Discover Jeff Yastine’s Journey toward His Finance Career

Being an Editorial Director is one of the great positions one can hold. This is who Jeff Yastine is at a company known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff also happens to be the Total Wealth Insider’s exclusive editor. Jeff realized that there are serious financial advisers and investors who lack the adequate knowledge and information they need to do things expertly. For this reason, Jeff came up with a helpful publication known as Total Wealth Insider where he could share the trading information and financial knowledge to interested traders and serious investors. Jeff is not only an exclusive editor but also a seasoned broker and investor. View Jeff’s profile on

Successful experience and extensive knowledge of financial journalism are what Yastine has. Jeff has used his experience in journalism to make informational and in-depth financial publications. He has written great articles on asset allocation and wealth protection. Jeff has also written articles on how one can enjoy the comfort of their retirement years and other articles on college payments. According to most investors and traders, Jeff’s publication has made them make their financial decisions in a more sensible manner and achieve what they only believed was impossible. Jeff says that if one would save several dollars weekly for a specified period, they would see a notable difference.

Jeff Yastine has worked for Newsmax Media before he developed his own publication. Newsmax Media used to publish financial status of an individual or organization. Newsmax Media is said to affiliate with a network known as Newsmax Cable News. Jeff was in the reporting department where he worked as a writer and an editor. For about 12 years, Jeff worked for the Nightly Business Report. His news stories on seasoned investments had a great impact and this earned him unmatched respect from the traders. Jeff has some inspiring business stories, which have been featured on the Bloomberg Network and CNBC. Follow Jeff Yastine on

Jeff is an English Literature degree holder from Florida University. He has written several newsletters on his college life and the student and campus events he encountered before he graduated. Jeff was also writing and editing the University’s newsletters. It is this experience that helped Jeff to launch his professional career. Jeff is always modest and content about his professional success and he is never interested in getting celebrity status. He has done so well in his career because of his technological expertise. Jeff insists to the investors that they need to embrace the technologies if they are to see their profit margins increase.