NGP VAN’s MiniVAN application

Reports indicate that in the 2016 United States election cycle, the amount of money that the candidates spent in their campaign process amounted to 6.4 billion. To most, this is an outrageous amount, but to the parties involved, this is just a small investment towards a great purpose. Many volunteers also come forward to work for hundreds of hours as staff during this process, proving the importance of the process.

One of the oldest and the most effective way of campaigning is soliciting votes door-to-door. Research indicates that voters can easily be persuaded through direct outreach. However, this method does in no way give a guarantee that the voters will show up on the actual election date, especially the new supporters. Technology and social media, however, is a vital tool during the campaign process. Social media and online platforms play a significant role in human beings interaction and socialization. To reach out to a broader voter base, technology is the right too. This is where NGPVAN come in.


NGP VAN is leading in providing organizations and campaigns with technology. It offers its clients with integrated platforms for fundraising, field networking, organizing, compliance and social networking services. NGP VAN is literally at the forefront of the transition from the traditional campaign strategies to innovative, creative and efficient software for the campaign.

The digital tools provided by NGP VAN assist in making the canvassing process more manageable and are more effective in ensuring voter turn up. NGP VAN offers means that the campaigns can use to access the data on the voters in their localities. This helps in analysis of the target voters and saves time that would be spent knocking doors of voters with stern opinions on their candidates of choice.

NGP VAN offers a tool called the MiniVAN application that helps in the entire canvassing process. NGP VAN MiniVAN is a free ISO and Android mobile application designed with maps, scripts, and voter data. This is just one of the services that NGP VAN has developed that are being used by candidates of the Democratic party and unions in the United States.

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