Waiakea Water: Top Quality from Regional Cultivation

Waiakea drinking water is obtained from natural groundwater resources of the Alkaline Hawaiian Volcanic. It is of the highest quality and contains many natural minerals and trace elements. The Waiakea water is natural and does not need to be chlorinated. Additives, such. As fluorides for caries prevention, are not admixed.

Waiakea water contains many natural minerals and trace elements. Please note: Water drinking is not enough to cover the vital needs of minerals. It is also important to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Visit BevNet to know more.
86.2% of Hawaiians are convinced of the high quality of their drinking water, and almost two-thirds also rate the service as good to very good. The legislator has the highest requirements for drinking water. Clear, colorless, odorless, cool, flavorless and without any harmful properties.

We comply with these strict regulations and in some cases clearly undercut the statutory limits. For this we continuously check the water quality along all stations of the drinking water cycle. We already have the groundwater in our sights over our more than 2,500 observation tubes. In addition, we take samples directly from our wells and the groundwater, immediately after it has been brought to light, again critically under the microscope. The waterworks carry out daily checks to determine the chemical and biological composition of the treated drinking water. This is complemented by permanent measurement of indicator parameters in real time.

In order to ensure that the water quality on the way to the consumer is not impaired – for example by construction work or leaks in the pipe network – samples are taken at regular intervals on the way through the network and at a total of 180 Hawaii consumers and analyzed in our accredited laboratories. The dense analysis chain ensures that we can detect and eliminate contaminants in the drinking water cycle at any time.

For the study “Quality and Image of Drinking Water in USA” nearly 10,000 people were interviewed
online within one year. Of these, 86.2% certified Hawaii water top quality (national average: 85.9%). 74.1% find our service good to very good (corresponds to the national average), and 45.6% attest a good to very good price-performance ratio (national average: 44.7%).

This quality is of natural origin: Hawaii drinking water is a pure natural product, which we extract completely from our regional groundwater. Ideal geological conditions, extensive water protection areas and our strict precautionary principle ensure the highest water quality. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.
As drinking water and for household use, our water needs no after-treatment. Our complex wastewater treatment, the large water protection areas in the city and the soil layers, which purify the water in a natural way, ensure good groundwater. In our waterworks, we only reduce iron and manganese contained therein, which can affect the taste and color the water, but is not harmful to health. There are no chemical additives. With our drinking water, you can enjoy pure nature.

We pay special attention to the natural management of our resources. These include near-to-nature water treatment, groundwater recharge and thorough cleaning of the wastewater, which flows back into the natural cycle after use.

Stiftung Warentest recommends that captains prefer to drink tap water rather than bottles. The content of minerals – especially of magnesium – is healthier and higher than in many tested table and bottled water. Hawaii water is also better than the limit values of the USA Drinking Water Ordinance.

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