s plans are affordable, competitive and dependable. Its strategy in developing long term customer relationship with its clients has seen the sales of its insurance products increase. The biggest increase was recorded in 2015.


The use of agents who can provide the insurance products in new geographies has grown the insurance brand recognition in the market. The USHEALTH insurance sales are conducted by friendly USHEALTH advisors agents who can comprehensively advise and offer excellent advice on the company’s insurance products. The licensed advisors are contacted every day by families, individuals and business owners who are in need of advice or insurance products.


The use of the consultants has helped insurance customers cultivate a long term relationship with the company.In conclusion, if you are by any chance looking for a company that offers innovative and reliable health coverage at an affordable price then, USHEALTH Group is the company to look out for.

All You Need to Know About Dr. Scott M. Rocklage

Based in the MA office in Boston, Scott Rocklage has served as a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures since 2004. Due to his vast experience in the healthcare department and great leadership roles, he led to the approval of New Drug applications in the USA. These are Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin. He has also entered some drug contestants into trials in various clinics. He has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Nycomed Salutar, CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and also served in various positions at Salutar & Catalytica. His activities in Linkedin professional network.

Previously, he was the Chairman of two boards, namely Relypsa and Novira. Later, he served in the same position in other boards including Kinestral, Rennovia, Espirus, Cidara, and Pulmatrix. He has been the Executive Chairman of Miikana, Ilypsa, and also Semprus. He studied at the University of California where he acquired a B.S. in Chemistry. He later enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He has invented or co-invented more than 30 U.S.A patents and over 100 publications.

During an interview with ideasmensch, he stated that he does not have a typical day as different days demand different activities. He could be attending board meetings on some days, while on others, he could be working with his management team, or studying new parts of science among other activities. He then claimed that he brings his ideas to reality by working with different entrepreneurs, could be physicians, scientists, or even executives in the business sector. This is because their collaboration allows them to shape the stated ideas so as to come up with cures for medical needs that have not yet been met.

Dr. Scott Rocklage mentioned that the growth in targeting various genotypes or mutations so as to treat cancer excites him. This is because they have been able to extend patients’ lives and to save others. They are also proceeding to discover other ways to improve on their strategies so as to achieve their goal in this sector. So as to be more productive, Dr. Rocklage says that he is well organized regarding calendaring, time management, and also prioritization.


Dherbs.com Cleanse Puts The D in Delicious


We all want to be healthy. And every new year we make promises and start diets that never end up taking us where we want to go. Not to mention all those gym subscriptions that end up being nothing more than a waste of money. For those of us who are looking for internal health we look to cleanses and flushes. But there are so many cleanses nowadays it’s enough to make your head spin. Trying to find the right cleanse is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.


That’s why I was so elated to find Dherbs.com. Dherbs offer a full body cleanse that tackles all the different toxins that ail us in a modern day lives. Dherbs full body cleanse is a natural cleansing system that focuses on raw foods, such as fruits and vegetables, without the tasteless austerity of most raw foods diets.


Most raw foods diets focus on what you can’t eat but Dherbs.com showed me a different way of looking at it. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do dherbs offers you a variety of diets and flavoring options that lets you create delicious meals that allow you to eat raw and healthy, without giving up on taste. Who would have thought eating Kale would be as delicious as an ice cream smoothie but Dherbs.com has recipes that offer just that.


Whatever type of food you’re into dherbs offers you a raw food alternative that will stimulate your taste buds and leave you begging for more.

Sheryl Underwood’s Story

There are many people who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle but they need help to do so. Losing weight is not the ultimate goal for some. However, staying healthy and feeling healthy is important. Sheryl Underwood started on her weight loss journey and thanks to the Dherbs body cleanse, she managed to shed off some of it.



The trick, according to the celebrity, is following the diet and supplementing it with exercise. She discovered Dherbs.com when she was looking for easy and healthy ways to lose weight and it worked.



Why You Should Get On The Cleansing Program



There are people who have a problem sticking to a routine. The full body cleanse ensures that you do not feel the pinch. With creative yet healthy recipes of raw foods, you can still have fun while you do your detox.  There are tons of options available from Dherbs.com and Amazon like the Yoni cleanse.  Or you can research for yourself from those who have tried the cleanse, like the Rickey Smiley Morning Show: