OSI Food Solutions is Balancing Foreign and Domestic Affairs

As a company located in America, it can be difficult to balance domestic and foreign affairs. This is especially true if you run a company in a hyper-competitive industry. An industry such as meat packaging. One company has been showing the world exactly how to do this and making it look easy. OSI Food Solutions has been making some incredible gains in the European market while still remaining loyal to its home audience.

In the United States, the Ohio based food company OSI Food Solutions has made a major purchase. In Chicago, an area that OSI already dominates, the company just purchased a failing Tyson chicken plant. The plant, which was about to lay off all of its employees, is located in a strategic area of downtown Chicago. OSI purchased the plant from Tyson for a whopping $7.4 million. This makes it one of a few factories that OSI has in Chicago. In line with its constant employee satisfaction goal, the company retained most of the employees from Tyson and retrained them to work within OSIs safety and production standards. They weren’t done there, the company also outfitted the factory to produce more than just chicken, adding beef and pork products to the mix as well.

On the other side of the world, OSI Food Solutions has been even busier. In the Netherlands, OSI scooped up the huge deli meat producer Baho Foods. Baho already owns five subsidiaries and this gives them factories in the Netherlands and Germany as well. Both of these areas are key areas for OSI. Serving the convenience market will help OSI boost sales and generate revenue from nooks and crannies that they weren’t capable of reaching before.

In the UK OSI made another great acquisition. Flagship Europe produces frozen poultry, but they also produce pies, fillings, and sauces. These products were a great way for OSI to fill gaps in their product lines while also remaining loyal to producing massive quantities of meat products. Having ties to the UK also helps solidify already standard relationships between the meatpacking giant and the United Kingdom.

OSI Food Solutions has been doing a great job of managing foreign and domestic affairs. This isn’t always easy. More often than not, managing these kinds of affairs is tough work, but OSI finds a way to make it work. With branches across the world, this meat production giant is now a global force.

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