Adding Space With Wengie


Wengie has a few ways that you can make your own storage solutions for your room. Most of the items can be found around the house or purchased at an inexpensive price, especially if you get them on clearance or at a secondhand store. When warm weather arrives, you probably have several pairs of sunglasses that might get lost between your room and going outside. You can keep all of your glasses in one place with a fun display on your wall. Remove the back of a picture frame and the glass. Attach push pins to the front of the frame. Stretch wire from one pin to the other, creating a small clothesline that your glasses to hang on instead of keeping them in a drawer.


If you need more wardrobe space for all of your clothes, then thread a chain on a clothes hangar so that it hangs down. Three or four other hangars can be hung on the links of the chain so that your clothing is hanging vertically instead of taking up horizontal space in the closet. This is a solution for smaller bedrooms or closets that are used for storage along with hanging clothes at the same time.

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The Unique Thought Processes Of Eric Pulier

A lot of people dream of creating a startup business that becomes instantly and highly successful. They want to be a step ahead of everyone else. Unfortunately many of these people are told their idea is an impossibility and they listen to the limited thinking of society. Everyone has something incredible inside of them yet so many people pass away before they have even begun to tap into their potential. Eric Pulier believes people need to reach inside of themselves and find the determination and persistence necessary to do something incredible in our lives. He believes everyone can reach their fullest potential and succeed. He believes everyone can make a difference.


Eric Pulier has found recognition as a published author, a philanthropist, an American entrepreneur, a public speaker and a technologist. He has already been responsible for founding more than fifteen companies. He sold his latest company for $350 million. He is one of the authors of understanding Enterprise SOA and has been recognized in so many ways.


Eric Pulier is innovative in his thinking in enterprise technology. This is partly while he has become so successful as an entrepreneur. He has the ability to take a very small idea and turn it into a startup that becomes successful and ends up being worth millions in capital. Eric’s efforts have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for all different kinds of ventures. He is the owner of a gorgeous restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. The restaurant is attached to his amazing nightclub. He is literally changing the world and he is doing by using one innovative idea after another.


Eric Pulier has contributed to society and brought a sense of joy, peace and purpose. He understands that in order to succeed you must be persistent. He believes depression requires the same amount of energy as happiness but that it is misguided. He deliberately surrounds himself with people who are driven and smart and believes his belief in himself is how his dreams are built. He is a man who has innovation inside of him and has made a valid difference in the world.




E-Business is the Future: As E-governe Continues to Prove

The highest evolution in the history of humanity has been through critical decision making. The board of management of various institutions takes upon themselves whether the business is going to be conducted through e-governance or not. As the municipality of Teresina did, e-training of the staff is important before the implementation of any e-governe system.

The heads of various units in the organization are involved in the decision-making process. Teresina municipality aims at using e-governe to manage its human resources. Integration of all components in the system such as departments, other municipalities, and even the state is necessary.

Apart from Teresina, the city of Osasco signed a contract for the implementation of a school management system. The ICI Company will supply computer equipment, inputs and install a logical and network infrastructure on the Municipal Education Department in Sao Paulo. The school e-governance unit will cover over 138 school groups inclusive of the municipality headquarters on

District secretariat of health previously experienced difficulties in the management of health. However, the e-governance of the health has become simpler, functional and economical at The strategy used in the implementation of the e-government Saude is the integration of all the units of service. Also, it put the e-government has established the clinical and dental charts.

Benefits of E- Business

Each version of e-governe has brought forth numerous benefits in service delivery and elimination of delays. The following are the advantages accrued from each sector in different municipalities using the e-governe governance;


The implementation of e-government Saude has served in improving the service delivery. There is scheduling of client’s appointments as well as professionals work schedule. E-governance eliminates service queues and improves on the provision of services to the population served. E-Government enables control of the distribution and stock of medicines in different pharmacies. Also, e-governance allows financial transfers, dimensioning of health units, and structuring of programs for continuous improvement of services.


According to, implementation of school governance system is beneficial to the school sector in Osasco municipality. Here are some of the benefits;

(a)The ensures integrity, of the education sector with uniqueness and information security.

(b)Real-time is the issuance of management reports.

(c)Availability of shared reports.

(d)Eliminates and minimizes reworks.

(e)Provide access control to parties only allowed by the administration.

(f)Ensures agility in the opening and meeting the demands of each unit.

3.Public Service

Teresina municipality implemented the e-governance system to manage various departments as well as human resources.
Here as some benefits;

(a)Speeding up of service delivery in the municipality.

(b)Analysis of the population suggestions.

(c)Identification of problems arising in service delivery.

(d)Monitoring all services provided by the organization.

Osasco City stands out due to the entrepreneurial nature of its inhabitants. It is home to some of the largest e-governance company (ICI). E- Business stirs up development of a city in each sector, health, education and service delivery. Significant professional bodies and business units find their establishment in Osasco due to its growth rate and large population clientele.

Stephen Rotella: The Brick of Stone Castle

The company Stone Castle Insured Cash Sweep LLC. is revolutionary in every sense of the word. Since its inception, the company has revolutionized the way institutional investors consider using deposit technology. Recently, the company has acquired another company called Intermedioum Financial LLC. The purchase of Intermedioum solidified StoneCastle’s position as a leading deposit provider to institutional investors. Furthermore, StoneCastle has delved further into their market by tapping into financial advising, 401ks and so forth and more important click here.

Much of the success of Stone Castle can be attributed to Stephen Rotella who championed his company into the plains of prosperity. Ever since his company began, it has placed a stronghold on their industry. In terms of success, Stone Castle’s competitors pales in comparison. Also, this technology driven business shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, they are expanding and future growth can be expected. The main premise of StoneCastle is to serve as an asset to their collaborators and learn more about Stephen.

In addition, Stephen Rotella’s contributions to the company are praiseworthy. Each day, Rotella is responsible for maintaining the company’s core standards. He is also responsible for moving the company in the right direction. The verdict is so far, so good. StoneCastle is synonymous with both community and regional banks. For 30 years and running, Rotella brings a wealth of experience to the table. His career consists of strategic management in the banking and financial industries. Prior to StoneCastle, he was a CEO at JP Morgan.

Rotella’s resume also consists of serving the community and helping those in need. Due to his efforts, thousands of people can attest to home ownership and art funding. In fact, he currently leads an organization called Lift communities. Lift Communities is an organization with the aim to break poverty for parents and the youth nationwide. Rotella’s background as a CEO was initiated shortly after he graduated from the State University of New York. Under his watch, StoneCastle has gone from had $100 million dollars in assets to about $11 billion dollars in assets. Even after all of his accomplishments, Rotella has the time to go to the gym and exercise.

Cassio Audi Brings Financial Expertise To Investment Management

The financial industry is one of the most challenging industries in the business world. Countries all over the world participate in the financial industry. While there are various levels of financial capabilities related to various countries, the contributions made by the different countries around the world all have an affect on what happens in the financial markets. Cassio Audi understands and brings an expertise unlike any other to this industry.

The size of countries usually does not affect what contributions are made from country to country. The resources of the countries have the biggest affect. Some countries have a lot of natural resources while other countries provide resources such as innovations. Whatever resources that are provided by countries from around the world, the resources give the global financial industry a combination of aspects that all work together to make the financial industry move from day-to-day.

Beyond the countries that all affect the financial industry in some form or manner, the financial markets from around the world are at the core of the financial industry. Just like different countries may speak different languages, every financial market is unique in certain ways. The Brazilian financial market has unique aspects that set it apart from other financial markets. However, all the various financial markets together make investments work in the various markets.

In Brazil, there are many different investment management firms that help investors both big and small. An investment manager who is making a name in the Brazilin financial market is Cassio Audi. A very smart financial professional who has helped many investors to achieve significant returns on their investments, Cassio Audi provides a high level of investment related services.

The investments that Cassio Audi handles cover a wide range of investment fields. Therefore, Cassio Audi understanding of the financial market in Brazil is well rounded to be able to manage investments in multiple investment areas.

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based investment adviser that is SEC-registered. It boasts of several affiliates including NexPoint Residential Trust, Highland Brasil, NexPoint Capital, Acis Capital Management and NexPoint Advisors. Together with all its affiliates, Highland Capital Management has nearly $14.8 billion in terms of assets under management.


HCM’s investment approach in credit mainly revolves around producing consistent, but above average returns. In fact, the company focuses on asset classes and strategies where it feels that it has the potential to add value to the investor through offering unique expertise and access to an asset class. With more than 20 years in alternative investing, HCM has redefined its process in a bid to produce more over time.




Mark Okada and Jim Dondero are the brains behind the inception of Highland Capital Management in 1993. James Dondero serves as the president and co-founder of the company while Mark Okada is the chief investment officer. They have played a vital role in steering Highland Capital Management to become one of the leading and most experienced alternative credit managers in the globe.


Services and Client Base


It specializes in a wide range of credit strategies including long-only funds and separate accounts, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), distressed and special situations private equity and high yield bonds among others. Highland Capital Management also provides alternative investments such as long/short equities, emerging markets and natural resources. Additionally, the company has a diverse client base that comprises of funds of funds, public pension plans, endowments, foundations, governments, corporations among many others.


Community Support and Charity


For Highland Capital Management, the community matters significantly. As such, Highland Capital Management invests in the communities where its employees work and live apart from just the financial markets. The company is also devoted to creating a difference in the community through the advisory board involvement, financial donations and volunteerism to both national and local nonprofit organizations.


Since 2005, Highland Capital Management has partnered with various organizations and foundations such as The Dallas Foundation to spearhead its charity initiatives. As a result, the company has donated over $10 million to various organizations both locally and globally.




Adam Milstein Gives Because He Cares

The world has many people who care about others. The desire to help other people is something that is special. Some people have this desire to help others and the help can make a difference in the lives of others. There are many ways that people can help others. Some people help by giving of their time while other people help by giving of their financial resources.


In a world that has many people who have significant amounts of money, there are people who are well known for their generous giving of money to charities, organizations, and individuals. Philanthropists are a group of people who are identified by their giving. Some philanthropists are very wealthy individuals who give millions of dollars across a wide range of worthwhile causes.


Sometimes philanthropists receive a lot of attention because of the large amounts of money that they give to help others. This happens for a variety of reasons in the world today. However, many philanthropists try to avoid attention when it comes to their giving. The money that they give is something that they feel compelled to do from the heart.


One of the people who has shown a desire to give to others both of his time and also his money is Adam Milstein. A philanthropist who has helped many people over the years, Adam Milstein has received acclaim and honors for his financial giving. Recently Adam Milstein was recognized as one of the top philanthropists in the world. This is a recognition that is hard to receive because there are a lot of people across the worlds who give in many different ways.


Adam Milstein has been a giver for many years. He is a known philanthropist who has helped many people around the world through his giving. A respected member of the Jewish community, Adam Milstein has a strong religious belief system and a sincere caring for his community. He has served in many roles throughout the years to help people. He is a respected leader in the Jewish community, and Adam Milstein serves in leadership positions in several organizations. This is in addition to the generous financial contributions that he gives to help people.



No Lather, No Problem: WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Equal Modern Hair Care

The no-poo way of hair care has become popular over the years, thanks to the true original, the pioneer himself, Chaz Dean. The famous Hollywood stylist was way ahead of the curve more than 20 years ago when he first launched WEN’s no lather shampoo system.

Since that time, there have been tons of competitors, but none of them have been able to duplicate the natural WEN way. WEN has truly changed the way women care for their hair, and it’s a superb alternative to drugstore shampoos and conditioners for a few simple reasons.

First, let’s look at the world of shampoos and conditioners. If you don’t believe us, go check the back of the bottles of your favorite regular brands, and begin trying to read the long list of chemicals.

Sulfates, parabens and others are generally included, and some of you might say, so what. Well, these harsh chemicals are the same types found in your laundry detergent, for example. Why would any reputable brand blend these chemicals into shampoos?

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The chemicals are usually added to produce frothy lather, but Chaz Dean says you don’t need a lather to properly cleanse the hair. You don’t need to become trapped in a cycle of different bottles that claim to do this and that.

WEN By Chaz is made from nature’s finest botanicals and herbal extracts like lavender, tea tree and pomegranate. These unique formulas fortify the hair, restore shine and fullness without strong chemicals.

WEN’s special cleansing conditioners are one-bottle dynamos, able to wash like a shampoo, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a stay-in conditioner.

WEN By Chaz’s formulas are rich, gentle and soothing to massage onto the hair and scalp. No matter what crazy texture, type or condition your mane is in, WEN can make it better.

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Wessex Institute

The Wessex Institute of Technology is an innovator in international science. Their institute of higher learning provides the tools needed to improve our way of life. One of the ways that this is accomplished is by the WIT Journals. The Wessex Institute of Technology conferences currently publishes seven international journals. In 2018, an eighth journal will be added to this collection as well titled ‘International Journal of Environmental Impacts‘. Each journal covers a topic that Wessex Institute feels passionately about.

The seven journals that are currently being released are ‘Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements’, ‘Sustainable Development and Planning’, ‘Safety and Security Engineering‘, ‘Design and Nature and Ecodynamics’, ‘Energy Production and Management’, ‘Heritage Architecture’, and ‘Transport Development and Integration.’ The two journals ‘Heritage Architecture‘, and ‘Transport Development and Integration’ are new additions to the WIC journal collection just in 2017.

Each one of these journals helps Wessex Institute to share the knowledge that it is discovering with others within their industry. Natural resources are limited and it is important that each one of these topics is discussed. Wessex Institute of Technology is doing the hard part by initiating the conversation about conserving our resources, everyone else has the lighter burden of just listening.


Thor Halvorssen Uses His Many Talents To Fight For Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a tireless advocate for human rights. Halvorssen has fought for the rights of individuals who are victims of authoritarian oppression around the world. For Halvorssen, fighting against dictators who use violence to suppress legitimate political criticism is a personal matter. Halvorssen’s father was arrested and tortured in Venezuela after launching an investigation into government corruption. Halvorssen united with Amnesty International to get his father released from prison. Halvorssen’s mother was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful protest against the abuses of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen himself was detained during an investigation of human rights abuse that he was conducting in Ho Chi Minn City.

Thor Halvorssen’s long commitment to fighting for human rights led him to establish and incorporate the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. The Human Rights Foundation opened its headquarters in New York City in 2006. The HRC has been actively engaged in protecting the victims of government oppression around the world. The HRC has advocated on behalf of prisoners in countries including China, Uganda, Panama, Vietnam, Cuba and Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen and the HRC have also exposed many celebrities who have been complicit in dealing with oppressive dictators. Miriah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and 50 Cent are among the entertainers who have accepted money for services from corrupt dictators.

Thor Founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. The Olso Freedom Forum is an annual gathering of human rights advocates from around the world. Oslo Freedom Forum participants include Peter Thiel, Lech Walesa, Julian Assange and former Russian political prisoner, Mikhail Khodorkovski. The goal of the Oslo Freedom Forum is to bring together notable people to exchange ideas about how to fight against dictators. Some of the annual participants include former heads of state, former political prisoners and winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Halvorssen at Facebook .

In addition to his human rights advocacy, Thor Halvorssen also works as a movie producer. Some of his projects include Freedoms Fury, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Hammer and Tickle. Halvorssen carries on his human rights advocacy by producing film like The Sugar Babies which exposes human trafficking and migrant worker abuse in the Dominican Republic. for more .