PSI-Pay: The Ultimate Solution to Making Safe Online Payments

In our millennial generation, every purchase seems to be directed towards internet and the payment thereof is done through online. As the technology advances, spammers are increasingly becoming craftier and this leaves every online buyer with a question that perhaps they have not found an answer to. Which is the safest way of making online payments? Well, PSI Pay has come to melt the doubts in the hearts of man by offering an alternative banking solution which allows you to deposit, withdraw funds or settle your bills in real time and in a magic like way revolution, referred to as the wave and pay.

Every person, including you, who has ever bought something online, understands the dilemma one undergoes when it comes to payment options. There are numerous online payment options on the ground that vary in their security, compatibility, flexibility and even accessibility. The commonly used option is the credit card but the con of this option is that you must have an additional protection of 3-D Secure. In the registration of this protection, you must provide some sensitive information. But this becomes tricky in case you don’t want to make your information public? Well, this is where PSI Pay comes in for your rescue.

Many retailers and online casinos have a variety of payment options like bank transfers, prepaid cards, mobile payments and even e-wallets. One of the major e-wallets commonly used is Paypal. In addition to PSI Pay, we have Skrill, e-Pay, ecoPayz and also Neteller. All this have apps that you can use to access them. Well, you can make relatively huge payments using them but there is a problem in using all these e-wallets: your transactions are traceable and you need pins to activate them but not anymore with PSI-Pay.

Banks tracing your transactions against your will, using pins, counting money, taking long for a transaction to be processed or requiring signatures has been put to stop by the contactless payment, PSI Pay. All you need to have is the proprietary ring which you tap at sale terminal to settle your bills and within seconds the transaction will be complete. PSI-Pay is the future, start saying goodbye to unsafe online payment ways.

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