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The Wessex Institute of Technology is an innovator in international science. Their institute of higher learning provides the tools needed to improve our way of life. One of the ways that this is accomplished is by the WIT Journals. The Wessex Institute of Technology conferences currently publishes seven international journals. In 2018, an eighth journal will be added to this collection as well titled ‘International Journal of Environmental Impacts‘. Each journal covers a topic that Wessex Institute feels passionately about.

The seven journals that are currently being released are ‘Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements’, ‘Sustainable Development and Planning’, ‘Safety and Security Engineering‘, ‘Design and Nature and Ecodynamics’, ‘Energy Production and Management’, ‘Heritage Architecture’, and ‘Transport Development and Integration.’ The two journals ‘Heritage Architecture‘, and ‘Transport Development and Integration’ are new additions to the WIC journal collection just in 2017.

Each one of these journals helps Wessex Institute to share the knowledge that it is discovering with others within their industry. Natural resources are limited and it is important that each one of these topics is discussed. Wessex Institute of Technology is doing the hard part by initiating the conversation about conserving our resources, everyone else has the lighter burden of just listening.


Thor Halvorssen Uses His Many Talents To Fight For Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a tireless advocate for human rights. Halvorssen has fought for the rights of individuals who are victims of authoritarian oppression around the world. For Halvorssen, fighting against dictators who use violence to suppress legitimate political criticism is a personal matter. Halvorssen’s father was arrested and tortured in Venezuela after launching an investigation into government corruption. Halvorssen united with Amnesty International to get his father released from prison. Halvorssen’s mother was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful protest against the abuses of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen himself was detained during an investigation of human rights abuse that he was conducting in Ho Chi Minn City.

Thor Halvorssen’s long commitment to fighting for human rights led him to establish and incorporate the Human Rights Foundation in 2005. The Human Rights Foundation opened its headquarters in New York City in 2006. The HRC has been actively engaged in protecting the victims of government oppression around the world. The HRC has advocated on behalf of prisoners in countries including China, Uganda, Panama, Vietnam, Cuba and Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen and the HRC have also exposed many celebrities who have been complicit in dealing with oppressive dictators. Miriah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and 50 Cent are among the entertainers who have accepted money for services from corrupt dictators.

Thor Founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. The Olso Freedom Forum is an annual gathering of human rights advocates from around the world. Oslo Freedom Forum participants include Peter Thiel, Lech Walesa, Julian Assange and former Russian political prisoner, Mikhail Khodorkovski. The goal of the Oslo Freedom Forum is to bring together notable people to exchange ideas about how to fight against dictators. Some of the annual participants include former heads of state, former political prisoners and winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Halvorssen at Facebook .

In addition to his human rights advocacy, Thor Halvorssen also works as a movie producer. Some of his projects include Freedoms Fury, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Hammer and Tickle. Halvorssen carries on his human rights advocacy by producing film like The Sugar Babies which exposes human trafficking and migrant worker abuse in the Dominican Republic.

http://www.theatlantic.com/author/thor-halvorssen for more .


Find Out the Benefits of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a firm that helps individuals accomplish their financial objectives. The company has been in operation for more than 14 years. During this period, it has served a large number of clients. The firm makes available services to customers who have just started their businesses, and they do not have adequate capital.The company has many outlets that are distributed in many parts of the globe including Hong Kong, England, Sydney, Bangkok and the United States. One of the biggest challenges that are faced by most of the startups is the lack of loan insurance.

These business startups have many financial constraints because they do not have any property that can help them in securing their credits. Equities First Holdings realized this challenge among these startups and introduced a product that was suitable for them. They made it possible for the startups to use of stock as a guarantee. With few stocks, a person could secure a loan without any other guarantee.The individuals who are interested in borrowing are only required to present documents that proof that they own stock which is valued at a certain amount.

This is the only requirement needed for them to qualify for the loan that is stock based.People who borrow money from Equities First Holdings are allowed to use the borrowed money without any restrictions. This means that they can invest in any project that they want. Under normal circumstances, the loan is payable through interest rates that are reducing. These interest rates usually begin at 4 percent or sometimes even lower.The arrangement of stock-based loans is unique because it limits the borrower’s obligation even in cases where they are genuinely not able to repay the loan. Unlike other institutions, Equities First Holdings does not have many requirements. If a person has stocks, he automatically qualifies for loans in Equities First Holdings.

Jeffry Schneider: Charity Exemplified

Today, the world needs effervescent people with compassion and leadership experience to improve our community and our environment. As the world changes all around us at a rapid pace, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day stresses, but for our future, it’s important to remember to take time to help others. When it comes to putting others first, few people have the tenacity and dedication of Jeffry Schneider.

Throughout the last decade, Jeffry Schneider has spent time focusing on giving back to others that are less fortunate while utilizing his leadership skills to make an impact. Jeffry Schneider has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, and he currently lives near Austin, Texas. As a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Jeffry Schneider was taught the significance of leadership as well as community service. The university, founded in 1863, has a longtime mission dedicated to those values, and the UMass Community Action Service through Leadership and Service (UMass CALLS) is an essential part of the curriculum that Jeffry completed while attending. Even after graduating from UMass, Jeff continued to give back to his community and lead others.

When he’s not leading his team at the office, he does charity work for organizations such as the Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, and the Gazelle Foundation. Jeffry is committed to using his natural leadership abilities to involve himself in a variety of nonprofits. As a philanthropist, Jeffry observes that it is not enough to write a check to a charitable organization; it is equally important to participate in its core activities. For this reason, throughout the last decade, Jeffry Schneider has spent time focusing on giving back to others in need while utilizing his leadership skills to make an impact.

Along with volunteering, Jeffry Schneider is trying to find alternative ways to actively participate in giving back. He spends time reading to kids in schools, actively fundraising for nonprofit organizations, and participating in charity runs. Jeffry Schneider champions the value of giving back to the community and the world. Not your average philanthropist, Jeffry Schneider believes first and foremost in helping those who help others. He focuses on sponsoring specific individuals that have demonstrated a strong commitment to helping the less fortunate around the world overcome adversity.

To continue his philanthropic reach, he is sponsoring a volunteer who uses her medical knowledge as a pediatric oncology nurse to help underprivileged populations in Latin American countries. Specifically, she focuses on repairing children’s cleft lips, and in the past, after the 2010 Haitian earthquake, she volunteered her time as a medical professional to provide relief in affected areas. By financing her travels, Jeffry continues to help her with her volunteer work abroad. Dedicated to improving the world through leadership, Jeff makes it a priority to support other’s nonprofit work anyway possible. Visit his website at https://jeffryschneider.com/.

Vinny Parascandola Taking Over The Business Scene

Vincent Parascandola attended the Xaverian High School and then later on chose to attend the Pace University Lubin School of Business where he managed to achieve his Bachelors in Science in the area of Computer Science, where he later came back to as a Key Note Speaker in the May of 2014. Joining the Irving Trust Company as their Systems Analyst back in 1986 where he stayed through till 1988, Vinny moved on quickly in the professional world first to Prudential Insurance where he worked for two years as their agent and then later joined in on the company The MONY Group. Initially, Vincent Parascandola joined in at The MONY Group as the company’s Financial Professional before later being promoted to a new position as the Sales Manager and then later on promoted again to the role of the company’s Managing Director as well as once more in the year of 1998 where he achieved the honor of becoming the Field Vice President of The MONY Group. After staying in the role for a collection of seven years, Vincent Parascandola moved on from The MONY Group to become a part of the team at AXA Equitable as the company’s Executive Vice President from the May of 2005 through until the December of 2007 when he was offered a promotion at the company to become the President of their Advantage Group. In the year of 2009 Parascandola took up the offer of yet another promotion when he accepted the job of becoming the President of the Northern Division. Continuing to move up in his career at the firm, Vincent Parascandola never stopped succeeding in his field, accepting a constant continuation of promotions through out his time. The next accomplishment at the company was when he became the Continental Division’s President and then later becoming the Chief Sales Officer as well as the President over the Continental Division of the company, before moving on and up one last time to become the Senior Executive Vice President over the entirety of AXA US where he continues to passionately work to this very day.


Troy McQuagge’s Work Recognized

With more than three decades of experience in the insurance world, Troy McQuagge has made quite a name for himself. McQuagge is an executive and entrepreneur from Panama City, Florida. Currently he serves as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group. He has become a very respected member of the insurance community. His impressive resume and experience make his opinion quite valuable.

Troy McQuagge earned his degree from the University of Central Florida in 1983. McQuagge began his career back in the 80’s with the Allstate Insurance Company. After a decade of work he joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies. In 1997 he became the President of the company.

McQuagge’s work recently earned him some high honors. Earlier this year McQuagge was named the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year in the prestigious One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is respected awards program that recognizes business and professional excellence in several industries around the globe. McQuagge received the honor in large part because of his work with USHEALTH. McQuagge’s work with USHEALTH began in 2010 when he began improving the companies distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Upon receiving the award McQuagge was quoted as saying it was an honor and that he shares the award with his entire team.Troy McQuagge continues to make a tremendous impact on the insurance industry. He is being recognized by his peers for his years of work and success. With his impressive track record and experience, he is sure to continue making an impact for many more years to come.

Thor Halvorssen Fights for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a profound filmmaker and a human rights promoter. The New York Times has described him as a champion of the powerless. He is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorssen is a descendant of a long line of successful aristocrats and politicians. His family is well known with a history of doing what is right for the people around the globe. Halvorssen grounds in activism is parallel to that of his Norwegian grandfather who was part of a fist fight with Nazi officials during World War II after being personally ordered by the Norwegian fleet to flee the country for the disinterest of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen fought for the majority of the 21st century to contribute to the freedom of those who are trapped in the closed societies. He has entered the world of politics as his ancestors did. He, however, has little interests in politics after the human rights expert witnessed his father being imprisoned and tortured after his uncovering of the wide spread corruption in the Venezuelan law enforcement. In addition to the problems faced by his father, his mother was shot and injured by the government officials at a rally against President Chavez.

As per the Crunchbase, Thor has received first class education from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, which led him to a career as a human rights activist and a film producer. He has been participating in many campaigns and demonstrations against the human rights abuses that began in 1999 when he led an activity against the Lucent Technologies shareholders, which was accused of using slave labor to create its products in China. Thor Halvorssen has been in talks with some of the most respected democratic groups around the globe

http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824 for more.

Jeffry Schneider: Respected Businessman and Tireless Philanthropist

The founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC., Jeffry Schneider, is one of the most respected businessmen in the country, and his tireless philanthropy is a model for people to emulate, world-wide. Jeffry Schneider started out by going to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in science. After that he went to work for top firms including Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown, and while there he learned valuable information about the alternative investments industry. He then spent time as part of the management teams for both Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management where he built relations with hedge fund managers to make sure they were the right match for the firm’s various clientele.

Jeffry Schneider is an advocate for children, and in this way he donates his time and money to charitable causes that provide relief for kids who suffer from abuse, neglect, or have parents that are going through an illness. To be sure that kids don’t fall through the cracks of society, he supports the Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and Worries. Both of these organizations are based in his home state of Texas, and his tireless support helps children receive a proper education, get support through troubled times, and receive much needed counseling.

Jeffry Schneider also helps people who suffer in other parts of the world by supporting charitable organizations there. The Gazelle Foundation is one of these, and it is in place to ensure that the people of Burundi, East Africa have clean water. The foundation has received over $1.3 million in donations, which Jeffry is proud to be a part of, and constructs clean water systems. These systems help the people there to avoid sickness, disease, and death, and on top of serving the general population, they build up the infrastructure of the country by piping in clean water to churches, medical facilities and educational institutions.

Jeffry Schneider has made over $1 billion while heading up Ascendant, and the company plans to earn $50 million a month over the next year. He continues, to this day, to do his part to help humanity and aspires to continue to build his business so he can always support charitable causes and Jeffry on Facebook.

The Law Practice of Helane Morrison at Various Institutions

Helane Morrison is the Hall Capital Partners’ MD and general counsel. She acquired sufficient experience in her law profession since she kicked off her practice about thirty years ago. The Hall Capital Partners is an organization that strives to ensure that businesses in the financial sector comply with the law. The main offices of the firm are located in San Francisco, and its services are highly trusted in the region. Helane has been working for Hall Capital Partners since 2007 when she left the Securities and Exchange Commission. The first role that she was offered was to be the chief compliance officer.


The law professional also works for different bodies in the sector. She is currently one of the Regional Parks Foundation’s committee members. Helane also serves the American Bar Association as an expert in its Hedge Fund section. She is also a top speaker who has been invited by various organizations to address issued of compliance, investment advisors, and private funds.


Morrison was at the SEC as from 1996 to 2007. She had served different offices of the organization before she left for the private sector. Helane joined the regulatory body to act as the director of enforcement programs at the San Francisco District. She assisted the SEC in conducting investigations in companies that were within the authority of the office. The institution also appointed her to speak for it in legal matters, the media, government agencies, as well as business and financial societies.


The SEC promoted Morrison to be head the San Francisco District as from 1999. Her term in office lasted until 2007. Very few women had managed to be offered such a high rank by the SEC at that time. She performed well and enabled the commission to handle more cases. As a district chief, Helane was in charge of overseeing investigations and enforcement activities that dealt with financial fraud, business regulatory issues, and securities. The jurisdictions of the San Francisco District covered areas such as Alaska, Idaho, Washington, California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, and Montana.


Morrison is an alumnus of the Northwestern University where she pursued her degree in journalism. She was also awarded a Juris Doctor from the University of California. In 1996, she started practicing as a lawyer at the Rice, Canady, Howard, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin and stayed at the firm until 1996. The law company made her partner in 1991. Helane Morrison was appointed as a Bar Association of San Francisco director, and she served from 2001 to 2004.


Amazing and creative ways to make holiday decorations.


I enjoyed seeing the holiday mason jar decorations. It’s so simple and refreshing to see with simple Christmas ornaments and fake smoke, you can make authentic gifts or decorations for the upcoming holiday season. When you need to make fake snow in order to decorate a Christmas seen, you can cut out the inside of a diaper and pour water and it and watch it grow.


A cute idea to maintain the holiday spirits during a holiday party is designing the Red cups to resemble Santa Claus. You take red party cups and buy black ribbons and buy gold buttons or paint your buttons with gold paint. Once you have all the materials you cut the ribbons to size and glue it on the cup as well glue on the golden button and there you have cute party cups.



Hot chocolate with marshmallows usually sounds yummy for the holidays to keep us nice and warm. But I have an extra special idea to decorate your hot chocolate for this year. Take a craft stick and place 3 large marshmallows to form a snowman. Then add hands and legs. Use some icing to make eyes, mouth and buttons on the body. You can use a small piece of carrot or candy corn. So this a cute way to design your hot chocolate exhibiting your snowman taking a hot chocolate bath.


A fun and healthy way to have Christmas snacks are by making strawberry Santas. All you need are strawberries, thicken cream and sesame or poppy seeds. First, you whisk the cream until it gets stiff, then place cream in a pipe or a bag, cut off stem to form a base and cut off the tip in triangle shape. You then add buttons with the cream and fill the inside of strawberry with cream. You place the tip on top as a hat and place two seeds to form Santas’ eyes.


Wengie creates awesome holiday hacks, I would recommend her to all my friends and family for fun and creative ways to make holiday hacks.


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