Upwork Recap: 10 Steps to Get Your To-Do List Done

E-lance rebranded itself in 2015 and became Upwork. Upwork has over 12 million users that are registered as writers and over 5 million users registered as clients. In addition, over 3 million jobs are posted every year and it’s worth $1 billion. It’s one of the biggest freelancer websites in the world today. Basically, clients post writing jobs and writers bid on them. The client then chooses the bid they like the best and that’s the person who gets to write the article. It’s such a great site and there are a lot of great articles posted. One of those articles is about getting your to-do list done quickly and easily. We’re going to look at these steps so we can better understand everything.

  • Step 1: Write everything down!
  • Step 2: Make your list before starting tasks.
  • Step 3: Keep your tasks all in one place.
  • Step 4: Add as much information regarding the start time, length of time to complete, and when it needs finished.
  • Step 5: Figure out what your highest priorities are.
  • Step 6: Evaluate and rework your to-do list at the end of every week.
  • Step 7: If you can, assign tasks so nothing is missed and everything gets done.
  • Step 8: Look at big tasks as smaller sub tasks then, after crossing some off, look at the bigger picture all together.
  • Step 9: Put similar tasks together so you see all the tasks that go together or have to do with each other.
  • Step 10: Figure out how much energy each task will need so you won’t tire yourself out.

The easiest thing to do is sit down and really think about these different steps. Once you do this, you’ll have a better understanding of all of the tasks you need to do and you’ll be able to ensure that no tasks fall through the cracks!

As you can see, the Upwork article that we recapped has some great information. By following these tips, you can easily get your to-do list done without having to worry about a bunch of tasks that aren’t completed!