OSI Food Solutions is Balancing Foreign and Domestic Affairs

As a company located in America, it can be difficult to balance domestic and foreign affairs. This is especially true if you run a company in a hyper-competitive industry. An industry such as meat packaging. One company has been showing the world exactly how to do this and making it look easy. OSI Food Solutions has been making some incredible gains in the European market while still remaining loyal to its home audience.

In the United States, the Ohio based food company OSI Food Solutions has made a major purchase. In Chicago, an area that OSI already dominates, the company just purchased a failing Tyson chicken plant. The plant, which was about to lay off all of its employees, is located in a strategic area of downtown Chicago. OSI purchased the plant from Tyson for a whopping $7.4 million. This makes it one of a few factories that OSI has in Chicago. In line with its constant employee satisfaction goal, the company retained most of the employees from Tyson and retrained them to work within OSIs safety and production standards. They weren’t done there, the company also outfitted the factory to produce more than just chicken, adding beef and pork products to the mix as well.

On the other side of the world, OSI Food Solutions has been even busier. In the Netherlands, OSI scooped up the huge deli meat producer Baho Foods. Baho already owns five subsidiaries and this gives them factories in the Netherlands and Germany as well. Both of these areas are key areas for OSI. Serving the convenience market will help OSI boost sales and generate revenue from nooks and crannies that they weren’t capable of reaching before.

In the UK OSI made another great acquisition. Flagship Europe produces frozen poultry, but they also produce pies, fillings, and sauces. These products were a great way for OSI to fill gaps in their product lines while also remaining loyal to producing massive quantities of meat products. Having ties to the UK also helps solidify already standard relationships between the meatpacking giant and the United Kingdom.

OSI Food Solutions has been doing a great job of managing foreign and domestic affairs. This isn’t always easy. More often than not, managing these kinds of affairs is tough work, but OSI finds a way to make it work. With branches across the world, this meat production giant is now a global force.

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Ingenuity & Excellence in Custom Foods: OSI Group

Since the early 1900s, there has been one company in the foodservice industry that has lived-up to its own hype. This company started from humble beginnings, but as of today, it has grown into an enterprise. OSI Group just so happens to be that company, and it has revolutionized this industry in more ways than one. Some of the biggest names in food service history has worked exclusively with this company. The names included are KFC, Papa Johns Pizza, Pizza Hut, Yum, Burger King and Starbucks. McDonald’s was one of its very first major clients as it produced some of the freshest beef products for this amazing hamburger-chain giant. This relationship has survived cryogenics, which is the storing of meats through liquid-nitrogen freezing. As of today, OSI Group remains as one of four meat suppliers to McDonald’s.

In 2016, OSI Group expanded its empire even further by acquiring Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is one of the largest suppliers of frozen poultry in the U.K. “Thanks to this acquisition, the company will strengthen its position in the foreign market,” said Chief Executive Russell Maddock. Flagship Europe also produces a wide variety of sauces, marinades, dips, sandwich fillings and mayonnaise. The future of OSI Group is growing stronger and stronger by the day. President Sheldon Lavin has done a phenomenal job of running this company at full-throttle. The great leadership from Lavin has certainly paid-off in huge dividends.

OSI Group has the capability to produce various food items such as cooked sausage links, pot roast, soups, chili, beans, panini, chicken fried steak, bacon bits, meatloaf, meatballs, Tofu, hotdogs, beef patties, cookies, cucumbers, onions, fritters, pepperoni, salsa, pulled pork, frozen entrees, lettuce and desserts. The options are nearly endless. All in all, this fabulous food provider is leading by example, and it’s setting new trends in the food service industry.

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OSI Group, a Global Producer, and Supplier of High-Quality Acceptable Food Products

The Leading food supplier, OSI Industries just confirmed its acquisition of Flagship Europe, which is a part of Flagship Food Group, Denver. Flagship Europe is a company that is involved with production and supplies of various food products which include frozen poultry, pies, and sous vide products. Other products directed to the UK food service market are sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise. After acquiring Calder Foods, Flagship Europe expanded its service in the food-to-go area. Russel Maddock, Flagship Europe’s chief executive says that their company is excited about the new venture and partnership with OSI Group adding that it marks as a progressive development for them.

With the increased resources, the company would be strengthened in the marketplace, consequently improving their proposition besides opening fresh opportunities. With this, Flagship Europe will access new clients and global markets thereby improving their services to customers and eventually stabilizing their already successful business. OSI Group’s president David McDonald says that the new acquisition will expound OSI’s presence in Europe. He also adds that the company’s platform and products directly correspond OSI Group’s processing strengths and equally maximizing their capabilities of meeting the evolving demands of their clients.

OSI Group is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing and supplying of quality food products to meet the customers’ needs in the food industry. With this in mind, many prominent food companies in the world seek OSI Group with an assurance of gaining cutting-edge solutions to their complicated food development and manufacturing needs. OSI’s customers are more than sure that the company is able to go out of its way just to meet their toughest expectations. One philosophy that keeps the company going is the belief of continuous improvements which plays a major role in keeping them at par with various needs. For more info about us: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137 click here.

OSI Group offers an array of employment opportunities to people worldwide. Some of the popular jobs offered by the company include Maintenance Production, Cleaning and Sanitation, Manufacturing Security, and Public Safety. With these jobs come common privileges which include Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance. OSI Group has a comfortable salary plan for all its employees starting from the lowest rank. A cleaner receives up to $14.30 per hour, a Maintenance Person getting $21.23 per hour while a Production Supervisor gets up to $62,525 yearly. It is therefore clear that the salaries vary between locations and ranks. OSI Group has a united team that aims to not only emerge the best in the market but also maintains the customers’ satisfaction at heart.

OSI Group/Industries Continues to Showcase the Importance of Food

The OSI group is continually moving forward in the business world. They’re doing so with an item that might well be among the most valuable in the world. It’s an item that few really dwell on when they’re thinking about which commodities offer the most value. But the OSI group is well aware that food items are of immense importance. This is one of the reasons why they’ve been making news by acquiring other food related companies.

The exact benefits of expansion vary on a group by group basis. For example, the benefits of a consumer looking for a meal they like will differ from that of employees hoping for a raise. Looking at the many ways that the OSI group helps people can demonstrate just what makes the company special.

One of the most important parts of the OSI Group’s expansion has to do with subjective preferences. Food can often seem like a very simple subject from the outside. But talk to anyone in the foodservice industry and the complexity of the subject will quickly become clear. People usually have very specific preferences when it comes to their meals. Sometimes this comes down to how a meal is cooked. Other times it can even relate to the nature of the ingredients. But the OSI group has been able to greatly expand food offerings to people with very specific tastes. For example, some of their recent acquisisions have allowed them to increase the amount of organic food choices.

But on the other side of things it’s also important to keep in mind how the people making those meals relate to the product. A Chicago based Tyson food plant is one of the OSI Group’s most recent acquisitions. The purchase ensures that the workforce will remain employed and that people in the area will continue to reap the benefits of a local business. Though many locals might not even know that the OSI Group grew up there as well.

The OSI Group’s humble beginnings stretch back to a family meat market. The store was opened in 1909 and quickly grew to be a staple of Chicago resident’s diets. The OSI moniker wouldn’t make an appearance until the 1970s. But their dedication to the local economy has been a constant. At the moment they’re considered one of the world’s largest private companies, valued at $6.1 billion. And much of those funds are being put to continued expansion.

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