The Philanthropy and Responsibility of Dick DeVos

There are all types of people with different types of mentalities in the world. Among the people that are prominent are those that are passionate and willing to work. Because of their love for work, they have achieved a lot in their lives and made a name for themselves. They did more than hold jobs. They have held leadership positions and even owned businesses with the purpose of finding a way to serve customers better. Therefore, they have not only made a fortune to share with themselves and their families but have also gained enough to share with others. This would beg the question as to why.


One thing about successful people is that they are not always judgmental about those who are less fortunate. While some of the harder working successes may have even experienced some of their own hard times, they appreciate everything that they have and understood that while they have created their fortune, they were fortunate enough to be able to create their own fortune. Not everyone has this option. Therefore, they have to settle for any type of help that they can get. Fortunately, a lot of successful people are also entrepreneurs, especially Dick DeVos.


While Dick DeVos was born to a father who eventually became a business owner, he has seen the value of hard work when he has joined as a child learning the ways of the business. Throughout his career, he has held many different leadership positions in different companies. Meanwhile, he has thought about ways that he can help his community. He has looked long and hard at the issue when he has found that education is the key to the solution to the problem. It does make sense. For one thing, people who have no knowledge of what they are getting into for their career are not going to make any type of progress towards success in their chosen career. This is one of the reasons that people take classes for their career choices. The right type of knowledge is going to prepare people to take their positions in the careers that they want.


DeVos Family Endorsing Marco With Hopes That He Will Gain Momentum

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy one of the wealthiest families in Michigan has decided to endorse Marco Rubio in his recent campaign. The family has for a long time been supportive of many Republican candidates through financing their campaigns and encouraging support from other people. The DeVos have financed Rubio but donating, at least, $21, 600 for the campaign. However, they remain neutral on who they are supporting in this season’s political campaign. Many still wonder what will happen if Trump and Cruz top in the campaign but DeVos among others have been pushing Kasich to drop out of the rally and give Rubio a better chance of winning.


Devos and his wife Betsy have known Rubio since 2006-2008 when he was together with them in supporting for increased choice of schools for Sunshine estate. The plea was passed and has greatly improved the performance of education in Florida. Devos Senior has however been funding Bush in the campaign with his wife Helen donating for Kasich. The family has been endorsing different candidates, but Dick says that the difference is because of the choice of individual trying to choose the best leader they see perfect in this case he and his wife are for Rubio.


Dick DeVos is the former chief executive officer of Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise; he was also the vice president of Amway Corporation a firm dealing with direct sales of different consumer products in the 1970s. While at it, he managed to boost the company sales by expanding it to other countries. Later he became the firm’s president until 2002 when he left the position to his younger brother. Dick and his wife Betsy pursue full-time philanthropy among other businesses with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation and award grants to charitable organizations especially those that are faith-based and those seeking education transformations.


He is also a good sailor who once in a while joins youths in sailing championships to motivate them in the sport. The Dicks family likes to remain conservative despite political donations and especially when donating they like to remain anonymous in the kind of donations they give. The family is particularly concerned with the welfare of children and gives full support to a children hospital in Florida. They also encourage community development in Michigan and constantly participate in community development projects and initiative.