Impact of Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings is a financial lending company with offices in different parts of the world. The company was first established in Indianapolis, Indiana before opening up offices in different locations. Today, Equities First Holdings has offices on four continents. There is an office in America, Australia, Europe and Asia. In Australia, the office are located at the heart of Melbourne City. The offices were moved here so that the company could serve a high number of people who need the services of the company. Equities First Holdings provides alternative lending services.

They normally offer shareholding loans which are loans meant for those who are ready to use their shares in publicly traded companies as collateral assets for a loan.Equities First Holdings in Australia is doing very well in financing players in the business sector. There are many companies which have benefit from the services offered by this firm. In 2016, Equities First Holdings entered into an agreement with one of the companies in the country where it would finance it in a research project it is undertaking in India. Environmental Clean Technologies Limited is publicly traded company in Australia and is doing research in on development of green technologies sin India.