Cassio Audi’s Early Musical Career Exposed

Formation of the Viper Rock Band
Cassio Audi’s brush with music emanating from the mid 80’s, when he together with three other colleagues namely: Yves and Pit Passarell (brothers), Andres and Machado. Cassio Audi was a skilled drummer and whose immense knowledge about composing songs could prove vital. Together with the other four, Cassio set the stage for his musical career with a lot of zeal and ambitions that at the end of it all, he could more famous within and outside Brazil.
His Musical Early Ambitions
Having got his drumming inspiration from the British heavy metals, Cassio perfected the art of drumming that was close to the British type. In fact, he managed to blend their classical form of music to the heavy metal type which the result came along so well. The more his persistent ambition to travel the whole grew, the more he dedicated his time to composing and songs.
A Showcase of Determination
Having worked tirelessly releasing songs and even staging various shows, they finally released their first album in 1987. The album referred to as the Soldiers at Sunrise got a lot of fame and it formed the yardstick towards their prosperity as the band. Soon than later, their band was the much sought after for any rock performance across Brazil. Through their ever growing influence in the country and beyond, they managed to silence their critics who always asserted that their musical style was old-fashioned. They further disapproved their critics with a landmark album entitled the Theater of Fate in 1989 which did superbly well and was felt across the international airwaves. It was after the release of this album that Cassio finally quit music to pursue a career in financial management leaving the other member of the band to sustain the band’s glory.

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