NGP VAN Provides Alternative Methods to the Campaign Process

In today’s politics those who use outdated methods during the campaign will fail. This is as apparent in local politics as it is in national politics. Campaigns that are still using techniques from the last century will be finding it harder and harder to reach an audience, resulting in failed campaigns and lost elections.


Technology has created a world where organization campaign efforts is easier than ever. Any campaign that is using apps, software, and other advance technology will have a clear advantage over campaigns that do not.


NGP VAN has been helping Democratic campaigns excel above their competition, speeding up the logistics of campaign, and making the entire process more efficient. NGP VAN doesn’t focus a lot of attention on television and radio. Such technologies are a thing of the past and they believe more effective means of operating are available.


Obama’s first run for President is a perfect example of utilizing new technology. Obama’s campaign still showed television commercials and they still used radio ads, but they also utilized the internet in a positive way. The 2008 election was really the first election where the internet was advanced enough to support such ambitious methods, and today, these methods have only gotten more important.


Instead of helping with the making of television commercials and radio spots, NGP VAN allows campaigns to operate more effectively by doing a lot of the work for them. NGP VAN has databases full of voter data. This data makes it possible for NGP VAN to organization a campaign from the ground up, even telling campaigns exactly which households are more likely to agree with the stances of a candidate. NGP VAN allows a campaign to save time by skipping the houses that don’t vote the same as a supported candidate. These homes are less likely to vote for the candidate of choice and are better off skipped.