GoBuyside Revolutionizing The Financial Headhunter Industry

GoBuyside is a revelation to the global finance industries struggles to find the best talent to match the needs of a company. Founded in 2011, by Anjun Kapur, GoBuyside has made it their mission to ensure they recruit only the best of the best candidates for their clients. Rather than trying to win clients they prefer to create a collaborative environment to meet their clients’ needs.

It was not long after graduating from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business with a Masters in Business Administration, that Anjun recognized a shift in higher competition for financial talent and a reduced hiring cycle in the industry. Both sides were witnessing a loss of transparency and “a glut of asymmetrical hiring information”. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

According to the GoBuyside website, they are “a leading recruitment platform that specializes in working with private equity firms, hedge funds, other investment managers, advisory platforms and Fortune 500 companies across a broad spectrum of geographies and mandates. Leveraging proprietary technology and a diligent approach, our team has an unparalleled competitive advantage in both sourcing and screening top-tier candidates”

While recognizing that artificial intelligence is a new resource, Kapur hopes his company can be a leading force for its future in “people aggregators” and other cutting-edge technology to match top-tier applicants with some of the largest financial agencies in the industry. With the ability to compile a whole profile of a prospects online presence in addition to standard hiring matrices, they are able to create a more cohesive match, leading to higher retention and job satisfaction.

With research from Global Workplace Analytics, reflecting that nearly half of the United States workforce hold a job that is “compatible with at least partial telework,” and that 20 to 25 percent “telework at some frequency.” A growing number of US workers would prefer to telecommute at least a few days a week. And GoBuyside envelopes these capabilities and desires from their candidates and corporate clients to create a more efficient workplace.

Check: https://www.accesswire.com/487922/GoBuyside–Explores-Factors-Driving-Compensation-in-Private-Equity-Sector

By utilizing and encouraging the development of better technology in an increasingly online world, GoBuyside is improving the quality of employer/ employee relationships. Perhaps as more industries latch on to this process of recruiting and hiring the best people for the job they have regardless of location and commute, we may soon see a worldwide increase in employment rates and job retention rates. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.