NGP VAN Changing the Fundraising Landscape

Today’s political campaigns are not low-budget undertakings and managing a successful one also demands a powerful and effective fundraising apparatus behind it to raise the needed funds. Raising the necessary capital calls for careful planning and organization at both the local and nationwide level. The coordination needed for of all this activity can also result in a lot of aggregate data that can be a bit tedious and challenging to comprehend and evaluate.

As reported in 2016 by a report released by the Federal Election Commission, the average U.S. Senate race contender spent about $10.4 million by the time October rolled around during the election time frame. The report also noted that a comparable winning candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives paid out $1.5 million on advertising campaigns during that same period.

As such, campaigns are increasingly reliant upon new advances in monitoring technology to adjust to the modern era of campaign expenditure.

One of the most promising of these breakthroughs is NGP VAN–a highly-regarded technology provider that merged with Voter Action Network in 2011. The company has introduced digital campaign technology that allows campaign fundraisers to directly interact with donors via multiple online platforms. NGP VAN’s interface also focuses on making sure those who do make campaign donations come away feeling satisfied and confident that their donations align with personal interests, as it is hoped this will promote continued support throughout a campaign run and lessen the prevalence of one-off donations. To date, NGP VAN digital tools have been used by multiple fundraising campaigns for Democratic and Progressive campaigns—including Barack Obama’s political campaigns, as well as some non-profit organizations. By using NGP VAN’s online monitoring tools, campaign managers can coordinate data through internet dashboards with charts and graphs to manage campaign information. Emerging platforms like NGP VAN operate in conjunction with other applications like email, social media, SMS, and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, like GoFundMe.