The Most Crypto indicator Turned Bullish

As they cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, similar indicators and patterns used by crypto-traders in various asset classes are also emerging. One of these patterns is the tendency by the crypto-markets to either be ‘risk off’ or ‘risk on’ mode. Investors in the cryptocurrency market are either willing to take on assets that pose a higher risk such as technology industry stocks or looking to invest in lower risk stocks. The lower risk stocks include the addition of US treasury bonds or gold to their investment portfolios. According to Ian King, the oldest crypto asset that is also considered to be the most liquid is bitcoin. Bitcoin has for years now been referred to as the digital gold. Bitcoin serves the main entry of fiat currency and can be exchanged with the most substantial number of altcoins as compared to any other form of cryptocurrency. Read more at Talk Markets.

Also, numerous merchants are now accepting Ian King bitcoin as a form of payment. Ian King argues that users have been accorded another way to exit the crypto-market. Even though it may have some significant faults, bitcoin maintained crypto hegemony throughout its existence in the money market. For instance, bitcoin has transaction speeds that are much lower to those of its competitors. Also, bitcoin fees tend to increase exponentially when there is much traffic or when the network is busy. Many competitors have tried to replace bitcoin as the king of cryptocurrency, but none has been successful. Ian King says that bitcoin has retained its position at the throne and remains the crypto asset universe’s store of value. Follow Ian King at


Bitcoin’s privileged position in the market allows it to outperform other assets when investors want to move away from potential risks. Understanding the relationship between bitcoin and its major rivals in the market will give you an insight on how investors are willing to take on risks. The second largest crypto asset is Ethereum which has over $50 billion worth in the cryptocurrency market circulation. Ethereum’s worth is only 33% of what bitcoin commands in the market. Ethereum offers computational power that is decentralized. This characteristic can be provisioned to execute and build smart contracts. The most basic way to think of bitcoin is a form of money that is programmable and smarter. The computer systems that are used to process and validate these computations are paid in a currency known as ether. Ether is the native digital crypto asset to the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, bitcoin is less speculative as compared to other crypto tokens such as Dentacoin and TRON.