The Most Crypto indicator Turned Bullish

As they cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, similar indicators and patterns used by crypto-traders in various asset classes are also emerging. One of these patterns is the tendency by the crypto-markets to either be ‘risk off’ or ‘risk on’ mode. Investors in the cryptocurrency market are either willing to take on assets that pose a higher risk such as technology industry stocks or looking to invest in lower risk stocks. The lower risk stocks include the addition of US treasury bonds or gold to their investment portfolios. According to Ian King, the oldest crypto asset that is also considered to be the most liquid is bitcoin. Bitcoin has for years now been referred to as the digital gold. Bitcoin serves the main entry of fiat currency and can be exchanged with the most substantial number of altcoins as compared to any other form of cryptocurrency. Read more at Talk Markets.

Also, numerous merchants are now accepting Ian King bitcoin as a form of payment. Ian King argues that users have been accorded another way to exit the crypto-market. Even though it may have some significant faults, bitcoin maintained crypto hegemony throughout its existence in the money market. For instance, bitcoin has transaction speeds that are much lower to those of its competitors. Also, bitcoin fees tend to increase exponentially when there is much traffic or when the network is busy. Many competitors have tried to replace bitcoin as the king of cryptocurrency, but none has been successful. Ian King says that bitcoin has retained its position at the throne and remains the crypto asset universe’s store of value. Follow Ian King at


Bitcoin’s privileged position in the market allows it to outperform other assets when investors want to move away from potential risks. Understanding the relationship between bitcoin and its major rivals in the market will give you an insight on how investors are willing to take on risks. The second largest crypto asset is Ethereum which has over $50 billion worth in the cryptocurrency market circulation. Ethereum’s worth is only 33% of what bitcoin commands in the market. Ethereum offers computational power that is decentralized. This characteristic can be provisioned to execute and build smart contracts. The most basic way to think of bitcoin is a form of money that is programmable and smarter. The computer systems that are used to process and validate these computations are paid in a currency known as ether. Ether is the native digital crypto asset to the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, bitcoin is less speculative as compared to other crypto tokens such as Dentacoin and TRON.


Matt Badiali: Persuading the Public to Invest in Freedom Checks

A few years ago, Matt Badiali attended a conference targeted at oil and petroleum companies. One of his friends shared information regarding freedom checks, and how good these things are as an investment option. He is not aware of how these freedom checks work, so he asked his friend to provide additional information. Years after the conference where he first heard about these checks, Matt Badiali made a video explaining it thoroughly and uploading it online for the public to see. The video that he made became viral, but it left lots of people scratching their heads because of confusion. Luckily, Matt Badiali can answer all of the questions that popped inside the heads of those who have seen his viral video. Visit the website to learn more.


The video talks about freedom checks, and why investing in one would be a great decision. Matt Badiali explained that these checks can is similar to government benefits and monthly subsidies, but it is not technically the same. According to his video, these checks are given by private companies which are in the oil and petroleum industry, and there is a group of firms which provide these checks, called the MLPs, or the Master Limited Partnerships. This group was formed after the Statute 26-F became law, and its main objective is to protect the companies that are under the scope of the new law. The Statute 26-F was passed by the Congress decades ago, and it provided the oil and petroleum companies a right not to pay their government taxes if they would meet the conditions. The first condition strictly states that 90 to 100% of their operations should be conducted within the United States or any of its territories. The second condition says that the companies should provide freedom checks under the scope of the new law, and they should willingly provide any amount that their clients have made.


Matt Badiali was surprised knowing that only a small percentage of Americans knew about these checks. He persuaded his viewers to invest in freedom checks and told them that for as low as a few hundred bucks of invested, their returns every month could be as high as a thousand dollars. He also claimed that the highest amount that can be received by investing in these checks would be around $600,000 per year. Those who have heard about his revelation quickly visited MLPs to buy their share of these checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Jason Hope: A Humanity That Defies Death

As a graduate from Arizona State Universal, Jason Hope has donated millions of dollars towards the SENS Research Foundation. His first contributions were in 2010, a year shy of the organization’s formation, in the amount of $500,000. His donation helped SENS to open a facility to house their research, which has led to many breakthroughs since.

One of SENS co-founders, Aubrey de Grey, is also the Chief Science Officer as well as editor-in-chief for the Rejuvenation academic research journal. He and Jason Hope can be considered closely tied as Hope contributed to SENS over the years, with a deep belief in their mission.

Jason Hope’s most endearing qualities is his desire to promote the well-being of humanity, and his interest in SENS lays in their mission to find a cure to aging and the disease that are a result of the process on the human body. They operate under the belief that by studying diseases like Cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s, they can develop treatments to reverse their effects on the body. Ultimately, of course, they wish to eliminate these sort of diseases altogether, and donations like that if Jason Hope aid greatly.

With the idea that medicines today only treat many of the diseases brought on by age, the development of cures that don’t exist will drive humanity to defy death like never before. Rewriting what it means to be human as SENS stands for Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence. Ways that we can engineering treatment that allow humans to love in a way where death is not determined by age or disease.

It sounds like something stripped from the pages of science fictions, but thanks to men like Jason Hope and Audrey de Grey, science fiction in this case will be science fact. It’s only a matter of time before their vision becomes a reality as they remain unimpeded in their filed of research with donations like that of Jason Hope. Rejuvenation Biotechnology will become one of the latest disciplines of the modern age that has the capability of enhancing our civilization far beyond the next 100 years.

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Ways and Reasons To Stay Ahead of the Competition With Market America

Not every business owner is in it to compete. However, it is important to understand that it is a competition. For one thing, people are always working on ways that they can sell the most products. Another thing to realize is that people have a limited time before the demand of the product is reduced. This is one of the reasons that people are always looking for new products to promote on their site. The same can be said when it comes to Market America. There is always some new products and promotions with Market America so that the more serious marketers will always find something new.

Fortunately, it is actually quite simple to stay ahead of the competition. One of the first steps for people who want to get ahead is to look at any news that is related to the industry that one is marketing in. This can help people find any info on some new products that might be in development. One of the best things to do is find out when people are going to pre-order. This is when people are going to be selling the most of these products. Then there are the first few days of release that could also be good for sales.

For Market America, one of the best things people can do is keep a good eye on the market so that they can find their next opportunity. While people say that it is always good for one to follow his passion, there are times when it is important to find the next great opportunity. For instance, Market America might have a newer version of a product that someone likes. One of the most important things for people to consider when marketing is that people are looking for something that they don’t have.

GoBuyside Revolutionizing The Financial Headhunter Industry

GoBuyside is a revelation to the global finance industries struggles to find the best talent to match the needs of a company. Founded in 2011, by Anjun Kapur, GoBuyside has made it their mission to ensure they recruit only the best of the best candidates for their clients. Rather than trying to win clients they prefer to create a collaborative environment to meet their clients’ needs.

It was not long after graduating from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business with a Masters in Business Administration, that Anjun recognized a shift in higher competition for financial talent and a reduced hiring cycle in the industry. Both sides were witnessing a loss of transparency and “a glut of asymmetrical hiring information”. Read more about GoBuyside at

According to the GoBuyside website, they are “a leading recruitment platform that specializes in working with private equity firms, hedge funds, other investment managers, advisory platforms and Fortune 500 companies across a broad spectrum of geographies and mandates. Leveraging proprietary technology and a diligent approach, our team has an unparalleled competitive advantage in both sourcing and screening top-tier candidates”

While recognizing that artificial intelligence is a new resource, Kapur hopes his company can be a leading force for its future in “people aggregators” and other cutting-edge technology to match top-tier applicants with some of the largest financial agencies in the industry. With the ability to compile a whole profile of a prospects online presence in addition to standard hiring matrices, they are able to create a more cohesive match, leading to higher retention and job satisfaction.

With research from Global Workplace Analytics, reflecting that nearly half of the United States workforce hold a job that is “compatible with at least partial telework,” and that 20 to 25 percent “telework at some frequency.” A growing number of US workers would prefer to telecommute at least a few days a week. And GoBuyside envelopes these capabilities and desires from their candidates and corporate clients to create a more efficient workplace.


By utilizing and encouraging the development of better technology in an increasingly online world, GoBuyside is improving the quality of employer/ employee relationships. Perhaps as more industries latch on to this process of recruiting and hiring the best people for the job they have regardless of location and commute, we may soon see a worldwide increase in employment rates and job retention rates. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Stansberry Research Can Help You Get Where You Want to Go

When you do your own investments, you might not know what you should be investing in. That can help you to have a better outcome with the investments that you want to see grow.


What to Look for

There are a few things you should look for in a good investment. The biggest thing is what has been trending. While this is not a great indicator of what will go up in value, but it can be something that will help you to see what could happen. Investments are a tricky thing because there are very few ways to predict what will work for you, but that is where Stansberry Research can help.


How Stansberry Research can Help

Stansberry Research is a great place to learn how to invest. They can set you up with a plan that will direct you to the best investments for what you want. This is a great way to learn how to see the good investments before you start to work with them. They also can help you to understand the world of investments better.


Why Invest

There are several reasons you might want to invest in companies. The biggest is because you love what the company does. If this is the reason you want to invest, then you will need to be prepared for any loses that may happen. These companies may not have a track record that shows how their investors do. This can make it harder to know what will happen.

The other reason you may want to invest is to earn money. This is a more common reason to do this and you will be able to see the things you need to invest in up front. You can see how they have done and if they are doing well right now (YouTube). Even holding steady is a good indication that they may be a wise investment.


Who Can Benefit

There are no real limits to who can invest in companies. The only real thing a person needs is to have a little money and to be an adult. That is the only limit. This makes it easy for anyone to earn money from helping the companies they want to and that they love.

There are a lot of things that to think about when investing and reading up or talking to research companies like Stansberry Research can help. All anyone needs is to give it a try.


Jorge Moll & His Unique Neuroscience Practice

Jorge Moll Background

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist from Brazil. He is the president and director at D’Or Institute for Research and Education, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He received the honor of elected affiliate member of “Brazilian Academy of Sciences” in 2008. He also was the elected member of “International Neuroethics Society” in 2012 and 2013. Moll was also awarded “Visiting Scholar Award,” from Stanford University during 2015.

Moll graduated his medical school at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1994. He accomplished his residency at Federal University as well. He then mastered his PhD in Faculty of Medicine and Experimental Pathophysiology at the University of Sao Paulo. He is a part of many societies and organizations to further neuroscience research and develop the industry.


The Unique and Astral Power Of Human Brain

An article was published regarding the power of the human brain and the tendencies humans have. The article speaks about the “power of giving” within us. The article examines the connection between giving and human needs. For example, helping to relive victims of disaster and studying the after-effect it has on us.

During a study conducted at The University of California, Berkeley, researchers studied the notion that humans are selfish and self-centered. The study looked at the relationship between human and their offspring’s. They suggest that people that are kind and generous are more likely to survive. A play on the phrase “survival of the fittest.” They elude to “survival of the kindest” instead.

The study suggests that our brains are hardwired to serve. When someone is fighting an illness or going through a painful situation, they resonating well with those who have experienced similar things. A study found that those who help others are likely to honor their own core values and beliefs.

There is no doubt between the connection of humans and helping others. The study analyzed the unique connection and reported the unique findings.


NGP VAN’s MiniVAN application

Reports indicate that in the 2016 United States election cycle, the amount of money that the candidates spent in their campaign process amounted to 6.4 billion. To most, this is an outrageous amount, but to the parties involved, this is just a small investment towards a great purpose. Many volunteers also come forward to work for hundreds of hours as staff during this process, proving the importance of the process.

One of the oldest and the most effective way of campaigning is soliciting votes door-to-door. Research indicates that voters can easily be persuaded through direct outreach. However, this method does in no way give a guarantee that the voters will show up on the actual election date, especially the new supporters. Technology and social media, however, is a vital tool during the campaign process. Social media and online platforms play a significant role in human beings interaction and socialization. To reach out to a broader voter base, technology is the right too. This is where NGPVAN come in.


NGP VAN is leading in providing organizations and campaigns with technology. It offers its clients with integrated platforms for fundraising, field networking, organizing, compliance and social networking services. NGP VAN is literally at the forefront of the transition from the traditional campaign strategies to innovative, creative and efficient software for the campaign.

The digital tools provided by NGP VAN assist in making the canvassing process more manageable and are more effective in ensuring voter turn up. NGP VAN offers means that the campaigns can use to access the data on the voters in their localities. This helps in analysis of the target voters and saves time that would be spent knocking doors of voters with stern opinions on their candidates of choice.

NGP VAN offers a tool called the MiniVAN application that helps in the entire canvassing process. NGP VAN MiniVAN is a free ISO and Android mobile application designed with maps, scripts, and voter data. This is just one of the services that NGP VAN has developed that are being used by candidates of the Democratic party and unions in the United States.

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How NGP VAN’s Software Fixed Canvassing

Telereal Trilium’s CEO: Graham Edwards and His Journey

Telereal Trillium represents one of the largest property management companies in the entire United Kingdom. It is currently managed by Chief Executive Officer Graham Edwards who has been with the company since its original founding in 2001. Telereal Trillium focuses on commercial property management and investments and has several significant partnerships with the government of the United Kingdom. The company was originally founded in 1997 and acquired 1 ½’s million square meters for the property as part of the portfolio for the department for works and pensions.

Telereal Trillium has become one of the world’s leading commercial property management companies and is currently experiencing significant growth. A large part of this company’s success comes from the vision of the Chief Executive Officer Graham Edwards who joined the company in 2001 (Alivenewspaper). One of the first large deals that Graham Edwards took part in with a transaction that resulted in 6700 properties being transferred to the portfolio management of Telereal Trillium. The deal’s value was over 2.4 billion British pounds. In 2009 Graham Edwards helped the company in negotiations that resulted in the acquisition of Trillium from land securities group PLC. This resulted in Telereal Trillium’s establishment as a market leader in property outsourcing and investment. By the end of the deal annual revenues for the company were in excess of 1 billion British pounds.

Before working for Telereal Trillium Graham Edwards had significant experience in the finance industry. He was the chief investment officer of talisman Global asset management. This was an asset management arm of the company that had a portfolio which was in excess of 1 billion British pounds. And even before working for this company Graham Edwards had held several positions as a fund manager for Merrill Lynch investment management and was the head manager of finance for BT Group PLC’s property department he originally went to school at Cambridge University and is currently a member of the Institute of chartered accountants in England and Wales. With his expert leadership, Telereal Trillium continues to experience significant growth over the last several years and promises to continue experiencing significant returns.


Wes Edens Connects Miami and Orlando with Brightline Rail System

Wes Edens the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group is exciting South Florida citizens with the Brightline passenger rail system that connects Miami and Orlando by providing high-quality luxury train travel between the two major cities. The Brightline passenger rail system is the first rail system operated and owned privately in the United States. The Brightline passenger rail system provides luxury travel that will connect Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, and Orlando. By providing an opportunity for travelers to commute between the major metropolitan areas and world-class travel is offered for not only Florida residents but also worldwide travelers that visit Florida can take advantage of the best of accommodations in a 45-minute train ride on the Brightline passenger rail system. Wes Edens has provided profound leadership and innovative intuitive insight into opportunities to improve the infrastructure within the United States passenger rail systems that will enhance travel and make commuting from major metropolitan areas easier and more convenient than airplane travel.

Passenger rail systems are extremely popular in Europe and have become one of the easiest and safest forms of travel between the European Union countries with the high level technologically advanced train systems and their various routes. Wes Edens has created an opportunity to expand on the current infrastructure of the United States starting in South Florida by providing the Brightline passenger rail system as the first of many projects in the planning phase to provide opportunities to travel in the highest luxury accommodations over rail systems. Wes Edens was educated at Oregon State University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and also his Master’s in Business Administration. Wes Edens began his professional career at Lehman Brothers investment firm, a world-renowned investment company that provided key intellectual knowledge and expertise that has guided the career and expansion of Wes Edens professional and personal portfolio. He served Lehman Brothers as Partner and Managing Director and quickly excelled within the alternative asset investment arena and became known as one of the more astute evaluators of underperforming and distressed assets within private equity.

After his career at Lehman Brothers, he accepted another position as Head of Private Equity Fund at BlackRock Financial Management Incorporated. He served at BlackRock Financial Management with an expertise and knowledgeable skill set that transitioned into extremely high levels of return on investment and increased the growth of his personal and the company investment portfolios. In 1998, he joined with five partners and founded the Fortress Investment Group, where he continued to expand his personal portfolio by serving as Co-Chief Executive Officer of this alternative asset investment firm. The Fortress Investment Group became one of the largest alternative asset buyout investment firms in the world. In 2007, Fortress Investment Firm became the first buyout investment firm to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Fortress Investment Group continues to advance and create opportunities to produce tremendous returns on investment through alternative assets and with the construction of the Brightline passenger rail system in Miami and Orlando they are providing resources to increase the infrastructure of the United States and generate long-term returns on investment.