Jason Hope: A miracle worker to the aging process

Everyone wants to stay young. It looks cool, everyone wants to be attractive, and it makes you look great. Nobody wants to have facial features that stand out and make you look old. But one person has a different approach to that.

Jason Hope.

Born in Tempe, Arizona, Hope is a philanthropist and entrepreneur and is a pioneering voice in biotechnology.

After he graduated from high school, he took financial classes at a university. Hope got his degree in business administration, and later founded multiple tech –related startups and became a figurehead throughout the industry. He currently lives in Scottsdale and gives consulting services to many businesses. He also is looking to help people live longer stunting the aging process. And you know the best part? He’s providing donations from his own funds to help change healthcare organizations treat the aging process on people all around the world.

Hope has donated $500,000 to an organization called the SNES foundation, an organization founded in 2010 that use biotechnology to find ways to treat diseases and human life, for many years. That’s where he first began his work.

The SNES foundation uses science to study living organisms to make products to improve life, along with a variety of other topics. After Hope donated half a million dollars in his own money, Hope spread the word about the organization and its amazing work.

Hope predicts that SNES would help bring amazing changes to us medically. That included. Hope also talked about his enthusiasm for the SNES foundation. He stated that it just doesn’t focus on diseases and conditions, but also on helping remove the aging process and what it does to the human body.

The SNES Foundation’s chief executive commented on Hope’s donations and said the importance of the donation to help the nonprofit organization to speed up the process to fight illness affecting the elderly he also states a desire to use biotechnology in the future that will give benefits to humans all over the world, all made possible by people like Jason Hope.

Grey mentioned a purpose for Hope’s $500,000 donation, stating that it would help the SNES foundation discover ways to stop different proteins from bonding. He has a desire to accomplish this goal because it will prevent arteries from hardening and give someone high blood pressure, an issue that results in death among a handful of patents.

De Grey, his colleagues, and supporters believe that by learning more about aging, we can get rid of the aging process one and for all. Hope’s donation will help develop AGE-breaker medication, a type of medication that will eliminate glycation end-products, and allow the foundation to make an important laboratory program in the UK.

He spoke about on a website dedicated to philanthropy, saying health care providers only seek to manage heart, lung and Alzheimer’s diseases. only after they have set off a lot of harmful symptoms, and encourages everyone to donate to some organization, no matter what finianchal situation your in. For more info about us click:  here.

Why Jason Hope Remains to be an Instrumental Tech Entrepreneur

For years now, Jason Hope has proved beyond any doubt there is every reason to invest in research and development. The futurist offers young people the opportunity to present business ideas where he then picks and supports the most interesting ideas. One of thing that interests him the most is smart technology as well as Internet of Things (IoT) which has seen him write highly regarded articles about the new advancement in the tech industry. This is mainly due to IoT’s potential in changing way entrepreneurs operate.

The Bachelor of Science, Finance, graduate from Arizona State University started his career by creating a mobile communications company, Jawa, where he now makes money through technology companies such as Interactive Software and Digital Media Solutions. He leverages the power of social media in providing marketing solutions for his work. To stay organized, he uses mobile applications such as ASANA to manage projects, tasks, files as well as stick to deadlines. For more info about us: http://jasonhope.com/technology/ click here.

He likes keeping things basic through effective communication which helps him bring more ideas to life. To be more productive, he envisions long term meaning of ideas and keeps focus on only one project at a go. He encourages the youth to also focus on their primary source of income as this will go a long way in facilitating their stability. Hope further believes in the importance of keeping close contact referral as well as the market to help you navigate in most situations.

Besides his significant strides in entrepreneurship, Hope is a great philanthropist focusing on areas such as scientific research, education and disease cure. In one of the charity missions, he donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation, a non-profit based in California, to supports its course of fighting age-related diseases. Hope describes this moment as the most satisfying in his life. Further, he has worked with other initiatives such as True Colors Fund, The Andre Agassi Foundation as well as The Tony Hawk Foundation.