Brazil Poor Sanitation Necessitates Need for Partnerships

Sanitation in Brazil has been the role of the government. However, the government proposed the need to incorporate other entities in the program. Professionals in Sanitation and infrastructure were consulted to give their opinion on the best way to implement the plan.

The government chose to make concessions through partnering with BNDES (National Bank and Social Development). In the implementation of the plan, the BNDES will be required to play a vital role in the identification of the gaps in each location. They too are mandated to survey and develop a customized execution plan for every affected area.

Poor sanitation and water wastage have adverse economic effects in Brazil state. The mismanagement of the system is evident in the state resources, management, and structure. Collaboration with other agents to improve water and sanitation systems in the country will recuperate the state economic status.

Private companies are considered as part of this plan due to their enhanced technology and improved systems. These entities are investors thus have better operations and management of resources as opposed to government agencies. Their participation in the program shall economically uplift the status of the public institutions. Incorporating private sector by the government will also make sure the sewerage networks are better managed.

Every key player must have their roles well defined to avoid confusion and overlapping of activities during implementation. Evaluation of the private entities capacity to handle the program before the contractual agreement is critical. Initiative goals and required deliverables for every partner must be well understood and documented before signing any contracts.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens was one of the advisors in the Brazil government during consultations on the government collaboration with the BNDES. He was a valuable resource in the initiative due to his broad expertise in infrastructure. In 2010-2013, Felipe served as a director in Braskem.

The renowned leader is an expert in finance. He has built his management skills overtime by holding various positions in different organizations. Mr. Montoro served as a board member in Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal. He is the chief executive officer of the Energizer Captacao S.A and a director of Santo Antonio Energia.