Sean Penn gets creative with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about his new book Bob Honey Who just do Stuff. Penn said it was probably a necessary force of sorts – which made him want to write a book. Penn stated that we’re in a sad state in regards to the book industry where fiction is endorsed by opinion, where fiction can’t be just read and enjoyed as is. Penn has comparisons to Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon on the back of his newest book – It should be noted that none of the comparisons on the book were made by Sean himself and some of the authors he has never read a book written by them. He makes it clear that there is not going to be an inhibition about the way someone would like to tell a story or pandering the way someone thinks the readers might like to have it told. Since he’s been on his book tour – which is a whole new experience for him – he has been trying to find a way around explaining the idea of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Penn describes how it is “the quicksand of the climate right now”. When asked were there any events or things that he has experienced before that got him thinking about his new story and about the character he has created, he stated that he worried about everything because there tends to be kind of apocalyptic prediction in everybody’s consciousness, there’s no particular concern for it.

The influence that a writer can have on their audience gives the audience a sense of how the author can have such freedom with words and descriptions, and those two things make the reader want to visualize the authors written freedom with those words and descriptions. Rolling Stone asked Sean, “what does writing fiction offer him that making moves does not?” Such an important question when you a shifting careers. What caused the shift? Was there something missing or did the person need a change in their life period? Sean has written fiction and released it before, but it was similar to a screenplay opposed to a novel. Penn said he was inspired to add more to his life and start writing the correct way.

The New Leaders Of Antisemitism Adam Milstein Warns About

Adam Milstein is a spokesperson for Jewish-American charity and activist groups, and he’s a frequent contributor to the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish News Syndicate and the Times of Israel. A subject he’s been dealing with and writing on in the Times of Israel is antisemitism and who today’s leading perpetrators are. Adam Milstein says former Bernie Sanders campaign contributors joining Muslim activist Linda Sarsour have been preaching antisemitic rhetoric in different forums on college campuses and in town hall meetings. He’s said progressive liberalism has often presented itself as a benefactor and a champion of diversity, but its Muslim allies have an anti-Israeli agenda they’re pushing. He’s said that both young and old Jews around the world have to be ready to fight against this rhetoric and instill pride in Judaism more than ever now.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel but later immigrated to the US to complete graduate school. He was proud to serve in the defense forces during the Yom Kippur War against Egypt in 1973, and it was then that he met and later married his wife Gila. He worked in building construction and also ran a side business selling art while attending the Technion Institute, and after completing graduate school in the US he became the cofounder and Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. This company is one of the largest real estate broker firms in the US.

Adam Milstein dedicates most of the time he spends outside of the real estate business to active philanthropy which is one of the core values of the Milstein Family Foundation. He and his family give not only of their paychecks but also join the grassroots activists volunteering personal time and energy to every group their foundation supports. One of the largest groups partnering with the foundation is the Israeli-American Council which has council leaders of various business, political and religious backgrounds who do outreach into Jewish communities, and the IAC also hosts annual conferences to speak on Jewish issues. Milstein is also the founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a Hebrew program that’s self-teaching for Jewish families that also includes children’s stories.

Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries Holds a Mirror up to Our Country

It has become quite apparent, more so recently with the current political climate, that there exist a great divide between the very different versions of America many of its inhabitants see inn their own portion of this country.

The truth being that a great majority of this county’s inhabitants are under represented or unknown to another large swath of the population. As this disconnect between middle America and the coasts pushes to further separate our country, one man’s work has sought to find the bridge between each separate vision of America and help us take a look at what we truly have become.

The Greyhound Diaries Paints Realistic Picture of America but one that still has Hope

Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries tells his journey traveling across the country utilizing only the Greyhound Bus system. Told through several different mediums including sets of stories, collections of poems, and several songs the Greyhound Diaries captures all of the people, moments, and realizations that Doug Levitt encountered as he crossed across the country. As the writer, poet, musician, and former war correspondent met new people he was able to piece together a better picture of the citizens that inhabit this country. Far from the air brushed and focus grouped images of people that dominate our air waves. Instead each encounter produces a nuanced vision a person who is simply living with the circumstances they have been dealt.

Though the Greyhound Diaries can easily be compared to other great works of literature that were able to capture the spirit of America in their own individual eras such as Jack Kerouac’s own On the Road or perhaps even John Steinbeck’s Grape of Wrath, it would be unfair to the originality found throughout the Greyhound Diaries.

As the Greyhound Diaries are uniquely an expression Doug Levitt’s own journey but somehow very much an expression of ourselves as well.

If you would like to learn more about Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries or hear some of his own original music please visit his web page or read more about his time on the road at the