Alex Pall Looks To Build The Chainsmokers Brand

The modern music industry is now more reminiscent of the explosion of punk music in the 1970s with bands appearing having built their following based on music created in home studios and an individual sense of style. The music being played may be different but electronic dance music bands such as The Chainsmokers are developing in their own environment often far away from the glare of the media which has allowed the founding member, Alex Pall the opportunity to explore the different options the duo have for developing their style and music in a safe environment.

Not that developing the partnership between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart has been difficult since Pall was looking for a new collaborator for his DJ duo in New York in 2012. The Chainsmokers had already built a strong following for their DJ performances but Alex Pall felt he needed a new creative partner to develop the duo into a much more successful act for the future. Andrew Taggart had already become known for his impressive electronic dance music compositions from a college dorm in Maine when the pair were introduced by a manager in 2012.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall hit it off immediately and began working together full-time with Pall looking to build a positive brand for the duo by focusing on building a positive social media presence and individual brand. Marketing has become a major part of The Chainsmokers career with Alex Pall believing a brand where both he and Taggart are centerstage is important to developing their creative partnership; Alex Pall believes the feeling many people have of electronic dance music lacking soul is based on the lack of ownership DJ’s feelings towards the music they play. By playing a major role in the songwriting and marketing of their creative partnership, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have seen their brand become easy to recognize as they are no longer hidden behind their DJ booth during performances.