Sawyer Howitt And Millennials In Business

Many people believe that to be an entrepreneur one must be older and have the experience that comes with age. A lot of people view youth as being lazy and/or unprofessional. Unfortunately, many millennial’s are faced with this type of critical stereotype, making it rather difficult for them to overcome and prove their worth in the business world.

The generation called “baby boomers” generally did not start their own business until they were in their mid-thirties, while millennipreneurs are venturing out to start their businesses while still in their 20s. According to Fortune magazine, millennial’s are making bigger profits from their businesses than the baby boomers.

According to a US Chamber of Commerce report, in 2011, there are 27% of people born between 1980 and 2000 (millennials) who are self employed.

One great example of a millennial who has the understanding of running a successful business, is Sawyer Howitt, he graduated from Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon. He knows about customer service and brand interaction. He recently became the project manager for Meriwether Group, a Portland, Oregon development service. He has a passion for bettering his community and has donated his time to working for charities and mentoring youth programs as well as backing women’s rights groups. For fun, he spends his spare time fishing, playing racquetball, and watching basketball, his favorite team being the Portland Trailblazers.

Sawyer Howitt will do any job assigned to him at his family owned Meriwether Group company, he will do complex spreadsheets, presentations, and even some filing and note taking for a meeting being held. He believes that no job is too small when learning the nuances of the business world. Although, young for the position of project manager, he plans to follow his father and has his mind set on being successful in business. He plans to attend the University of California Berkley.

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Securus Technologies Paving the Way for Modernization in the Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies is a familiar name in the correctional industry, and it has been serving the industry for over thirty years. The company has a tremendous experience in the said segment, which also helps the company to offer innovative and efficient products to the end users in the industry. The correctional industry has gone through a transformation in the past few years, and it is due to the efforts made by Securus. The current CEO of the company, Rick Smith, has been focusing on innovation, research, and development since the time he took over the company’s leadership. He has also invested over $600 million in the past few years for patent acquisition and research and development.


Securus Technologies understands the plight of the prisoners who are incarcerated and believes that using modern technology; they can revive and continue their relationship from the correctional facilities as well. It is this conviction and dedication that has helped Securus Technologies become the leader in the field of inmate communication. One of the primary reasons why Securus Technologies has been leading the industry from the front while others are hardly able to make it through is because of the cutting edge technology it uses for inmate communication. The mobile application of Securus Technologies, available for iOS and Android, is all that the inmates need to access the host of services offered by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies also believes that the crime rate in the communities across the globe can be reduced if the law enforcement agencies use the advanced investigative and crime prevention products and services. At present, over 3,450 law enforcement agencies are using the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. It is a figure that is expected to grow at a massive pace in the years to come as the company plans significant expansion across the country.

Make a Success of Yourself With Market America Unfranchise

Market America Unfranchise is a route for any ordinary person to make money and become financially free. It works on the franchise model, but without the franchise fees, one has to pay through other businesses. If you want to become a Market America Unfranchise business owner all you have to do is pay an annual subscription and pick up one of Market America Unfranchise starter kits. These four kits are the four types of products you can offer your customers.

There are Health and Personal Care products, motives and cosmetics, TLS Weight Loss Solution and MA Webcenters. Market America Unfranchise provides its distributors with training opportunities to ensure that they are successful. This Market America Unfranchise does by providing training for beginners and workshops and seminars for the seasoned distributors. This training is available for a small fee. Market America Unfranchise requires that each distributor makes at least $200 from their retail activities.

The cosmetics and beauty products from Market America are the best. Motives range of beauty products is amazing. Motives Hydrating Lip Balm is amazing especially if your lips dry up and crack. You don’t have to keep reapplying, and your lips will remain soft throughout the day. This lip balm has an amazing state too.

About Market America

Market America as the name suggests is a marketing company established by JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger in 1992. The company has its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina and by the year 2010 had a workforce of approximately 650. The company and its products are accessible in different parts of the world.


Ricardo Tosto gives advice!

Ricardo Tosto, Ricardo Tosto, Ricardo Tosto – Where Have I Heard the Name?

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian legal guru. Yet, he’s so much more. He’s also a great business partner and all-around good friend to have.

Listen to Ricardo Tosto’s advice on income, taxes, contracts and more, just below – all from an expert’s legal perspective:

Deferring one’s income through exchanges and install agreements was a million-dollar question that launched many Americans’ tax careers. Many were real estate investors, and nobody could tell them how much tax they would owe at year-end upon selling properties by using some of the most complex structures read about in books or learned through investment conferences and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

As the recent housing bubble burst, less taxpayers sold their investment properties for gain. This year, tides turned, and many clients consider selling investment properties for a profit. As housing markets further strengthen, this trend will expand. Capital gain taxes are at a low. If you considered selling real estate or your business, you may spread this earned income by using any installment agreement or by deferring it with any section 1031 exchange, especially if you consider the total tax picture and read full article.

If you made $300,000 from the sale of your property, you will pay $60,000 from capital gains. If you also gain $150,000 per year, this will elevate your adjusted gross income to push you into a top tax bracket as you then pay 39.8 percent on all wage income. For any single taxpayer, this adds up to $17,000 or more in additional taxes for the year of sale, without noting any potential AMT issues. However, if you spread it out to receive payments on the sale at $50,000 per year, you’ll remain in the same tax bracket while the only tax generated sits at $10,000 per year in capital gains and his Linkedin.

A way to create tax benefits involves modifying your sales agreement to schedule any extra payments from the buyer after you fully close the tax year. These may be recorded as second mortgages, or they may even be secured by other properties that the buyer owns and Ricardo Tosto’s lacrosse camp.

The inside of Vijay Esweran and the QI group

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran was born on the 7th October 1960 in Penang. He went to the London school of economics where he graduated with a degree in socio economic in 1984. While in Europe, he got introduced to marketing that prompted his decision to acquire a professional course from CIMA in the UK and later an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

At that time, Vijay was involved in multi-level marketing in the US as a part time venture. He later worked for reputable brands like the IBM in top ranked positions across Europe, USA and Canada before he traced his route back to Malaysia in the early 90s when he turned to entrepreneurship.

In 1998 Vijay Eswaran and a team of like-minded partners founded the QI Group, a multilevel marketing company, with interests in direct selling and training. The company appreciates the whole idea of e-commerce and runs businesses across the telecommunication, wellness, media, travel just to name a few.

They have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand and as well enjoys a presence in more than 20 countries thanks to the subsidiary companies under the brand’s umbrella.

More to business, Vijay is also a highly sought motivational speaker. He lectures across the globe on matters business and spirituality. This has made him speak to students in leading universities, as well as major business and corporate forums like the common wealth business forum at CHOGM.

Vijay Eswaran is also a renowned philanthropist with a soft heart for children, youth, and special groups. This made him launch the RYTHM Foundation a corporate social arm of the QI group that engages in several philanthropic activities around the universe. In honor of his late father, Vijay has also established Vijayaratnam foundation in his home country Malaysia.

The movement works with local charitable organizations and NGOs on several projects to mentor youths, women empowerment, and assists in educating the special groups.

Through his philanthropic activities, Vijay has received recognitions globally. Key among them is one from tank Asian that awarded him with a lifetime achievement accolade during the third world Chinese economic forum. GOPIO also conferred him with the international leader award in global businesses.

Vijay is among the best-selling authors with his book `in the sphere of silence` getting a big audience in most parts of the world. You can as well get his contributions in some newspaper columns both in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

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Why Jason Hope Remains to be an Instrumental Tech Entrepreneur

For years now, Jason Hope has proved beyond any doubt there is every reason to invest in research and development. The futurist offers young people the opportunity to present business ideas where he then picks and supports the most interesting ideas. One of thing that interests him the most is smart technology as well as Internet of Things (IoT) which has seen him write highly regarded articles about the new advancement in the tech industry. This is mainly due to IoT’s potential in changing way entrepreneurs operate.

The Bachelor of Science, Finance, graduate from Arizona State University started his career by creating a mobile communications company, Jawa, where he now makes money through technology companies such as Interactive Software and Digital Media Solutions. He leverages the power of social media in providing marketing solutions for his work. To stay organized, he uses mobile applications such as ASANA to manage projects, tasks, files as well as stick to deadlines. For more info about us: click here.

He likes keeping things basic through effective communication which helps him bring more ideas to life. To be more productive, he envisions long term meaning of ideas and keeps focus on only one project at a go. He encourages the youth to also focus on their primary source of income as this will go a long way in facilitating their stability. Hope further believes in the importance of keeping close contact referral as well as the market to help you navigate in most situations.

Besides his significant strides in entrepreneurship, Hope is a great philanthropist focusing on areas such as scientific research, education and disease cure. In one of the charity missions, he donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation, a non-profit based in California, to supports its course of fighting age-related diseases. Hope describes this moment as the most satisfying in his life. Further, he has worked with other initiatives such as True Colors Fund, The Andre Agassi Foundation as well as The Tony Hawk Foundation.

Beneful: The Meaning Behind the Brand Name

Purina Beneful is a hugely popular brand name in the pet food industry. Consistently ranking in the top five dog food brands on the market, Purina Beneful is routinely considered to be a consumer favorite. But what does Beneful even mean? Does the name imply the same excellence which consumers have come to expect? Simply stated, Beneful means “full of goodness.” Since its introduction to the marketplace in 2001, Beneful has sought to capture their customer-base through enriching and healthy dog food products. By implicitly suggesting that their product is “full of goodness,” Beneful hopes to convince their target demographic that their dog food is not only healthy but also inherently valuable for your dog’s quality of life.

In the context of quality and “goodness,” Beneful proudly offers customers a guarantee. If for any reason a customer is unsatisfied with Beneful products, the company will gladly refund the full amount within 60 days of purchase. It is in this way that Beneful lends credibility to their name by being full of goodness not only for their canine customers but also for the dog parents purchasing the food. In the interest of complete transparency, Beneful offers a full FAQ section on their website as well as a couple simple and straightforward ways to contact them directly. With complete transparency and a presence on various social media platforms, Beneful is ensuring that customers truly experience their “full of goodness” ethic and business practice.

In addition to their wholesome product and excellent service standards, Beneful offers a page dedicated to describing their people and culture. By doing so, Beneful illustrates that their “goodness” is not limited to the quality of their product but is a key pillar of their company philosophy.  In sum, Beneful had become a staple in the dog food industry since its inception in 2001. By producing food that is healthy and high in quality, Beneful can easily stand behind its product with pride. Living up to the name “full of goodness,” Beneful strives to ensure its percentage of the marketshare is not only happy but also growing.


How George Soros Positioned Himself for Power

From a young age, George Soros knew that he was going to make a huge difference in the world that he was going to be a part of. While he never would have imagined that he would be trying to help someone become the president, he knew that he wanted to make things better for people no matter what they were doing. He also knew that he would have to make a lot more money if he wanted to be able to reach all of these lofty goals for himself. Because of his ambition, George Soros was able to come to the United States and try new things with his career and with the abilities that he had learned while he was helping other countries. It was something that gave him a big chance to do something different and something that made it easier for him to try and do different things while he was in the area of America. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Since George Soros did not have much money to start out with, he knew that he would have to try different things and that is what would make a difference for him. He was confident in the abilities that he had and knew that his skills would pay off for him. Because of the way that he did things, he was eventually able to make money that would change the world for him. He tried his best to make more out of the situations that he was in and always made as much money as possible.

Since George Soros had somewhat of a rough start while he was doing different things with his career, he knew that he should do something to help other people who were going through similar situations. George Soros has always remained positive about what other people can do and he makes sure that he is giving people other chances no matter what is going on. For George Soros to be able to do this, he has to make sure that things are going to work out for the economy that is in the U.S. and he hopes that it will get better for everyone.

When George Soros talked with Politico, he talked about how he was helping the Clinton campaign. This was a huge deal for someone who did not come from political clout and it was something that he knew he was going to be able to do successfully. He tried his hardest to make sure that he was spending the right amount of money and that the money was something that would make a big difference. The Clinton campaign was forever changed because of how George Soros was helping it with his money and time. Read more about George’s life story at

Rick Smith Revolutionizing The Correctional Industry

Rick Smith was appointed to the helm of Securus Technology as CEO on June 23, 2008.Rick Smith was appointed to the top most position because he has vast experience in the telecom sector and has served in a series of position in several disciplines at frontier corporations including finance, operations, ICT and business development among many others.

Securus Technology as the name suggests is a technological firm whose headquarters is based in Dallas Texas. The Firm provides a broad range of technical services to more than 1,000,000 inmates and 2,600 corrections facilities, law enforcements and public safety agencies in areas around North America. Under Rick Smith leadership, the company has been in the forefront in providing the corrections community with the most advanced type of technology and services that aids in incident management, emergency response, communications, biometric analysis, investigation, inmate self-service, monitoring and public information.

Smith before joining Securus was working as the CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc, a company that he worked for nine years. At Eschelon Telecom Smith had a tremendous career and achieved a lot. Among his achievement is that he was able to grow revenue from approximately $30 million dollars to about $ 350 million dollars. He also grew EBITDA to around 80 million dollars translating to a CAGR of 48%. In addition, Smith led Eschelon Telecom to a successful IPO in the year 2005.

Smith has a rich academic background and holds an associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Smith also holds a Masters in Engineering from the State University of New York. Moreover, Smith attended the University of Rochester where he was awarded an MBA from their Simon School.

Some of the organizations that Rick has worked for include Global Crossing North America Inc, where he worked as a controller and chief information officer. Smith also worked as President for Frontier Information Technologies, Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations, Financial Management Vice President and Director of Business Development at Network Plant Operations.

In July 2015 Securus Technology signed a definitive Stock Purchase agreement to acquire JPay Inc. JPay Inc is the leading technology company that deals with electronic payments, email, and several educational and entertainment related applications. JPay provides their services to the corrections arena and operates over 33 state owned prison systems. The signing of the agreement with JPay is a great boost to Securus as it has steered the firm to become the fastest growing segments in corrections payment, email and recently inmate tablets.

Rick Smith Became Securus Board Chairman in January 2009. Smith has helped transformed Securus to be one of the largest Correctional technology companies with a larger set of products and services. Under his leadership, Securus has been able to invest over $600 million in technologies, patents, and acquisitions.

Education Becomes The Career Of Betsy DeVos

As a parent and educator, I have always been looking to remain up to date on the latest developments in the public school system that could have an impact on my career and family. I have grown to admire the work of education reformer Betsy DeVos over recent years as she has shown a great commitment to the reforms being undertaken within the U.S. public school system in her home state of Michigan and across the entire U.S; after looking at the career and life of Betsy DeVos, I believe the commitment shown by Secretary DeVos to her almost three-decade long fight to reform the U.S. education system is one we should all admire as the one size fits all option of education is no longer the best option open to U.S.-based school districts.

I agree with Betsy DeVos in her opinion that technology is making major changes to the way students across the world are being educated, particularly in areas where high-speed Internet access is available and offers different courses and teaching opportunities for every student to enjoy. Reading the biography of Secretary DeVos published on the U.S. Education Department Website highlights the long career the Calvin College graduate has enjoyed as a student advocate and education reformer. As an educator I am interested in developing the options open to my students for learning as much as possible in the best ways available; remaining stranded in the current school system that has been operating for over half a century seems to me to be a way of letting down the majority of students in my care. One area I believe needs to be explored and has been influenced by Betsy DeVos is the development of the charter schools system the majority of politicians and educational experts are being turned on to the idea of.

There have been few areas of interest exciting me as much as the development of charter schools that have created a new way of educating individuals, as shown in the Detroit, Michigan chart schools program established in collaboration with Mrs. DeVos. Not only has Betsy DeVos looked to create a new way of furthering her ambitions as an education reformer with the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy under the leadership of her own investment company, The windquest Group, but she has made a major impact on the lives of children across the U.S. with her backing of new educational programs in various states. In my own view, I believe the U.S. Education Department has gained a popular and committed member to its team in the shape of Betsy DeVos as she has shown her abilities to put aside party politics and work with state level leaders across the nation to reform the education system in the U.S. for the better.