Adding Space With Wengie


Wengie has a few ways that you can make your own storage solutions for your room. Most of the items can be found around the house or purchased at an inexpensive price, especially if you get them on clearance or at a secondhand store. When warm weather arrives, you probably have several pairs of sunglasses that might get lost between your room and going outside. You can keep all of your glasses in one place with a fun display on your wall. Remove the back of a picture frame and the glass. Attach push pins to the front of the frame. Stretch wire from one pin to the other, creating a small clothesline that your glasses to hang on instead of keeping them in a drawer.


If you need more wardrobe space for all of your clothes, then thread a chain on a clothes hangar so that it hangs down. Three or four other hangars can be hung on the links of the chain so that your clothing is hanging vertically instead of taking up horizontal space in the closet. This is a solution for smaller bedrooms or closets that are used for storage along with hanging clothes at the same time.

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