The Many Endeavors of Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden

Jennifer Lee Walden is one of the most well-respected individuals in plastic surgery. She has a successful practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, and she is all about female empowerment. Walden seems to be in a class of her own, especially in this male dominated arena. Walden has appeared on numerous prominent television shows as a plastic surgery consultant. This would include appearances on E! Network’s Dr. 90210, ABC News, VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession, ABC’s 20/20, NBC’s The Today Show, Fox News and many more. The resume speaks for itself and she has a long list of accomplishments for fact-checking. On top of her television appearances, she has been featured in dozens of prominent magazine publications. This includes and more

  • VIVE
  • Austin MD
  • Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine
  • Health
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • MD Monthly Magazine
  • Italian Vogue
  • And numerous others

It seems like she has done it all, but by having so much ambition, she will continue to push the boundaries as she has become a great role model for the female youth. Walden is also a passionate author as she has a plethora of publications under her belt. She has also presented many award-winning research articles at national conferences and meetings. Is there anything she can’t do? For helping people who are interested in this field of work, she has taught other plastic surgeons on the use of advanced technologies like HALO Hybrid Laser, SmartGraft hair restoration and instructions for fat grafting surgery.

This woman has a full schedule, but she somehow finds a way to get everything completed, despite raising her twin boys Rex and Houston. The future of plastic surgery looks bright and Dr. Jennifer Walden is playing an important role through it all.

Jennifer Walden Helps Young Girls and Women Feel Beautiful

Today young girls are seeking assistance with their looks. They are running to their parents requesting things such as breast enlargement and nose jobs. There are a lot of surgeons that are refusing to touch a girl under the age of 18. The surgeons that do help with these requests are doing so when the parents allow the girls to make these life changing decisions. Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons like Jennifer Walden are taking the time to talk to the girls and the parents to make sure that they know what to expect and how things will turn out. Having plastic surgery is a serious decision and must be understood by all involved.


Women have many issues that need discussion. As women get older they begin to experience issues that may need discussion and further understanding. Some women have issues sexually that may need surgery to correct. Women that have had children vaginally may end up needing to have surgery to tighten their female areas. These women may also begin to experience leaking when coughing or laughing. All of these issues can be resolved with a little plastic surgery called vaginal rejuvenation. There are myths that men are the ones that have unrealistic expectations about a woman and beautiful genitalia. This is not true because most of the time it is the woman that is wanting a change in size and shape. Surgeons like Jennifer Walden are making their marks with these type surgeries. Jennifer is helping women to feel like women again. She is doing great things for the women of this world.


Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon that is also a writer. She gives speeches and lectures to help people understand the need for taking care of themselves. She talks about Botox and how it can help people regain some of their youthful appearances. She also helps people understand the difference between serious surgeries and non-invasive procedures. Jennifer moved back to Austin Texas to raise her twin boys. She is making her mark in the surgical world with numerous awards. Jennifer has her own business and a new satellite office if anyone is in need of a consultation.