Christanna Bevin Knows How to Manage People

One of the most important aspects of being a successful project manager is managing people. A tremendous amount of the responsibility that falls on project managers involves the management of people regarding various tasks and aspects related to the assigned project. It is extremely difficult to complete a project successfully without managing the people involved in the project successfully.

If there are issues with the people involved in a project, these issues will eventually cause problems with the project. In essence, projects are about people. Successful project managers are able to manage people in a manner that allows a project to move along in a productive manner. If there are problems concerning a project, the project manager has to be able to manage the people involved in the problem in a manner that will solve the problem.

The ability to manage people concerning a project is not easy. There are usually many people involved in a project. Many of people are in-house people that work for the business, but there are usually a variety of people that work on a project from outside vendors. The combination of in-house people and vendors can make managing difficult. In addition, the variety of people that project managers have to deal with regarding a project can be challenging. From the top of an organization down, project managers have to manage people high in authority along with people without any authority.

Christanna Bevin has demonstrated through the management of numerous projects that she can manage people successfully. With great communication skills and a large supply of people skills, Christanna Bevin is able to convey all informational aspects regarding projects to everyone involved in the projects.

In addition, Christanna Bevin understands project management. She is able to analyze all aspects of a project and determine what needs to be done, how it should be done, and who should do it. Managing people is a core ingredient concerning successful projects, and Christanna Bevin is an excellent manager of people.



Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides And InnovaCare Health’s New Executive Team

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans. The entity is committed to offering high standard of healthcare. These high-level services are enhanced through cost effective and sustainable models, which are fully integrated with the most advanced technologies. InnovaCare Health provides physician practice services. In Puerto Rico, the company runs two Medicare Advantage plans. They are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The membership of the two plans is nearly 200,000 people who are served by over 7,500 providers. At InnovaCare Health, patients are given the top priority.

Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO and president of InnovaCare Inc. In 2012, Shinto was awarded the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award. It seeks to recognize entrepreneurs that demonstrate extraordinary success.

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For over 20 years, Rick Shinto has gained immense experience in managed care by working in clinical and operational healthcare. Prior to his appointment at Aveta Inc, Shinto worked for NAMM California as the chief medical officer. Previously, he joined NAMM from Medical Pathways Management Company where he served as the chief medical officer. In addition, Shinto served as the chief operating officer of the company. Between 1996 and 1997, he rendered his services as the president of medical management for MedPartners. Rick Shinto has authored a number of articles on clinical medicine. He holds a B.S., which he received from the University of California. Shinto graduated from the University of New York with a medical degree. Additionally, he is an alumnus of the University of Redlands where he earned his M.B.A.

In July 2016, Richard Shinto announced the addition of three leaders to the company’s leadership team. The three new members of InnovaCare Health are Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. Jonathan Meyers serves as the chief actuary officer. He joins the company from Horizon BCBS. Penelope Kokkinides works as InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer. She joins the firm from Centerlight Healthcare. Mike Sortino serves the company as the chief accounting officer. Previously, he worked for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

Penelope Kokkinides rejoined InnovaCare in 2015. Previously, Kokkinides was the chief operating officer of the firm. She also worked for Aveta Inc as the chief operating officer and the clinical operation’s vice president. Penelope has over 20 years of experience in healthcare. She has specialized on government programs. She has extensive knowledge on managed care industry.

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