How Peter Briger Is Helping Shape Fortress Capital’s Fortunes

Peter Briger, the current Co-chairman and a principal at Fortress Investment Group has spent a significant part of his career in the world of finance. For more than two decades, Peter Briger has helped such global finance giants as Goldman Sachs and Fortress capital establish debt management departments within the organizations that helped turn their fortunes around. At Fortress Investment group, Peter manages the credit and debt division of the firm, an expertise that he nurtured while working as a partner at Goldman Sachs.

How Peter came to join Fortress Group

Before joining Fortress group in 2002, Peter Briger had worked at Goldman Sachs for over 15 years. His devotion to the company had particularly seen him promoted to a partner in 1996. However, when Fortress Investment started, its founders decided to diversify their company’s portfolio and deal with more than private equity investment and asset management. After deliberations, they decided to settle on distressed equity and debt management.

Peter Briger came up as the investment companies most preferred candidate to lead this new division for the firm. The decision to have Peter join the company stemmed from his accumulated experience in the world of finance and active involvement in distressed equity management. His success in running the department and personal investments would later see him earn a sit at the board before his election as its Co-chair and principal for the investment group in 2009.

Peter’s achievements at Fortress group

The finance and investment genius and his credit department at Fortress specializes in finding distressed but promising debts and companies, financing them and holding their hand through the recovery process. The company then sells off these debts or their stake within these distressed companies at a profit that then represents their revenue. This practice requires greater attention to details and apt economic forecasting skills, two traits that Peter has accumulated over time. At one time, the proceeds from the credit department summed up to about 30 percent of the company’s total revenues representing his value and contribution to the success of the investment giant. Peter has also been credited with the push to have the company go public, making one of the earliest asset management companies to trade publicly in the United States.

Peter’s involvement in charity

Peter Briger has always found a way of giving back to the community. His influence can particularly traced back to his involvement with the Silicon Valley donor organization whose annual contributions go towards poverty alleviation across the world. He is also actively involved with the conservancy and maintenance of New York’s central park.