Kiss Summer Hello with Summer Fruit EOS Lip Balm

The darker days and colder nights of winter have nothing on EOS lip balm, and with a variety of flavors from which to choose, moisture doesn’t have to bland. Summer Fruit EOS lip balm delivers on all natural moisture and smoothness while sweetening up your day with the mouth watering flavor of strawberry, peach, and blueberry. You can have Summer all year round with this juicy lip balm.

The unique shape of this lip balm makes it easy to find in your bag or pocket, and the 95% organic formula will keep you reaching for this moisture solution. You don’t have to worry about parabens or petrolatum. EOS lips balms are formulated with high quality ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. All that you will feel is soft, smooth lips.

Give a bright burst of sunny flavor to your lips with Summer Fruit EOS lip balm all year round. Luscious strawberry, dewy peach, and tart blueberry flavor blend to layer on the perfect fantasy of a warm day and sweet memories, and this moisture gem isn’t hard to find. You can pick up Summer Fruit EOS lip balm at several retailers, like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Ulta Beauty(, Amazon, and many more. You don’t have to compromise on moisture, flavor, or peace of mind with EOS. This smooth and natural lip balm will banish dryness with a fruity kiss of Summer.

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UK Wine Vintners For An Exquisite Taste

There are several reasons why you may want to consider investing in a wine product that has undergone the proper procedures of making in its manufacturing processes.

Unfortunately, there are many wine distributors that are operating in today’s wine industries. What good is it to invest in a wine that doesn’t necessarily take the customers’ concerns in mind? If you are wanting to buy a wine that tastes good and is high in its quality as well, then please do not hesitate to make your next purchase from a company that is reputable and well renowned for having undergone appropriate procedures of wine making.

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UK has some of the best wine vintners in the world, however, it is also imperative for purchasers and/or investors to note that it is also known for having some that do not necessarily take the time that is necessary to produce high qualities of wine. When a wine connoisseur indulges in wine, they may be able to tell immediately whether the wine is of high quality or not. Some others, however, may not notice much of a difference. One of the best ways to tell whether the wine that they have drank was of high quality or not is to wait for the after effects. If the individual ends up having a headache, then it is highly likely the wine was not of high quality.

This is one of the downsides of drinking wine that is not manufactures in accordance to the necessary protocols of making high qualities of wine. If you are wanting to choose a wine company that has undergone the proper protocols of wine making, then please do not hesitate to look into the offerings of UK’s wine vintners as they have some of the best products that are available in the market.

Chris Burch Envisions The Future Of Fashion

The Fashion Prodigy

From an early age Chris Burch had a talent for fashion. Shortly after finishing college he created his first clothing business and he saw it was a smashing success. That success made Burch want to pursue an even deeper investment into the fashion industry which led him to start a career as a fashion entrepreneur. He sees trends before others and he latches on before anyone else. Today, he believes the fashion industry is headed in a high tech direction.



The Merging Of Tech And Fashion

The merging of the tech industry and the fashion industry has some historical precedent. In previous decades technology such as the Walkman and the boom box changed the way customers looked at technology and created fashion trends based around technology. We even see this today with ideas such as the Apple watch and other wearable mobile devices. Wearable tech is still in its infancy, but market trends indicate this is the direction things are headed. Chris  Burch believes this will create a world where the latest fashion trends are usually related to advances in technology in some way.



Where Things Are Headed

The fashion industry is becoming an increasingly technical place. Currently, fashion trends aren’t set on runways or on television anymore. Instead, we see them set on social media and through the internet in general. Customers will buy the latest hat as a mobile device rather than as a statement in and of itself. Apple, Google, and other tech companies may actually take over an important role in the fashion industry and force fashion stylists to change the way they brand themselves. Some are skeptical about the claims of Chris Burch, but his longevity gives weight to his claims about fashion.



About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with a strong focus on the fashion industry. Although this is where he sees his greatest success, Burch has also invested in other industries as well such as finance or cinema. He is highly acclaimed for his precise predictions of market trends and his ability to maintain his success over the course of years. With a net worth exceeding $1 billion, Chris Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. There are few who have reached his level of success and there are even fewer who have maintained that level of wealth for years.

White Shark Media Offers Reliable SEM Services

If you’ve looked into business marketing solutions for your small business and want your website to be SEO-friendly, you may also want to explore SEM solutions. SEM is what White Shark Media, an online marketing agency specializes in. Their teams of experts are proficient in keyword testing, analyzing AdWords and Bing campaigns, and putting together comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to meet customer needs. While theoretically anyone can create SEM ad campaigns that generate traffic to a website, always staying on top of paid search listings and generating a high return on investment can take quite another level of expertise to do. That’s what White Shark Media can do for you.


White Shark Media is both a Google Small Business partner and an authorized reseller of Microsoft Bing ads. They’ve taken steps over the years to improve their service in the areas of communication and call tracking. You don’t have to worry about losing touch with your campaigns because White Shark Media has reports that they issue, and review meetings to go over campaign performance and new leads each month. They also have proprietary software that can track mobile clicks and leads coming through phone calls. You can also signup for their SEO-optimized triton website if you want even more of their service.


White Shark Media wants to let you decide for yourself if you like their solutions, so they give all their customers a free evaluation before they signup for any plans. This evaluation does not obligate anyone to signup for White Shark Media’s plans, but most customers come away satisfied and ready to hire White Shark Media. A White Shark Media specialist meets you on and explains how they could improve your existing campaigns to peak performance. If you still don’t want to hire White Shark Media, you’re free to use the knowledge you gained in the evaluation for your own purposes.

The Heart Warming Letters Sent To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leader in their field. They provide numerous solutions for criminal justice technology. This includes investigations, corrections and safety. They have received numerous letter from prisons and jails in reference to what they have accomplished. Most of these letters came from officials in the prisons all over the United States.


One such letter stated it was through the assistance of Securus technology that information was obtained resulting in the arrest of a corrupt member of staff. The person was formally arrested for introducing contraband into the facility.


Another letter spoke of drug and alcohol usage being monitored through phone technologies due to Securus. Suspicious conversations and threats were also heard. A civilian was caught by admitting to the sales of prescription drugs. Without technology these conversations would not have been heard.


Yet a different letter spoke of the reliance of their facility on the technology provided by Securus. The letter stated how encouraging it was to see the devotion of Securus to revolutionizing the environment in corrections facilities and the safety this technology provided.


The writer of another letter is impressed with the visions of Securus. The investigative tools and capabilities that have been provided and the ability to improve the security in the jails.


Securus Technologies is trying to make a difference in the emergency responses, investigations, communication, monitoring, service and management in prisons throughout the United States. Their goal is to make the world safer with the use of technology. They serve countless corrections, law and safety agencies and are located in Dallas, Texas.


James Dondero Announced Charity Challenge Grant

The co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management L.P., James Dondero, announced today that his company would match up to $1 million in donations for The Family Place. The Family place is a Dallas nonprofit dedicated to helping the victims of family violence in the Dallas area.

The announcement was made at the nonprofits 21st Annual Texas Trailblazers Award Luncheon. This challenge grant, specifically earmarked for the nonprofits Legacy Campaign, will match 50% of donations, up to $1 million, that are raised.

In a statement James Dondero said that he and the members of his firm were impressed by the way The Family Place followed through on the planning and dedication to make the Legacy Campaign a success. He went on to say that it’s an opportunity for givers to the campaign to amplify their impact.

The Legacy Campaign will go towards building and operating a new counseling center in Dallas. It will include 13 emergency shelter rooms, counseling rooms, space for job training, a medical and dental center, and an animal shelter for the pets of victims staying at the center.

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an investment adviser company with about $18 billion in assets under management. Their clients include government, corporations, high net worth individuals, and endowments. The company gives back to the community through its charitable arm, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. It is based in Dallas, Texas and has worldwide offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paolo.

James Dondero has a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. He has also attained the qualifications of a Certified Management Accountant and has earned the designation of being a Charter Financial Analyst.

In addition to his work at Highland Capital Management he also serves as Chairman of the Board for Nexbank, CCS Medical Corporation, and Cornerstone Healthcare as well as serving on the Board of Directors for MGM Studios and American Banknote.

According to The Dallas Journals, James Dondero founded Highland Capital Managment in 1993. He has grown the company into one recognized as one of the most experienced financial asset management firms in the world, and in particular in global alternative credit managers.

The Kabbalah Centre and the Spiritual Quest

The Kabbalah Center is an organization that is non-profit that makes the standards of Kabbalah relevant and understandable to daily existence. The Kabbalah Center instructors offer learners with spiritual tools in regard to kabbalistic rules that learners can apply necessarily to enhance their own lives and thus, improve the world. The Center was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and currently traverses the globe with other centers in more than 40 cities in addition in addition to an extended online presence. The Kabbalah Center trains Kabbalah as universe intelligence that understands religion or bible, and can be contemplated by anybody despite of their path or faith.

Displaying the knowledge from a genealogy of awesome kabbalalists, The Kabbalah Center gives a course of study that portrays the inception of Creation, the spiritual and physical laws of universe, including human presence, and the journey that the soul takes. Kabbalah is an old wisdom that gives reasonable tools for establish lasting fulfillment and joy. It’s a great framework of innovation that totally changes the manner in which people view the world. Kabbalah is not taught as a scholarly study rather than a way of enabling people have a better world and life.

With Kabbalah you will get the spiritual wisdom that someone needs as it contains the long-concealed keys to the universe secrets in addition to the human soul and heart mysteries. Kabbalistic lessons clarify the complexities of the nonmaterial universe and substances, alongside the physical and profound nature of all humankind. It also demonstrates in detail the best practices to explore that unlimited landscape with a specific end goal to evacuate each type of bedlam, agony, and suffering. For many years, the colossal kabbalistic sages have shown that each individual is born in this world with potential for greatness.

And Kabbalah is the way to activate that potential, however, it is often intended to be utilized and not just for learning. Its motivation is to bring clarity, comprehension, and opportunity to our lives – and eventually to try and eradicate demise itself. Kabbalah Center International extends the welcome for education for everybody, regardless of their current circumstance. Additionally, they offer scholarships to those with a powerful urge to learn and share Kabbalah; however who might not have any means to study the same.

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A Concise Review Of The Life And Achievements Of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur whose career has been built around coming up with technology startups and nurturing businesses. He is a professional who has also showed a great deal of support to humanity and humanitarian projects that are meant to change the way people live and interact. Being an entrepreneur and a successful individual in the community offers him leverage to fund philanthropic endeavors. He has also been giving support to young entrepreneurs who are looking for mentors to guide them through their journey of building sustainable businesses.



Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and while he grew up, he showed interest in computer programming. By the time he was in his fourth grade, he could program perfectly and when he joined high school, he launched a computer database company. Upon graduating from Teaneck High School in 1984, he applied for a slot at the Harvard University and was granted the request.


At Harvard, he pursued English and American Literature and was among the editors of the school’s magazine called The Harvard Crimson. While he pursued this course, he also attended Computer Science classes at neighboring MIT College. In 1988, he graduated from both colleges with high honors.


Career and achievements

In 1991, Eric Pulier relocated to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things (PDT), which addressed healthcare, education and other problems facing the country. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution, an interactive agency that would later merge with US Interactive in 1998. His highest point came when he was selected to work with the government in the inauguration of Al Gore and Bush. His role was to exhibit the technological achievements the government had made during its first term and the plans that lay ahead in the sector.


He wittily divided the entire presentation into sections, which allowed him to present the information more clearly. Some of the areas that were covered in the presentation include education, space exploration, healthcare, business, security to mention a few. Towards the end of the presentation, he introduced a live streaming session that allowed guests to interact with space astronauts.


Doug Levitt and His Project

Of the many individuals in the United States with an interesting past as well as a bright future ahead, one individual stands out to the rest due to his interesting perspective of the world as well as due to his interest in connecting the United States and educating individuals across the country about the different demographics in the country that are often forgotten. This individual is Doug Levitt, an educated individual with extensive experience as a reporter who worked as a foreign correspondent in London as a correspondent for prestigious networks such as the NBC as well as for ABC. Doug Levitt has been working on a recent project of telling the story of others that specifically ride the Greyhound bus. For the past several years, Doug Levitt has traveled one hundred thousand miles on the Greyhound bus to meet interesting people and to hear the stories that they have to tell about their past.


Doug Levitt looks at the Greyhound bus as a mode of transportation within the United States that one does not take because they want to, but instead takes this mode of transportation because they have to and have no other means of transportation. Doug Levitt has been fascinated by the people that he has met along his travels and has talked to many different individuals to hear about their struggles and their ultimate goal in life to get by in life and to survive. Doug Levitt thinks that the stories of the individuals that he meets are worth telling and has begun to tell them through his project that is known as the “Greyhound Diaries“.


Within the last ten years, Doug Levitt has begun to travel a different way and has met countless individuals with different background across his travels of the United States. Doug Levitt has been able to translate many of these stories into songs and has encouraged countless followers to listen and learn more of his journey. Doug Levitt has brought awareness of the disconnect within the United States and the many hoops that individuals across the country must go through to survive.

The Road-map to Success

Josh Verne is an accomplished businessman as well as an entrepreneur. He is a successful man who believes that one must adhere to specific principles in order to be successful. He has an experience of more than 20 years. In creating businesses, developing them and selling them. He is the CEO of, an organization that helps students share their information on an online podium.


The first step of being successful in a business is to be a leader and not a boss. A boss is a person who only considers himself and not the rest. A boss is insisting and aims to accomplish his goals. A leader is a person of the people, he puts his staff first before any other thing. This enables them to be respected because they deserve it. He works together with his people to achieve goals that will benefit everyone.


The second point is that everything should be a win-win situation, you should be keen not to decide to make a deal that at the end maybe a loss. Be motivated to win in every contract you make. The success should also include your clients and customers.


The third aim is speaking less and listening more. Your staff and even clients will show you more respect thus they will always consider paying attention to you. Fourthly, be able to create a balance in your life. Your home and health should also be part of your success. Succeed in your business as well as your health and at home.


Lastly, discover what you are passionate about, what makes you wake up every morning and go for it. This step will motivate you to do even better in improving your business and making a difference to those around you. Josh Verne adhered to all these and hence became an accomplished man.