Dr. Dov Rand: A Medical Practitioner Resolving Aging and Weight Loss Medical Conditions

Dr. Dov Rand has served in Healthy Aging Medical Centers as the president since 2010. Dr. Dov Rand uses integrative and regenerative approaches to treat patients. These are medical issues related to aging. Dr. Dov Rand creates therapies to prevent diseases and retain the health of the patients. The teammate at Health Aging Medical Centers focuses on exercise, nutrition, and hormonal levels in treating the aging issues. Dr. Dov Rand comes in to explain the findings of the research on how the bioidentical hormone imbalances may affect one’s aging. He begins by saying that every person has good hormones and the bad hormones. He continues to say that the bad hormones in the individual’s bloodstream rise with age as the good hormones decrease. What Dr. Dov Rand does is restoring the balance between the hormones where patients become more energetic, strong, and with stamina. As a result, they cease from suffering from depression. Additionally, the patients receive health benefits. It also leads to lower levels of cholesterol.

Dr. Dov Rand treat a wide range of aging medical conditions in many patients. They include vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, loss of memory, fatigue, high blood pressure, weight gain, hot flashes, menopause signs, low libido, insomnia, night sweats, anxiety, and depression among others. Dr. Dov Rand has worked tirelessly to bring back the good hormones to the same range and this has led to improved health. He administers bioidentical hormones to the patients and he promotes this greatly.

Apart from this, Dr. Dov Rand has a strong belief that HCG diet would help in loss of weight. For those with fats that they would wish to eliminate can adopt this. It is a strategy and measure for individuals with fats that are not responding to the dieting measures and exercise. HCG represents human chorionic gonadotropin hormone that is created when a woman is expectant. It helps the embryo to develop and mature. The benefits of the HCG diet is in lowering the insulin levels, boosting self-confidence in individuals, good metabolism, and improved eating habits. All these accelerate the weight loss for those that would desire to have effective loss of weight.