Securus gets final approval from FCC for Wireless Containment System

One of the most serious problems that have confronted the U.S. prison system over the last decade has been the proliferation of illicit cellular devices. This has posed a major threat to the institutional order, as sophisticated and dangerous prison gangs have gotten a hold of cellular phones, allowing them to effectively and reliably communicate with gang operatives on the outside of prison.


This dynamic has led to an effective nullification of incarceration for some of the most dangerous criminals in the country today. Gang leaders, many of whom are serving extended or even life sentences for committing the most heinous of crimes, are able to act as if they were walking the streets of society. The ability of powerful gang leaders to communicate orders to gang members on the outside has the effect of breaking down the prison walls, enabling some of the worst criminals to continue orchestrating some of the worst crimes the nation has seen.


The access to cheap and highly concealable cellphones has, therefore, been one of the most pressing concerns of recent history within the country’s jails and prisons. That’s why Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of inmate communications services in the country today, developed its Wireless Containment System. The device is able to act as a normal network tower, causing all cellular devices within range to connect to it. Then, the device allows the operator to either place the call normally, go into listen-only mode, where the operator can hear the entire conversation, or to deny the call entirely. The device is usually used in the latter configuration, instantly blocking any unauthorized call that takes place within the facility.


But the device is able to allow calls placed from authorized devices to pass through normally. Because it is 100-percent effective in blocking all illegal calls, the device has garnered some strong positive reviews from the corrections officers who have been able to use it. After having been deployed throughout various carceral institutions in the West, the device has passed its initial trial runs with stellar marks.


One of the initial concerns was that the device may interfere with legitimate cellular communications of devices located nearby the prisons where it is deployed. While Securus has not yet completely perfected the system’s automatic range-restricting features, there have so far been no reports of the Wireless Containment System seriously interfering with legitimate cell phone traffic.


Based on these preliminary results, the FCC has given Securus the full go-ahead to begin distributing the product nationwide. Securus estimates that, by the end of 2018, the WCS may be deployed in up to half of the nation’s jails and prisons. This is good news for all who care about the safety of both inmates and corrections officers.

Securus Technologies Paving the Way for Modernization in the Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies is a familiar name in the correctional industry, and it has been serving the industry for over thirty years. The company has a tremendous experience in the said segment, which also helps the company to offer innovative and efficient products to the end users in the industry. The correctional industry has gone through a transformation in the past few years, and it is due to the efforts made by Securus. The current CEO of the company, Rick Smith, has been focusing on innovation, research, and development since the time he took over the company’s leadership. He has also invested over $600 million in the past few years for patent acquisition and research and development.


Securus Technologies understands the plight of the prisoners who are incarcerated and believes that using modern technology; they can revive and continue their relationship from the correctional facilities as well. It is this conviction and dedication that has helped Securus Technologies become the leader in the field of inmate communication. One of the primary reasons why Securus Technologies has been leading the industry from the front while others are hardly able to make it through is because of the cutting edge technology it uses for inmate communication. The mobile application of Securus Technologies, available for iOS and Android, is all that the inmates need to access the host of services offered by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies also believes that the crime rate in the communities across the globe can be reduced if the law enforcement agencies use the advanced investigative and crime prevention products and services. At present, over 3,450 law enforcement agencies are using the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. It is a figure that is expected to grow at a massive pace in the years to come as the company plans significant expansion across the country.

The Heart Warming Letters Sent To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leader in their field. They provide numerous solutions for criminal justice technology. This includes investigations, corrections and safety. They have received numerous letter from prisons and jails in reference to what they have accomplished. Most of these letters came from officials in the prisons all over the United States.


One such letter stated it was through the assistance of Securus technology that information was obtained resulting in the arrest of a corrupt member of staff. The person was formally arrested for introducing contraband into the facility.


Another letter spoke of drug and alcohol usage being monitored through phone technologies due to Securus. Suspicious conversations and threats were also heard. A civilian was caught by admitting to the sales of prescription drugs. Without technology these conversations would not have been heard.


Yet a different letter spoke of the reliance of their facility on the technology provided by Securus. The letter stated how encouraging it was to see the devotion of Securus to revolutionizing the environment in corrections facilities and the safety this technology provided.


The writer of another letter is impressed with the visions of Securus. The investigative tools and capabilities that have been provided and the ability to improve the security in the jails.


Securus Technologies is trying to make a difference in the emergency responses, investigations, communication, monitoring, service and management in prisons throughout the United States. Their goal is to make the world safer with the use of technology. They serve countless corrections, law and safety agencies and are located in Dallas, Texas.