Jason Hope: A miracle worker to the aging process

Everyone wants to stay young. It looks cool, everyone wants to be attractive, and it makes you look great. Nobody wants to have facial features that stand out and make you look old. But one person has a different approach to that.

Jason Hope.

Born in Tempe, Arizona, Hope is a philanthropist and entrepreneur and is a pioneering voice in biotechnology.

After he graduated from high school, he took financial classes at a university. Hope got his degree in business administration, and later founded multiple tech –related startups and became a figurehead throughout the industry. He currently lives in Scottsdale and gives consulting services to many businesses. He also is looking to help people live longer stunting the aging process. And you know the best part? He’s providing donations from his own funds to help change healthcare organizations treat the aging process on people all around the world.

Hope has donated $500,000 to an organization called the SNES foundation, an organization founded in 2010 that use biotechnology to find ways to treat diseases and human life, for many years. That’s where he first began his work.

The SNES foundation uses science to study living organisms to make products to improve life, along with a variety of other topics. After Hope donated half a million dollars in his own money, Hope spread the word about the organization and its amazing work.

Hope predicts that SNES would help bring amazing changes to us medically. That included. Hope also talked about his enthusiasm for the SNES foundation. He stated that it just doesn’t focus on diseases and conditions, but also on helping remove the aging process and what it does to the human body.

The SNES Foundation’s chief executive commented on Hope’s donations and said the importance of the donation to help the nonprofit organization to speed up the process to fight illness affecting the elderly he also states a desire to use biotechnology in the future that will give benefits to humans all over the world, all made possible by people like Jason Hope.

Grey mentioned a purpose for Hope’s $500,000 donation, stating that it would help the SNES foundation discover ways to stop different proteins from bonding. He has a desire to accomplish this goal because it will prevent arteries from hardening and give someone high blood pressure, an issue that results in death among a handful of patents.

De Grey, his colleagues, and supporters believe that by learning more about aging, we can get rid of the aging process one and for all. Hope’s donation will help develop AGE-breaker medication, a type of medication that will eliminate glycation end-products, and allow the foundation to make an important laboratory program in the UK.

He spoke about on a website dedicated to philanthropy, saying health care providers only seek to manage heart, lung and Alzheimer’s diseases. only after they have set off a lot of harmful symptoms, and encourages everyone to donate to some organization, no matter what finianchal situation your in. For more info about us click:  here.

NGP VAN Changing the Fundraising Landscape

Today’s political campaigns are not low-budget undertakings and managing a successful one also demands a powerful and effective fundraising apparatus behind it to raise the needed funds. Raising the necessary capital calls for careful planning and organization at both the local and nationwide level. The coordination needed for of all this activity can also result in a lot of aggregate data that can be a bit tedious and challenging to comprehend and evaluate.

As reported in 2016 by a report released by the Federal Election Commission, the average U.S. Senate race contender spent about $10.4 million by the time October rolled around during the election time frame. The report also noted that a comparable winning candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives paid out $1.5 million on advertising campaigns during that same period.

As such, campaigns are increasingly reliant upon new advances in monitoring technology to adjust to the modern era of campaign expenditure.

One of the most promising of these breakthroughs is NGP VAN–a highly-regarded technology provider that merged with Voter Action Network in 2011. The company has introduced digital campaign technology that allows campaign fundraisers to directly interact with donors via multiple online platforms. NGP VAN’s interface also focuses on making sure those who do make campaign donations come away feeling satisfied and confident that their donations align with personal interests, as it is hoped this will promote continued support throughout a campaign run and lessen the prevalence of one-off donations. To date, NGP VAN digital tools have been used by multiple fundraising campaigns for Democratic and Progressive campaigns—including Barack Obama’s political campaigns, as well as some non-profit organizations. By using NGP VAN’s online monitoring tools, campaign managers can coordinate data through internet dashboards with charts and graphs to manage campaign information. Emerging platforms like NGP VAN operate in conjunction with other applications like email, social media, SMS, and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, like GoFundMe.



Jason Hope: A Humanity That Defies Death

As a graduate from Arizona State Universal, Jason Hope has donated millions of dollars towards the SENS Research Foundation. His first contributions were in 2010, a year shy of the organization’s formation, in the amount of $500,000. His donation helped SENS to open a facility to house their research, which has led to many breakthroughs since.

One of SENS co-founders, Aubrey de Grey, is also the Chief Science Officer as well as editor-in-chief for the Rejuvenation academic research journal. He and Jason Hope can be considered closely tied as Hope contributed to SENS over the years, with a deep belief in their mission.

Jason Hope’s most endearing qualities is his desire to promote the well-being of humanity, and his interest in SENS lays in their mission to find a cure to aging and the disease that are a result of the process on the human body. They operate under the belief that by studying diseases like Cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, they can develop treatments to reverse their effects on the body. Ultimately, of course, they wish to eliminate these sort of diseases altogether, and donations like that if Jason Hope aid greatly.

With the idea that medicines today only treat many of the diseases brought on by age, the development of cures that don’t exist will drive humanity to defy death like never before. Rewriting what it means to be human as SENS stands for Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence. Ways that we can engineering treatment that allow humans to love in a way where death is not determined by age or disease.

It sounds like something stripped from the pages of science fictions, but thanks to men like Jason Hope and Audrey de Grey, science fiction in this case will be science fact. It’s only a matter of time before their vision becomes a reality as they remain unimpeded in their filed of research with donations like that of Jason Hope. Rejuvenation Biotechnology will become one of the latest disciplines of the modern age that has the capability of enhancing our civilization far beyond the next 100 years.

Learn More: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

Matthew Autterson’s Dedication to CNS Biosciences Helps Him Grow the Business

In everything that Matthew Autterson has done, he has remained dedicated. He knows there are different things that will allow the industry to get better and he has shown people they can do different things as long as they are working on the industry standards that are required in different situations. Matthew Autterson also knows there will be things he can do to help people through difficult situations. Even though he is the CEO, Matthew Autterson is not afraid to make the necessary changes to the way he does things with employees. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.


Unlike many other CEOs and leaders, Matthew Autterson does not hesitate to get involved with the business. He often works with employees to make sure he is giving them every opportunity they need to be successful. In addition, Matthew Autterson knows there are certain things he can do to help his employees get the support they need. For Matthew Autterson, this means he’ll need to always give the community what they are looking for. Part of his job as the CEO is to make his employees feel comfortable and confident with the jobs they are doing. He has always tried to help them with the issues they may be facing. See This Article to learn more.


For Matthew Autterson, looking at different opportunities has allowed him the chance to make sure he is doing business the right way. Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give back to the community and to show others the right way to handle business. He also knows there are different things that will have to happen to be sure CNS Bioscience is the most successful company in the industry. Matthew Autterson likes to show people what they are able to do and what they can make out of the industry that is a part of different things.


As long as Matthew Autterson is doing his best in the industry and is helping his employees and clients get the things they need, he will continue to be successful. CNS Bioscience is only going to get better as things grow in the industry. Matthew Autterson is prepared for all of these things to happen and that’s what he is doing in every situation. He wants to give people the chance to see what he can do and how he can make a positive impact on the community that the bioscience industry is a part of within the entire medical community.

More on: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/matthew-autterson/

Matthew Autterson: Financial Services Maverick

Matthew Autterson began his career with a strong educational foundation, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Finance when he graduated from Michigan State University in 1980. He followed this up by completing the University of Denver’s Graduate Tax Program. Upon completion, he began his professional career by securing a position at First Trust Corporation, which is a division of Fiserv.


After gaining experience in his role at First Trust Corporation, Matthew Autterson joined a small group tasked with developing a Colorado State subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc., a financial consulting company located on the east coast. Even though he was young in his career, he became president of this Colorado State subsidiary in 1986. He stayed with this company for some years, including through it’s mergers with Broad Inc., SunAmerica Inc., and AIG.


Fifteen years later, the company was acquired by Fiserv, the company Matthew Autterson began his career with. At this point, Resources Trust Company, what his subsidiary became known as, was the largest professional state organization in the industry that was FDIC-insured. Resources Trust Company provided depository and janitorial services to over two-hundred thousand customers, that were acquired by over fifteen thousand official solo financial consultants. At this time, the company had over twenty-billion dollars in janitorial assets and over one billion dollars in deposits while managing seven-hundred employees.


Today, Matthew Autterson is part of the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems, known in it’s industry as FAB. Mr. Autterson is seen at the top in Colorado’s business community, and has done philanthropic work for the Board of the Denver Zoo, the Denver Zoological Foundation, and the Webb-Waring Foundation. He was also a part of the Young Presidents Organization and World Presidents Organization during his career.


Currently, he is board member, President, and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc, which is a company that develops prescription drugs that help patients with neuropathic pain. See This Article to learn more.


Matthew Autterson has been in the express lane to success ever since he started career. After becoming president of an organization after less than five years, it’s no wonder he’s gone on to have a wildly successful career, highlighted by twenty-five years in the financial services industry.

View Source: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/matthew-autterson/

Why Jason Hope Remains to be an Instrumental Tech Entrepreneur

For years now, Jason Hope has proved beyond any doubt there is every reason to invest in research and development. The futurist offers young people the opportunity to present business ideas where he then picks and supports the most interesting ideas. One of thing that interests him the most is smart technology as well as Internet of Things (IoT) which has seen him write highly regarded articles about the new advancement in the tech industry. This is mainly due to IoT’s potential in changing way entrepreneurs operate.

The Bachelor of Science, Finance, graduate from Arizona State University started his career by creating a mobile communications company, Jawa, where he now makes money through technology companies such as Interactive Software and Digital Media Solutions. He leverages the power of social media in providing marketing solutions for his work. To stay organized, he uses mobile applications such as ASANA to manage projects, tasks, files as well as stick to deadlines. For more info about us: http://jasonhope.com/technology/ click here.

He likes keeping things basic through effective communication which helps him bring more ideas to life. To be more productive, he envisions long term meaning of ideas and keeps focus on only one project at a go. He encourages the youth to also focus on their primary source of income as this will go a long way in facilitating their stability. Hope further believes in the importance of keeping close contact referral as well as the market to help you navigate in most situations.

Besides his significant strides in entrepreneurship, Hope is a great philanthropist focusing on areas such as scientific research, education and disease cure. In one of the charity missions, he donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation, a non-profit based in California, to supports its course of fighting age-related diseases. Hope describes this moment as the most satisfying in his life. Further, he has worked with other initiatives such as True Colors Fund, The Andre Agassi Foundation as well as The Tony Hawk Foundation.

Getting to Understand Eric Pulier

America is a place where anything is possible, and Eric Pulier is a living proof of the American Dream. Today, he can be described using many titles such as philanthropist, public speaker, published author, technologist and entrepreneur. At the same time, Eric Pulier is a well-known columnist who touches on technology. Since he finished college, he has been associated with more than 15 companies and has managed to make millions of money in the process. While he has been involved in many companies, some of these companies include Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Akana as well as Media Platform. He has also been involved with US Interactive, Digital Evolution and TM Forum.

Other than his direct involvement with these companies, Eric Pulier chases other ventures as well as philanthropic organizations. He concentrates on media and technology in his investments. At the moment, he lives in Los Angeles alongside his wife and four children. He is currently serving on an organization that specializes in children suffering from chronic illnesses. This venture is referred to as the Painted Turtle. He also serves on the board of another organization called the XPRIZE Foundation that specializes in helping less privileged people of the society pursue their dreams.

Among the things that still fascinate Eric Pulier is the internet and social media. He is very active on social media platforms such as Path, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat. He has on numerous occasions used Instagram to communicate with his followers. Eric Pulier insists that persistence is very important if a person is to succeed in technology. Eric Pulier also believes that there is a lot of sense in reading books outside your area of interest as this is the place where real information can be found.

Eric Pulier also has a mentor who has shaped him into the man he is today. This mentor is Peter Diamonds who he credits as being a scientist and an innovator. He says that anyone willing to succeed in life should read two books called Bold and Abundance. Eric Pulier also recommends another book by Oliver Sacks known as The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

To know more visit @: https://www.facebook.com/eric.pulier

Eric Pulier Continues to Excel

Eric Pulier is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs and philanthropists of all time. He has excelled for years in building companies at the enterprise level for government entities and private ones. He regularly receives funding from the largest venture capital firms in the world. He uses his time and energies to grow innovative solutions to tough problems that face children and sick individuals every day.

Eric Pulier is also an accomplished author, getting his start when he attended Harvard University and wrote for the Harvard Crimson. He graduated magna cum laude and moved to Los Angeles where he founded his first company called Digital Evolution. This company helped the health care sector in a big way and he was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to come to Washington and use his technology to help people. He is now one of the members of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pulier has started a number of companies that serve these education, children, and healthcare sectors, such as Desktone, Enterprise Professionals, and MediaPlatform. One such company he started with Steven Spielberg helped children who were ill with MS. It allowed them to communicate with each other via the world’s first private social media networking site. The secure site was hosting blog posts and chat rooms so the children could connect with others and feel their similarities.

Also, he launched an innovative and philanthropic platform to teach children about diabetes and how it affects the body. Using a unique combination of technology and education, it took them on a virtual reality tour. Pulier also serves on the board of the Xprize Foundation, which gives out prizes to teams who compete for millions of dollars to solve huge problems in the world. He also helps The Painted Turtle, which hosts summer camps for ill children in California. When it comes to innovation, Eric Pulier is unmatched. He has proven that he has the dedication to help education, health care, and children in every way possible. With his impressive track record, it is interesting to see where he will go next. But one thing is sure, the world is a better place thanks to his leadership.

E-Business is the Future: As E-governe Continues to Prove

The highest evolution in the history of humanity has been through critical decision making. The board of management of various institutions takes upon themselves whether the business is going to be conducted through e-governance or not. As the municipality of Teresina did, e-training of the staff is important before the implementation of any e-governe system.

The heads of various units in the organization are involved in the decision-making process. Teresina municipality aims at using e-governe to manage its human resources. Integration of all components in the system such as departments, other municipalities, and even the state is necessary.

Apart from Teresina, the city of Osasco signed a contract for the implementation of a school management system. The ICI Company will supply computer equipment, inputs and install a logical and network infrastructure on the Municipal Education Department in Sao Paulo. The school e-governance unit will cover over 138 school groups inclusive of the municipality headquarters on jccavalcanti.wordpress.com.

District secretariat of health previously experienced difficulties in the management of health. However, the e-governance of the health has become simpler, functional and economical at https://books.google.com.br/books?id=td4FAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA161&lpg=PA161&dq=e-governe&source=bl&ots=Cy1rZ7wJBg&sig=s7Jgwirz60IYcf2fr30WdmPyQkk&hl=pt-BR&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjOhdOIl7bTAhVFyoMKHfAwCtY4FBDoAQg3MAU#v=onepage&q=e-governe&f=false. The strategy used in the implementation of the e-government Saude is the integration of all the units of service. Also, it put the e-government has established the clinical and dental charts.

Benefits of E- Business

Each version of e-governe has brought forth numerous benefits in service delivery and elimination of delays. The following are the advantages accrued from each sector in different municipalities using the e-governe governance;


The implementation of e-government Saude has served in improving the service delivery. There is scheduling of client’s appointments as well as professionals work schedule. E-governance eliminates service queues and improves on the provision of services to the population served. E-Government enables control of the distribution and stock of medicines in different pharmacies. Also, e-governance allows financial transfers, dimensioning of health units, and structuring of programs for continuous improvement of services.


According to assespro.org.br, implementation of school governance system is beneficial to the school sector in Osasco municipality. Here are some of the benefits;

(a)The ensures integrity, of the education sector with uniqueness and information security.

(b)Real-time is the issuance of management reports.

(c)Availability of shared reports.

(d)Eliminates and minimizes reworks.

(e)Provide access control to parties only allowed by the administration.

(f)Ensures agility in the opening and meeting the demands of each unit.

3.Public Service

Teresina municipality implemented the e-governance system to manage various departments as well as human resources.
Here as some benefits;

(a)Speeding up of service delivery in the municipality.

(b)Analysis of the population suggestions.

(c)Identification of problems arising in service delivery.

(d)Monitoring all services provided by the organization.

Osasco City stands out due to the entrepreneurial nature of its inhabitants. It is home to some of the largest e-governance company (ICI). E- Business stirs up development of a city in each sector, health, education and service delivery. Significant professional bodies and business units find their establishment in Osasco due to its growth rate and large population clientele.

Wessex Institute

The Wessex Institute of Technology is an innovator in international science. Their institute of higher learning provides the tools needed to improve our way of life. One of the ways that this is accomplished is by the WIT Journals. The Wessex Institute of Technology conferences currently publishes seven international journals. In 2018, an eighth journal will be added to this collection as well titled ‘International Journal of Environmental Impacts‘. Each journal covers a topic that Wessex Institute feels passionately about.

The seven journals that are currently being released are ‘Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements’, ‘Sustainable Development and Planning’, ‘Safety and Security Engineering‘, ‘Design and Nature and Ecodynamics’, ‘Energy Production and Management’, ‘Heritage Architecture’, and ‘Transport Development and Integration.’ The two journals ‘Heritage Architecture‘, and ‘Transport Development and Integration’ are new additions to the WIC journal collection just in 2017.

Each one of these journals helps Wessex Institute to share the knowledge that it is discovering with others within their industry. Natural resources are limited and it is important that each one of these topics is discussed. Wessex Institute of Technology is doing the hard part by initiating the conversation about conserving our resources, everyone else has the lighter burden of just listening.