New Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Offers a Rainbow of Flavors

The evolution of smooth or EOS lip balm launch has been expertly designed and skillfully packaged to create a colorful, exciting product intended to capture a share of the lip care market. The EOS lip balm advertising campaign featuring the smiling lips of a young model perfectly states the case for its lip care product. The model’s lips are smooth, plump and pleasing, and the implied message is that her lips are kissable. The lip balm product container itself is colorful, and uniquely designed into an interesting shaped container, unlike the usual lip balm tubes.

But the real bonus from evolution of smooth and the key to the product’s success is the variety of flavors available for purchase. Every flavor has an exotic, playful name like strawberry sorbet, lemon twist and medicated tangerine for the more serious-minded among users.

The multitude of delicious flavors available makes the purchase of multi-packs a desirable option for the consumer and may be a successful merchandising gambit for the manufacturer. Each evolution of smooth uniquely designed container is also color coded to help identify the flavor inside the container, and a package of five different flavors with five different colored containers makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anyone, and for the purchaser makes a worthwhile but sizeable impulse buy.

The price points of the evolution of smooth represent a quantum leap among the other lip balm manufacturers, but the successful packaging, multitude of flavors available and matching colorful and interesting containers will signal success for the product line. Need EOS lip balms? order the products online thru ULTA or the website

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  1. Flavors run the gamut of natural fruits, each with a color matched container. The advertising copy states the company’s use of organic products, and there is a sense that this lip balm company wants to protect everyone’s lips. It has been described a way for the essay writer to use fruits as another means of making their essay topic com lively.

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