Matt Badiali: Persuading the Public to Invest in Freedom Checks

A few years ago, Matt Badiali attended a conference targeted at oil and petroleum companies. One of his friends shared information regarding freedom checks, and how good these things are as an investment option. He is not aware of how these freedom checks work, so he asked his friend to provide additional information. Years after the conference where he first heard about these checks, Matt Badiali made a video explaining it thoroughly and uploading it online for the public to see. The video that he made became viral, but it left lots of people scratching their heads because of confusion. Luckily, Matt Badiali can answer all of the questions that popped inside the heads of those who have seen his viral video. Visit the website to learn more.


The video talks about freedom checks, and why investing in one would be a great decision. Matt Badiali explained that these checks can is similar to government benefits and monthly subsidies, but it is not technically the same. According to his video, these checks are given by private companies which are in the oil and petroleum industry, and there is a group of firms which provide these checks, called the MLPs, or the Master Limited Partnerships. This group was formed after the Statute 26-F became law, and its main objective is to protect the companies that are under the scope of the new law. The Statute 26-F was passed by the Congress decades ago, and it provided the oil and petroleum companies a right not to pay their government taxes if they would meet the conditions. The first condition strictly states that 90 to 100% of their operations should be conducted within the United States or any of its territories. The second condition says that the companies should provide freedom checks under the scope of the new law, and they should willingly provide any amount that their clients have made.


Matt Badiali was surprised knowing that only a small percentage of Americans knew about these checks. He persuaded his viewers to invest in freedom checks and told them that for as low as a few hundred bucks of invested, their returns every month could be as high as a thousand dollars. He also claimed that the highest amount that can be received by investing in these checks would be around $600,000 per year. Those who have heard about his revelation quickly visited MLPs to buy their share of these checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at